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Authors from Around the World

Authors from Around the World

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Books. Coffee. The perfect combination.

I have spent many a rainy afternoon at a corner table huddled over a Dostoyevsky novel while sipping a single-origin espresso. My love for coffee culture and reading arrived in my life both simultaneously and spontaneously near the end of my final year of college.

The book, a tattered paperback copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The coffee, an espresso blend of Colombian and Sumatra, at a tiny shop that has since become a bakery.

I find it interesting that each region of the world has a distinct flavor profile for their coffee. Latin America, nutty and earthy. Africa, bright and fruity. There is something about the soil, the climate, the region, that seeps into the very heart of the bean.

The author experiences a similar phenomenon. I cannot imagine War and Peace penned anywhere else but the Russian tundra. The aroma of the countryside floats from each page.

This month we are celebrating voices from around the world. Stop by the front counter to pick up a book from a country that you have yet to read from. While you are reading take note of the unique flavor and enjoy the experience.

Rocky Wing,
Access Services

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