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Bears Bears Bears

Bears Bears Bears

Teddy Bears Ah bears…something I enjoy thinking about. Not just thinking about how dangerous and hungry bears can be, but also how cute, cuddly and humorous they are. We have real bears and we have imaginary bears. There is the Teddy Bear. Love them. Always have. I might even have a few stuffed bears now…maybe in a drawer at my desk here at work?  ‘Cause you never know when you need to hug a bear.

I grew up seeing Smokey’s warnings about fire danger and reading Paddington and Pooh adventures as a child. Watched Yogi and Boo Boo cartoons. Bears. Hmm, you know, bears love garbage and dumpsters. Having lived where bears are present and witnessing the mess a bear can make out of a dumpster, was and is an awesome experience. Unless you are cleaning up that bear mess. Then awesome quickly turns into work, disbelief, and perhaps anger? Still, bears are amazing. I rather like the idea of eating all spring, summer and fall and then hibernating all winter. Am I feeling sleep deprived? I might be. Sleep is perhaps a major bonus of being a bear. Sleep and eating fish. Gotta love salmon. Just my imagery take on what being a bear is like. Bears. Oh, and let’s not forget those delicious little Gummy bears too. –Audrey Williams

Brown Bear

Zach Broeg and Audrey Williams of Access Services  have put together a bear themed display at the Circulation Desk. There you can peruse a variety of highly enjoyable books and DVDs on bears. Zack says he hopes you find something beary interesting. 

Brown Bear with mouth open

Web Sites to explore: 

Audrey Williams,
Access Services

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