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Ted Trueblood Collection

Series II: Subject Series

This series reflects Ted Trueblood's interests and activities during his writing career.  His appreciation of wild and scenic places and his passion for the outdoor life is evident throughout these files.  Additionally, the author’s writings reflect a growing public awareness regarding the uses of our recreational lands.

Earliest items (1940s and 1950s) in this alphabetically arranged series are primarily fishing and hunting subjects---the how-to and where-to.  Trueblood tested fishing and hunting products for specialty companies and also reviewed these products in his columns.  His analyses are retained in the files.  Of special interest to fly fishers is the folder “Artificial Flies.” Represented in the file are some of the best flytyers in America, who shared their techniques and patterns with Ted.

In the 1960s Trueblood began maintaining files that didn’t pertain solely to the fundamentals of fishing and hunting.  He assembled information reflecting his increasing awareness of the alterations occurring in his working environment---the outdoors.  For example, while his earlier files on steelhead and sturgeon in the Snake River give evidence of the abundant fisheries Idaho once had, the material from the 1960s documents the significant reduction in the numbers of animals and fish in Idaho at this time. 

The files on pesticides and oxygen monitoring illustrate his growing recognition of the changes occurring in the environment.  The studies found in the Fish and Wildlife Service folder include a 1974 study on fish losses brought about by the building of American Falls Dam in eastern Idaho. 

The files from the 1970s are a testimony to Trueblood's ultimate conversion from an outdoorsman to a conservationist.  He followed closely the progress of the Owyhee Project, a study of the public lands in southwestern Idaho and the effects of grazing on the habitat of the  area.  His collected materials about the project express positions of both the cattleman and the sportsman. 

In fact, his files indicate that by the early 1970s his perspective toward the outdoors had been influenced by such studies.  The materials he retained during this era focus on the uses, misuses, and abuses of public lands.  The folder entitled “Redwoods” is an example of this focus; he offered to give the state one-half pound of seeds for a redwood variety suitable to Idaho’s climate and growing conditions.

Trueblood was a member of the Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board for the Boise district, an organization linking outdoorsmen, ranchers, and Bureau members, created to oversee a balanced land-use policy.  It was here that he encountered evidence of sagebrush eradication and grazing abuses in southwestern Idaho.  Trueblood's ideology then shifted from conservation to preservation, as he continued to witness the deterioration of the natural environment.  He was associated with the Owyhee Project and the River of No Return Wilderness Council, organizations devoted to the protection of the land. 

His leadership for a balanced public land policy was tested in the battle known in the West as the “Sagebrush Rebellion.”  As president of Save Our Public Lands, Trueblood fought against transferring federal lands to the control of the states.  His files highlight the opinions, organizations, and personalities on both sides of the conflict.

Trueblood’s research files also illustrate some of his other interests.  He collected recipes for cooking breakfast trout over an open campfire, sourdough biscuits, and variations of roquefort dressing. 

He also collected historical material about  individuals such as Adam H. Bogardus, western wing‑shooter, and Lucy Evans, who traveled from Oregon to Colorado by wagon when her family’s farm failed in 1894.  The file of Fish and Game history describes how William Ridenbaugh introduced bullfrogs to Idaho.   The folder entitled Forest and Stream & Rod and Gun is an original sportsman’s newspaper from 1878; this series also includes a 1919 map of Yellowstone National Park which includes a set of antiquated park regulations.

The Subject Series also includes the whimsical 1962 Field & Stream article by Ed Zern entitled “Is There Really a Ted Trueblood?” (Box 8, folder 12).

Box 5: Subjects

           Folder  1          Alaska--Hunting  
                        2          American Wilderness Alliance  
                        3          Andrus, Cecil  
                        4          Angling preservation
                        5          Antique Angler  
                        6          Artificial flies  
                        7          Bill S. 1680 April 3, 1979   “Transfer of Federal Land to the States”  
                        8          Bill H.R. 7837 July 25, 1980 “Transfer of Federal Land to the States”
                        9          Bogardus, Adam H.  
                      10          Book catalogs  
                      11          Bureau of Land Management
                      12          Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board Boise District  
                      13          Bureau of Land Management Advisory Board Boise District (II)  
                      14          Burros--California and Arizona

Box 6: Subjects

           Folder  1         Callison, Charles H. (President, Public Lands Institute)  
                        2         Carp Newsletter Quarterly  
                        3         Channel catfish  
                        4         Chinook salmon  
                        5         Church, Frank  1978-1979  
                        6         Church, Frank 1980
                        7         Columbia Basin Salmon and Steelhead Report
                        8         Conservation (early history)
                        9         Cooking  
                      10         Craig, Larry (U.S. Senator, Idaho)
                      11         Creel  
                      12         Dutch Ovens  
                      13         Dworshak Reservoir Story [Author Unknown]  
                      14         Evans, Lucy Lane Grogan: Diary, 1894 (Typescript)

Box 7: Subjects

         Folder    1          Federation of Fly Fishers  
                        2          Field & Stream Subject Material  
                        3          Film developing record
                        4          Fish and fishing records  
                        5          Fish and Game History (Idaho Dept. Of Fish and Game)  
                        6          Fish and Wildlife Service  
                        7          Fishing notes  
                        8          Flylines  
                        9          Forest and Stream & Rod and Gun, 1878  
                      10          Friends of the Earth  
                      11          Gem State Fly Fishers  
                      12          Gift list for books  
                      13          Graham, Idaho
                      14          Gun Control legislation

Box 8: Subjects

         Folder    1          Hearing (loss of)  
                        2          Hooks  
                        3          Horses and burros  
                        4          Hunting  
                        5          Idaho Citizen  
                        6          Idaho Conservation League  
                        7          Idaho Environmental Council  
                        8          Idaho---Historical articles  
                        9          Idaho--Irrigation
                      10          Ideas for articles
                      11          International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies  
                      12          “Is There Really a Ted Trueblood” by Ed Zern, 1962  
                      13          The Izaak Walton League
                      14          Jack rabbits

Box 9:  Subjects

        Folder     1          Land sale  
                         2          Leaders  
                         3          Livestock grazing  
                         4          Lo-K-Tor and other electronic fish-finders  
                         5          Malheur Wildlife Refuge  
                         6          Michigan fishing
                         7          Miscellaneous materials (from briefcase)  
                         8          Miscellaneous subject material  
                         9          National Muzzle Loading Association  
                       10          National Wildlife Federation  
                       11          Nylon monofilament  
                       12          Outdoor News Bulletin, 1969-1982  
                       13          Outfitters
                       14          Owyhee Federal Reclamation Project
                       15          Owyhee Cattlemen's Association
                       16          Owyhee Project, 1969-1972  
                       17          Oxygen monitoring

Box 10: Subjects  

        Folder     1          Passenger pigeons
                         2          Pesticides  
                         3          Pesticides--Mercury
                         4          Photography
                         5          Poaching; Claude Dallas
                         6          Predators  
                         7          Predators of deer  
                         8          Public lands
                         9          Public lands information  
                       10          Public Lands Institute
                       11          Public lands--Miscellaneous
                       12          Recipes  
                       13          Redwoods
                       14          River of No Return (Salmon River)

Box 11: Subjects

         Folder     1           Sagebrush Rebellion
                         2           The Sagebrush Rebellion by Wendy McIntire  
                         3            “Salmon Middle Fork Hunting Story”  by Sam Ballantyne  
                         4           Save Our Public Lands
                         5           Save Our Public Lands--Articles
                         6           Save Our Public Lands--News Clippings
                         7           Shotguns  
                         8           Sourdough
                         9           Stationery samples  
                       10           Steelhead
                       11           Sturgeon  
                       12           Symms, Steve   (U.S. Senator, Idaho)

Box 12: Subjects

        Folder     1           Taylor, Marv
                         2           Ted Trueblood Fishing Club  
                         3           Tournament casting
                         4           Trueblood, Ellen  
                         5           Trueblood, Jack
                         6           Trueblood, Ted (articles about)
                         7           Utah Wildlife Federation
                         8           Vale District, Malheur Resource Areas 
                         9           Vale District, Malheur Resource Areas (II) 
                       10           Vibert box 11          Watt, James
                       11           Watt, James (U.S. Secretary of the Interior)
                       12           Wild Flower descriptions
                       13           Wynn, Pinky  
                       14           Yellowstone National Park 
                       15           Yellowstone National Park Map, 1919

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