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Combating Misinformation

Combating Misinformation

Photo of two students reading

Photo credit: Brian Angers Photos, Boise State University

In an era of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” Albertsons Library is launching an information literacy campaign to encourage all members of the Boise State University community to carefully evaluate their sources of information — whether writing a paper, conducting research, or reading a news article in mainstream or social media.

The campaign will launch October 16, 2017 with a week of posts on the library’s social media channels that include the hashtag #VetYourSources. It will culminate in the Combating Misinformation workshop on Tuesday, October 24 from 12:30 in LIB 201C. All are welcome to the workshop, which will include lightning talks by communications experts:

  • Steve Utych, Assistant Professor, Political Science – Political advertising and social media
  • Seth Ashley, Associate Professor, Communication – Fake news as an aspect of news literacy
  • Jessica Roberts, Assistant Professor, Communication – Citizen’s role in combating fake news
  • Deana Brown, Assistant Professor, Albertsons Library – Tools for news literacy

Light snacks will be offered as well as the opportunity to mix, mingle and talk about resources such as those included on the library’s News Literacy guide. This initiative aligns with Albertsons Library’s mission to connect our users to resources, tools, and expertise that will help cultivate skills for life-long success.

Elizabeth Ramsey,
Assistant Professor, Librarian

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