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Albertsons Library Stories


“I am making a robotic hand and 3D printing the parts. I definitely used my experience with your printer! I found out that SolidWorks can save .stl formats and now I design and then send prints to HP’s 3D printer like it is nothing!”

“Service frequently exceeds my expectations–have nothing but positives about available resources and interactions with library staff. Kudos.”

“Coming from a much bigger university, I’ve been quite pleased with the resources available through Albertsons Library. And the ILL service works fairly efficiently. Also, the library staff is great–always pleasant and helpful.”

“The Boise State University library is great. They have good electronic resources and can get timely ILL for whatever is missing in a painless process. Their librarian staff is great too.”

“The librarians are wonderfully helpful, going out of their way (it seems to me) to find resources appropriate to my work, to answer questions, to be integral to the intellectual work of the university. They’re really nice, too!”

“The on-line access to data bases and periodicals has been most beneficial. The help I received when doing a historical search
was wonderful. I’m amazed at how fast I receive interlibrary loan requests. I think the staff at the Albertson’s library are

“This type of technology could be useful for a child with disability if the student has anxiety with public speaking or is not extremely verbal and the class is doing presentations. Instead of having the student stand up in front of the class and do their presentation, they could create a video to express their thoughts and/or research.” – Attendee in a Discover by Doing Workshop on video creation

“Having access to an innovation [3D printer] of this magnitude creates many possibilities for my future classroom….For instance, a 3D printer could make customized writing grips, utensils, and simple prosthesis.” – Attendee in a Discover by Doing Workshop on 3D printing