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Help Albertsons Library Document COVID-19 History at Boise State

Help Albertsons Library Document COVID-19 History at Boise State

We find ourselves living in a historic moment. People of the future will be interested in how we all adjusted to new ways of daily life. The Boise State University Archives wants to collect, share, and preserve how the Boise State community adapted to life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What to think about:
What do you miss about being on campus?
How did you transition to learning/teaching/working remotely?
How do you keep in touch with friends/colleagues/teachers?
How are you and your family members spending your time?
What are your biggest challenges and adjustments?
When did you realize that this was a historic event?
What have you learned about yourself?
Any other thoughts, feelings, and reflections.

What individuals can do:
Share your journals, photographs, social media, artwork, videos, poetry, emails, personal reflections, blog posts, or anything that represents your reflections, thoughts, feelings, observations, and experiences about this historic time.

How to contribute:
Submit individual journals, documents, photographs, artwork, or anything through this form.

What departments, organizations, and groups can do:
Save everything! Create folders in Google drive, email, or anywhere to collect documentation. These can be for individuals or group share. Save items in their original format – we accept any type of digital or paper items.

How to contribute:
Submit documents, folders, emails, or anything to

Visit our website for further details.

Thank you for contributing to Boise State history!

Dr. Donald Obee points to a bird beak on blackboard while speaking to a camera for KBOI, a television station in Boise. 1950s.

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