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PERMISSION TO EXAMINE - Permission to examine manuscript material will be granted to qualified researchers upon completion of the application form, and agreement to abide by the following rules governing the use of collections. Such permissions are granted subject to whatever restrictions have been placed on the material by the donor.

PROTECTION OF THE MATERIAL - Researchers are responsible for the safeguarding of any materials made available to them in the reading room.  Researchers may not remove materials from the reading room for any purpose or rearrange the order in which they are delivered.  Manuscripts may not be leaned on, written on, folded, or handled in any way likely to damage them. Researchers may be required to use microfilm or photocopies of manuscripts when such copies are available.

READING ROOM RULES - Researchers must register each day when entering the reading room. Briefcases, binders, purses, folders, and other personal materials will not be allowed in the reading room. Only paper and pencils may be taken into the research area. The use of ink is strictly prohibited. The library reserves the right to inspect all research materials and notes before the researcher leaves the reading room. With prior permission tape recorders, cameras, portable computers, or typewriters (excluding cases) may be brought into and used in the research area. Research materials are to be maintained in the order in which they are received by the researcher. Do not attempt to alter the arrangement of items within folders. Please notify the staff member on duty immediately if you discover any material that is out of order, missing, or damaged. Neither beverages, food, nor cigarettes are allowed in the reading room.

PERMISSION TO PUBLISH - Permission to examine materials is not an authorization to publish them.  Separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the BSU Library. Researchers who plan eventual publication of their work should make inquiry concerning overall restrictions on publications before beginning their research. To the extent that it may properly do so, Boise State University will ordinarily grant the usual publication rights to applicants. However, in granting permission to publish, Boise State University does not surrender its own right thereafter to publish any of the materials from its collections nor grant permission to others to publish them. If permission to publish is granted, the location of the cited material shall be indicated in the published work. A free copy of all publications which rely heavily on Boise State University manuscript collections should be presented to the Archives as soon as the work is published. Boise State University does not assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright in the material held by others.

PHOTODUPLICATION - The Archives will consider requests for the photo duplication of material when such duplication can be done without injury to the material, and does not violate copyright restrictions. Single photocopies will be provided for the researcher's personal reference use for a fee. Photocopying will be done by Library staff. No permission for further reproduction of photocopies is implied or given. Supplying a photocopy is not authorization to publish.  Patrons are hereby cautioned that material within archival and manuscript collections may be protected by copyright laws (Title 17, U.S. code).

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS - Exclusive rights to examine or publish material will not be granted.

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