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It was an orange book.

It was an orange book.

Have you ever turned in a library book and then needed it again? Perhaps forgot the title? Forgot the author, too? Maybe even forgot what it was about?

And you don’t remember where you found it.

But you think you remember the color of the book. In fact, you are sure it was an orange book and you really need it again. What can you do? Where can you seek help?

At this point, your best bet is to ask at the Reference Desk or at the Circulation Desk. We are here to help you.  

orange books
Oh, and another place to look for that orange book is at the book display created by Audrey Williams, next to the Circulation desk. You might just find that orange book you really need to check out.

Or, was it a blue book?

Audrey Williams,
Access Services

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