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Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Albertsons Library Mission Statement

Albertsons Library leads in developing partnerships to:

  • Connect to resources, tools, and expertise any time anywhere
  • Create, experiment, explore, and innovate to solve problems
  • Cultivate diverse knowledge and skills for life-long success

Value Proposition

For users who face confusing, costly and time consuming options for completing projects, our experts, quality resources and tools provide timely, quick, effective solutions unlike going at it alone.


Albertsons Library is the vibrant, nurturing hub of Boise State where people and diverse ideas flourish.

Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Major Themes:

  • Provide high quality, relevant information resources and services in support of teaching, learning, and research at Boise State
  • Actively engage students to foster their success
  • Provide physical and virtual learning spaces designed to meet multiple user learning styles, needs and preferences
  • Monitor the development of graduate and doctoral programs and new areas of research at Boise State University and adapt to meet evolving needs
  • Provide support for faculty, students, and researchers throughout the scholarly communication lifecycle
  • Actively seek to develop an organization is fluid, flexible, and responsive to change

University Goal 1: Create a signature, high-quality educational experience for all students.


Library Strategic Objective 1:

Provide innovative student centered spaces that contribute directly to Boise State University’s signature, high quality student experience.

Library Strategic Objective 2:

Focus on developing student centered services that contribute directly to Boise State University’s signature, high quality student experience.

University Goal 2: Facilitate the timely attainment of educational goals of our diverse student population


Library Strategic Objective 3:

Enhance Boise State University’s teaching and learning through activities that are integrated throughout the UF curriculum, address unmet needs in core areas, and maximize effective use of technology.

University Goal 3: Gain distinction as a doctoral research university.


Library Strategic Objective 4:

Identify critical areas of needed Research Support then build expertise, capacity and services to meet these needs.

University Goal 4: Align university programs and activities with community needs.


Library Strategic Objective 5:

Identify potential areas of Community Engagement that fit within Albertsons Library’s sphere of expertise, maximize use of partnerships and enhance Boise State University’s mission to align activities with community needs; develop and implement 1-2 new programs.

University Goal 5: Transform our operations to serve the contemporary mission of the university.


Library Strategic Objective 6:

Develop a sustainable budget model that maximizes impact, efficiency and access.

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