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David’s Love of the Ocean

David’s Love of the Ocean

David running on beachDavid and two companions
Growing up I was always drawn to the water either by my own desire or by the sheer exuberance of my family members. Being from an ocean town gave me the opportunity to fall in love with the water and taught me how to perform a number of ocean sports. From surfing, to body surfing, kayaking, to paddle boarding I always had a way of enjoying the water at my disposal.  

My grandmother owned a kayaking store which gave me the opportunity to become comfortable with the water from a young age while also allowing me to float above it. When I was old enough my family sent me to summer long lifeguard training sessions every year so that someday I could become a master of the ocean. From the experience that I gained as a Newport Beach Junior Lifeguard I am able to perform CPR, am comfortable swimming miles at a time in the open water, know how to save a lives in the ocean from a number of dangers, and most importantly I gained a sense of confidence to back my passion of the ocean.
–David Fisher, Access Services Student Employee

David recommends these websites:  Long Beach Aquarium  and Surfline . Plus, take a look at his display of materials at the Circulation Desk.

Audrey Williams
Access Services

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