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Library Administration

The Albertsons Library Administration is comprised of the Dean, Associate Dean, Business Manager and two Administrative Assistants.  Administration leads the Library overall and includes oversight of finance, personnel, donor relations, and building operations.

  • Dean:  Serves as a member of the Provost’s Deans’ Council and the President’s Administrative Council; primary responsibility for campus, community and donor relations; oversees library budget; leadership for the library overall; Supervises Business Manager
  • Associate Dean:  Facilitates the development and implementation of the Library’s Strategic Plan; oversees library-wide projects; assists in the assessment of core library services; develops and revises library-wide policies and procedures; serves as the lead administrator in the Dean’s absence
  • The Business Manager: Serves as the Head of Library Finance and Business Operations; Library’s primary contact with other business units on campus; represents the Library on campus-wide committees; serves as Building Coordinator; supervises Administrative Assistants

Photograph of Tracy Bicknell-Holmes

Tracy Bicknell-Holmes
University Library

Phone: (208) 426-1234
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 215B
SelectedWorks: Tracy Bicknell-Holmes
Photograph of Michelle Armstrong

Michelle Armstrong
Associate Dean

Phone: (208) 426-2580
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 215D
SelectedWorks: Michelle Armstrong
Photograph of Jaque Johnson

Jaque Johnson
Business Manager
Head, Library Finance and Business Operations

Phone: (208) 426-4321
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 215C
Photograph of Brian Bretz

Brian Bretz
Administrative Assistant 2

Phone: (208) 426-1234
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 215

Library Leadership

The Library Leadership Team is the principal advisory body to the Dean of Libraries.  It advises the Dean on the formulation and execution of Library-wide policy and is the primary policy making body of Albertsons Library.  The Team meets bi-weekly to discuss, develop, and review plans, projects, and issues relevant to the Library and its roles in the university and community, including but not limited to:

  • Creation and appointment of library-wide committees
  • Plans for implementation of Committee and Unit recommendations
  • Selection of priorities to be reflected in the Library’s budget
  • Proposal of library-wide program initiatives and policy changes
  • Recruitment and selection of Library Faculty (Librarians)

Composition:  The Team is comprised of the Dean, Associate Dean, Business Manager and the Library Unit Heads.

Photograph of Mary Aagard

Mary Aagard
Associate Professor
Interim, Head, Acquisitions and Collections

Phone: (208) 426-4025
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 217D
SelectedWorks: Mary C. Aagard

Photograph of Bill English

Bill English
Head, Library Computing and Information Systems

Phone: (208) 426-4023
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 208A
Photograph of Cheri Folkner

Cheri Folkner
Associate Professor
Head, Cataloging

Phone: (208) 426-1082
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 217J
SelectedWorks: Cheri Folkner
Photograph of Georgann Kurtz-Shaw

Georgann Kurtz-Shaw
Assistant Professor
Head, Instruction & Research Services

Phone: (208) 426-4013
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 107E
Photograph of Cheryl Oestreicher

Cheryl Oestreicher
Associate Professor
Head, Special Collections and Archives

Phone: (208) 426-3958
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 223A
SelectedWorks: Cheryl Oestreicher

Photograph of Elisabeth Shook

Elisabeth Shook
Assistant Professor
Head, Scholarly Communications and Data Management

Phone: (208) 426-4225
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 217H
Photograph of Amy Vecchione

Amy Vecchione
Associate Professor
Head, Emerging Technologies and Experiential Learning

Phone: (208) 426-1625
Office: Albertsons Library, Room 212
SelectedWorks: Amy E. Vecchione