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Using the Collections

  • Researchers must sign in each day when entering the reading room.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Only laptops, paper, and pencils may be taken into the reading room. Do not use ink.
  • Please leave backpacks/bookbags, cell phones, coats, binders, purses, folders, and other personal materials in the space provided outside the reading room.
  • If working in a group, please keep your volume level low out of courtesy to the other researchers.
  • White gloves will be provided for handling photographic materials.
  • Use of a digital camera to photograph materials is allowed with staff permission.
  • Research materials must remain in Special Collections at all times.
  • Handle research materials carefully. Do not lean, write on, fold, or other actions that may cause damage to the materials.
  • Research materials are to be maintained in the order in which they are received by the researcher. Do not attempt to alter the arrangement of items within folders. Please notify the staff immediately if you discover any material that is out of order, missing, or damaged.
  • Only 1 box at a time is allowed on the table you are using. Use only 1 folder at a time from the box.
  • All photocopying and scanning is done by staff. Flags will be provided for marking pages to be photocopied or scanned. Copying may be prohibited due to donor restrictions, copyright law, or condition of the item(s).

Application to Use Materials


Researchers may take photographs of collection materials for study purposes only, and as allowed by the library, based on the physical condition of the materials, copyright law, donor restrictions, and reading room rules. Photographs are meant to alleviate photocopying and supplement note taking, not to create a complete personal copy.

Digital Camera Permission Form


Albertsons Library, Special Collections & Archives offers scanning and photocopying of select materials. Fees are subject to change.

  • Scans can be emailed, placed on CD ($1.00), copied to a personal thumb drive, or sent to a customer’s FTP site. A staff member may limit the transfer type.
  • Delivery time can vary based on quantity and availability of equipment.
  • Staff reserves the right to limit the number of scans per patron.
  • Staff will not scan items if it will cause damage to the material.

Scanning & Copying
Photocopy: $0.15 per page
Low-res PDF copy: $0.25 per page
High Res scan: $2.00 per image
Transferred to CD: $1.00

Boise State Faculty, Staff, Students: $10 free per academic year.

Additional Information
Requests requiring more than 1 hour, cost an additional $15 per hour. Researchers are responsible for complying with copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code).

Permission to Publish
Each request for publishing is approved by the Head of Special Collections and Archives. Fees vary based on content and purpose for publishing. Please send all publish requests to with explanation of the project.

Photocopy and Scan Fee Schedule

Copyright Notice
  • Copyright laws (Title 17, US Code) apply to all scans and copies.
  • Scanning may be limited by copyright and digital marks may be added to images.

Scan Request Form