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Thomas L. De Freitas Collection

MSS 137

Boise State University, Albertsons Library

Special Collections Department

Entirely photocopies

Folder 1:  Biographical notes

Folder 2: Published poems, 1986 anthology (in Portuguese)

Folder 3: Autobiographical pages in Portuguese

Folder 4: Autobiography (pp. 2, 77-120; lacking 93, 100, 101)

Folder 5: Autobiography (pp. 121-150; lacking 135, 138) (with IDAHO content)

Folder 6: Autobiography (pp. 151-200)

Folder 7: Autobiography (pp. 201-250)

Folder 8: Autobiography (pp. 251-273)

Folder 9: Novel: Builders of the Earth (pp. 1-50)

Folder 10: Novel: Builders of the Earth (pp. 51-100)

Folder 11: Novel: Builders of the Earth (pp. 101-150)

Folder 12: Novel: Builders of the Earth  (pp. 151-189)

Folder 13: Poems: Typewritten compilation (Portuguese, 37 p)

Folder 14: Poems: Morte Tragica? (Portuguese)

Folder 15: Poems: To a Meadow Lark (missing p. 2)

Folder 16: Poems: Vago-Verdadeiro Sonho (Portuguese)

Folder 17: Poems: Various

Folder18: Poems: Various

Folder19: Stories: Circumstantial Evidence

Folder 20: Stories: Let's Quit Killing

Folder 21: Stories: One Man's Woman

Folder 22: Stories: Toilers of the Earth

Folder 23: Stories: An Untold Story (Toilers of the Earth, revised)

Folder 24: Political letters

Folder 25: Essay: Labor

Folder 26: Miscellaneous item (Portuguese)

Folder 27: Incomplete items

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