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Data Visualization Workshops at the Library

Data Visualization Workshops at the Library

The Albertsons Library Research Data Management Group present the following Data Visualization Workshops in February. The workshops take place on the second floor of the library at 11:00 AM and are free and open to the Boise State community:

Presenting Data & Information Visually – February 4
Data visualization is more than a fancy term for creating charts. The human mind can process visual inputs and connect them to other inputs such as memories and skills very quickly, allowing humans to recognize an image seen for only 13 milliseconds. Data visualization helps researchers identify patterns in huge data sets, and it can also help communicate results in a way that is more understandable and relatable. Learn how you can harness some basic principles to present research data and other information for maximum impact.

Everyday Data – February 11
Not all data is research data! In this workshop, we’ll explore the data that surrounds us and permeates our lives. We’ll complete a creative exercise to capture a “data snapshot” and talk about the discoveries prompted by this type of noticing. Bring your phone or tablet and colored pens or pencils if you have some.

Abstract Writing – February 13
Are you planning on submitting your research project to the Undergraduate Research Showcase? You’ll need to write an abstract describing your project. Attendees at this workshop will learn just what an abstract is and what to include when writing your own. Examples of well-written and not-so-well-written abstracts will be provided and discussed. Join us before the Undergraduate Research Showcase submission deadline!

Creating Research Posters Workshop – February 18
Learn to design a great research poster with this workshop. You’ll learn:

  • What information should I include?
  • How do I know which chart to use to show my results?
  • How can I design scientific figures that are accurate and readable?
  • How do I draw the attention of the audience?
  • What computer program should I use?
  • How do I use the plotter printer?
  • And most important, how do I get help?

After the presentation, stay and work on your poster with the help of the Albertsons Library Research Data Management Group. The workshop is tailored to students who are participating in the Boise State University Undergraduate Research Conference but all are welcome to attend.

Amanda Baschnagel
MakerLab Manager, Albertsons Library

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