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Armistice Day Centenary exhibit at the Library

Armistice Day Centenary exhibit at the Library

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Armistice Day Centenary 2018: Lecture by Dr. David Walker on 11/9 at the Library

To commemorate the end of the Great War — World War One – a new exhibit at Albertsons Library asks us to remember the lives of the average soldier in the trenches of the Western Front. Curated by History Professor David Walker, the exhibit tells this story by examining the soldiers’ cycle of Living, Surviving, Killing, and Recovering. Artifacts such as a trench mace rest near an infantryman’s poem reflecting on the nature of war. The exhibit relegates politics to the background in favor of the voices of the men who endured, the men who returned broken and the many who did not return at all.

Professor Walker will give a talk about the exhibit on Friday, November 9th at 11:00 in the Frank Church Room on the 2nd floor of Albertsons Library. The exhibit will be on display until November 29th.

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