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Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning in Albertsons Library

Computers in Albertsons Library print using BRONCOPRINT
Using BroncoPrint in Albertsons Library
Instructions on how to use the BroncoPrint printing system are below. You must have a Boise State University Campus ID (also known as a BroncoCard) or a BroncoPrint card in order to print your work.

Current Boise State University students without fee waivers begin the semester with a $15 printing credit associated with their ID cards. All other patrons must add value to their BroncoCards at an Add Value Station, or purchase a BroncoPrint card at a BroncoPrint vending machine.

Printing Instructions:
  1. After you click on "print" you will be prompted by a pop-up box to enter your Boise State University ID number or your BroncoPrint card number in the first text field, and a job name in the second text field.
  2. After entering your Boise State University ID number or BroncoPrint number and a job name, select "print."
  3. A second pop-up box will inform you of three things
    • the cost of the job
    • the number of pages to be printed
    • the job name
    This pop-up will remain on the screen for a limited amount of time, as noted at the bottom of the pop-up box. If left unclicked, you must return to step one to print your work. 
  4. Select "OK" to print. At this point your job has not actually been printed but sent to a print queue where it will remain for up to 2 hours.
  5. Make your way to the touch-screen operated BroncoPrint Station in one of the following locations;
      • First Floor - area west of the Reference Desk
      • First Floor - east of the Reference Desk
      • First Floor - near entrance to Starbucks
      • Second Floor - Curriculum Resource Center
  6. You must scan your Boise State University ID card or BroncoPrint card through the BroncoPrint Station cardreader. This will log you into the system, where you can release your job(s). Upon scanning your card you should hear a "beep," which will let you know the scanner has read your card. Re-scan your card if you do not hear this “beep” or if your print job details do not display on the screen. If an error message box appears on the screen or if you are unable to login, please ask for help at the Computer Lab Assistant Desk or the Reference Desk.
  7. After successfully scanning your card, the touch-screen will display a list of the job(s) you have sent to the printer. Select a job by touching the job name on the screen and selecting "print." The system will then display the cost of the current job on the lower part of the screen..

    You may also select a job and choose to delete it if you no longer wish to print it. Leaving it in the queue will not affect your printing or charge you for the unprinted job.
  8. Upon selecting "print" your remaining balance will be displayed on the screen
  9. The job will release from the BroncoPrint Station and the monitor will display which printer will print your work.
Where are BroncoPrint Add Value Stations located?
    • MP-121 computer lab
    • Albertsons Library
    • Boise State University Student Union (in the Zone @ the SUB)
    • ILC Zone (ILC 128 @theILC)
    • MBEB Zone kiosk area on the 2nd floor
Do any of the computer labs have a color printer?
Yes, Albertsons Library computer lab and the Multipurpose Classroom Building MP-121 computer lab both have color printing with the BroncoPrint printing system. The new Color LaserJet printer works with your BroncoPrint account and is billed at $ .25/page.

How do I print one-sided copies of my Word document?
Double-sided printing is the default setting on the printers. One-sided printing costs $0.07, but double-sided printing costs $0.05 and is a more cost-efficient printing choice for multiple pages. 

To change the setting to on-sided pages, in Microsoft Word go to:
    1. File
    2. Print
    3. Properties
    4. Document Options tab
    5. remove the checkmark from "Print on Both Sides"
Photocopying in Albertsons Library
There are four black and white copy machines available in the library for public use. Three are on the first floor in the Reference area and in the Maps area, and one is on the second floor, at the top of the stairwell.

Copies are $.10 per copy if you use cash. 

Correct change and assistance in using photocopiers is available at the first floor Circulation Desk.

Scanning in Albertsons Library
There are seven scanners available for patron use in the library, located north of the reference desk on the first floor.

Materials that cannot be removed from the library (for example, reference books) may be scanned using these machines. Files may be saved to a thumb drive or emailed. Please see the Reference Desk for assistance.