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Albertsons Library’s Mission

December 2016

A mission statement is designed to convey a company or institution’s purpose. As a key component of Boise State University, Albertsons Library supports the University’s mission to “foster student success, lifelong learning, community engagement, innovation and creativity” and, we would add, research. Through idea-sharing and discussions, Library staff developed a new Mission Statement that more clearly represents the Library’s purpose and aligns with the university’s mission:

Albertsons Library leads in developing partnerships to:
• Connect to resources, tools, and expertise any time anywhere
• Create, experiment, explore, and innovate to solve problems
• Cultivate diverse knowledge and skills for life-long success

We complete our mission through actively engaging in partnerships with students, faculty, staff and community members to help them complete projects and solve problems.

At first glance, the Library’s Mission and Value Proposition Statement (discussed in my Sept 2016 post) may seem an odd pair:

For users who face confusing, costly & time consuming options for completing projects, our experts, quality resources & tools provide timely, efficient, effective solutions.

However, the statements do map to each other and reinforce one another.

2 circles in a funnel. One circle says Create timely, efficient, effective solutions. Second circle says Connect our experts, quality resources and tools. Funnel empties at the bottom with an arrow to the words Cultivate knowledge and skills
And as we partner with you to create solutions to problems and connect you to our resources, together we cultivate knowledge and skills for problem solving and success.

Connect Create Cultivate @ Albertsons Library!

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