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Projects Indexed

This is a list of the aerial photography projects indexed by range and township in Albertsons Library's Special Collections Department.  The scales for the photos were usually derived from the flight-line maps that accompanied the photos; sometimes the scale was indicated on the photos themselves. If you contact us with the range and township number of an area of interest, Special Collections staff will check the index to see if we hold aerial photos covering that township. 

BUJ                 1938    Boise River (US Conservation Service) (1:20,000)

GS-BU            1945    Vicinity of Lava Hot Springs and Soda Springs (1:39,200)

GS-CBI           1955    Southeastern Canyon and Southwestern Ada Counties (1:55,200)

GS-CDY         1957    Cassia, Minidoka, and Jerome Counties (1:24,000)

GS-CI              1946    Central Idaho Wilderness & Upper Snake River Valley (1:27,000)

GS-CIE           1959    Western Canyon and Southwestern Payette Counties (1:33,200)

GS-CJ             1947    North Idaho (1:27,700 and 1:36,000)

GS-CJJ            1960    Eastern Twin Falls and Western Cassia Counties (1:19,000)

GS-CK            1946    Western Idaho south of 46th parallel (1:27,700 and 1:36,000)

GS-HS             1948    Central Lemhi County (1:37,400)

GS-HT             1948    Northwestern Valley and Southwestern Idaho Counties (1:37,400)

GS-RD            1951    Southern Valley County (1:47,000)

GS-RH            1951    Northern Ada and Eastern Gem Counties (1:38,000)

GS-RI              1951    Western Ada County (1:24,000) Flight line map

GS-SWDB      1969    Vicinity of New Plymouth and Emmett (1:20,000)

GS-VAFB       1961    Eastern Twin Falls and Western Cassia Counties (1:36,000)

GS-VBNU       1966    Oneida, Bannock, and Franklin Counties (1:24,000 and 1:36,000)

GS-VBTJ         1967    Bannock and Western Caribou Counties (1:37,000)

GS-VCGS       1969    Bannock and Power Counties (1:24,000 and 1:36,000)

GS-VCHG       1969    Western Idaho (1:24,000 and scale not indicated)

GS-VCTO       1971    Oneida and Power Counties (1:24,000 and 1:36,000)

GS-VCTV       1971    Ada and Canyon Counties (1:30,000) Flight line map

GS-VCTW      1971    Ada and Boise Counties, east of Boise City (1:24,000 and scale not given)

GS-VEM         1954    Southern Canyon and Northern Owyhee Counties (1:23,600)

GS-VVH         1958    West Central Elmore County (1:28,000)

GS-VWO        1959    Adams and Southwestern Idaho Counties (1:48,000)

This page created: 12 February 2007

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