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Albertsons Library - Strategic Plan 2013-2018

University Mission:  (Approved by the State Board of Education 2/16/2012.)
Boise State University is a public, metropolitan research university offering an array of undergraduate and graduate degrees and experiences that foster student success, lifelong learning, community engagement, innovation and creativity. Research and creative activity advance new knowledge and benefit students, the community, the state and the nation. As an integral part of its metropolitan environment the university is engaged in professional and continuing education programming, policy issues, and promoting the region’s economic vitality and cultural enrichment.

Albertsons Library Mission:
The mission of Albertsons Library is to actively engage in learning, teaching, and research at Boise State University.

Major Themes:
    • Provide high quality, relevant information resources and services in support of teaching, learning, and research at Boise State
    • Actively engage students to foster their success
    • Provide physical and virtual learning spaces designed to meet multiple user learning styles, needs and preferences
    • Monitor the development of graduate and doctoral programs and new areas of research at Boise State University and adapt to meet evolving needs
    • Provide support for faculty, students, and researchers throughout the scholarly communication lifecycle
    • Actively seek to develop an organization that is fluid, flexible, and responsive to change

University Goal 1:
Create a signature, high-quality educational experience for all students.

Library Strategic Objective 1:
Provide innovative student centered spaces that contribute directly to Boise State University’s signature, high quality student experience.

Action Items:
    1. Identify essential student learning space needs where the Library could feasibly play a role in meeting those needs without duplicating efforts elsewhere on campus
    2. Develop and implement an action plan to redevelop 25% (approx. 42,140 square feet) of the library’s spaces to create a welcoming, inclusive, technology enriched environment supportive of student learning and success
Library Strategic Objective 2:
Focus on developing student centered services that contribute directly to Boise State University’s signature, high quality student experience.

Action Items:
    1. Collaborate with other student service units to build a seamless experience where convenience of access encourages use of services that contribute to student success
    2. Provide individualized support for information resources via tools/services that support multiple learning styles and preferences
    3. Implement a 'One Referral' standard when providing direct services to students by ensuring that they receive complete information or support efficiently. As defined by the University’s Project Portfolio Student Success Project Charter: “The ‘One Referral’ service model is a series of Items 1) listening and questioning for understanding, 2) positive interactions, and 3) informed and clear next Items/referral if necessary.”
    4. Develop an efficient system to regularly assess the effectiveness and impact of Library resources, services and procedures; respond to assessment data with strategic change based on user needs and perceptions
    5. Identify areas of expertise needed to meet University and Library strategic goals; invest in staff development to meet these needs
    6. Identify and remove barriers to discovering and using information resources
    7. Enhance and expand mobile technology access to resources and services

University Goal 2:
Facilitate the timely attainment of educational goals of our diverse student population

Library Strategic Objective 3:
Enhance Boise State University’s teaching and learning through activities that are integrated throughout the UF curriculum, address unmet needs in core areas, and maximize effective use of technology.

Action Items:
    1. Identify Finishing Foundational Studies courses where higher-level information literacy and research skills can be incorporated.  Collaborate with relevant faculty to develop and implement methods to incorporate these skills
    2. Identify faculty using information resources for unique and innovative teaching and research; provide resource & technological support to facilitate their work
    3. Identify areas of unmet need in instruction; implement strategies to cover these gaps
    4. Identify recurring instructional needs and develop flexible curricula and tools that can be implemented by library faculty, teaching faculty, graduate teaching assistants, staff and students in a variety of settings to meet these needs.

University Goal 3:
Gain distinction as a doctoral research university.

Library Strategic Objective 4:
Identify critical areas of needed Research Support then build expertise, capacity and services to meet these needs.

Action Items:
    1. Identify areas in the liaison program where program/research changes have created gaps in service; implement enhancements to address these needs
    2. Identify unique needs of graduate students; develop services focused on addressing these needs
    3. In collaboration with campus faculty and departments, develop a method of routinely identifying needed information resources, services for new programs, areas of research; examine feasibility of adding these resources/services including costs and potential funding models; prioritize potential acquisitions and acquire as is feasible; minimize duplication in the collection; analyze areas where unused materials could be de-accessioned
    4. Collaborate with other campus units to build the expertise and resources needed to support the discovery, management, and use of data sets
    5. Support university research dissemination via the continued development of the institutional repository service (ScholarWorks) which is designed to capture and showcase Boise State scholarship

University Goal 4:
Align university programs and activities with community needs.

Library Strategic Objective 5:
Identify potential areas of Community Engagement that fit within Albertsons Library’s sphere of expertise, maximize use of partnerships and enhance Boise State University’s mission to align activities with community needs; develop and implement 1-2 new programs.

Action Items:
    1. Identify unique materials of potential interest to key constituencies and/or a wide audience; develop innovative projects to make these unique materials more discoverable and accessible

University Goal 5:
Transform our operations to serve the contemporary mission of the university.

Library Strategic Objective 6:
Develop a sustainable budget model that maximizes impact, efficiency and access.

Action Items:
    1. Conduct detailed budget analysis to identify cost drivers, potential revenue generating services, potential areas for grant support and areas of efficiency/inefficiency
    2. Seek additional sources of funding to support campus information needs related to research and teaching