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New Inclusive Excellence Library Guide

New Inclusive Excellence Library Guide

Screenshot of Inclusive Excellence Guide

Albertsons Library is proud to present an Inclusive Excellence Library Guide. This guide is designed for all Boise State students, staff, and faculty to become familiar with important issues regarding inclusive excellence. The purpose of this library guide is to raise awareness of our diverse community, to provide students, faculty, and staff with resources and information about equity, diversity and inclusion, and to provide faculty and staff with pedagogical resources related to these topics.

The highlighted resources cover areas of inclusive pedagogy, higher education policy development for inclusion, and some resources designed to familiarize readers with issues regarding inequity. Each page or tab attempts to address a set of issues. A range of ideas and values are represented on each of the pages. The purpose of this design is to showcase a selection of some of the discourse available on these complicated topics. Not every viewpoint is available here, and this is not an endorsement of a specific viewpoint. If you have feedback about ways to include additional viewpoints or resources, the feedback tab is for you. Please share with us your ideas so we can continue to iteratively improve this guide.

The Library welcomes the University community to use the collections, including the article databases, books, and other resources, to broaden our understanding of the diverse needs of our campus.

As such, we encourage everyone to contribute their feedback regarding the resources included, and any perspectives that are not yet included.

To use and view the Library Guide please visit:

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