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If you’re just looking for an eBook, go to and click on the All tab or Book tab.

search box for searching eBooks

Put what you want to search for in the box – limit format to ebooks and let’s look at the results.

eBooks results list

A list of eBooks on your topic will come up.

We can be sure they’re eBooks because of the little icon under the title. Click on the title of the eBook, which is a blue link.

eBook icon in WorldCat Local

Click the link “Boise State University: Click this link to access” under “Find a copy online”.

link to the eBooks

You will be asked to log in with your Boise State username and password. You will be connected to your eBook profile and account.

EBL login screen

Once we log in, we need to pretend we want to read it online, because that’s where we find the link to download it. Click “Read Online (Available)”.

click read online


If you were reading the book online, this would be the end. Because we’re downloading it there are a few more steps. Click the “Download” tab.

download tab


Click on how long you want to download a day (1) or a week (7).

checkout length


Pick your format, if there is more than one. The difference PDF and ePub is PDF’s maintain a set page structure – the same text will always be on the same page, and if you want to make the text bigger you zoom in. ePub is a little more free flowing – you can adjust the size of your text and the changes will ripple across the other pages.

Click on a format, and click “Download”.

download format


  • On a computer you may get a file to download. Save the file to your desktop, and then open it. It should open in Adobe Digital Editions. You don’t need to hang on to this link – it’s just needed once, to start the download of the eBook. Open that file, “URLLink” and it should open in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • On a mobile device, the file should open in Bluefire.

At this point, everything comes together. The downloaded book tries to open in your Adobe-approved reader.

save adobe digital editions link

pdf adobe digital editions

eBook on Mobile Device