Submission of Materials:

The University and the SSPA faculty engaged in documentation of cultural phenomena--cultural events, interviews, life histories, personal documents--seek original field tapes and uncut recordings for submission to the archive. Please prepare the tapes in the following manner:

A)  Rewind the tape(s) and either using the mechanical or electronic counter (or simply by following time elapsed on the tape) develop a tape log for each tape.  This log should contain the names of the principal speaker, summaries of topics or activities documented or any other relevant material.  A completed log might look like the following:
        TAPE 1:   Recording of life history interview with Bob Smith
                           Recorded by Robert McCarl
            00-25      McCarl describes purposes of interview
            29-64      Smith talks about his birth in Boise
          80-111      McCarl asks about Smith's father and mother...

A tape log is not a transcription.  You should be able to complete the log as the tape runs.

B)    Once you have a completed release and tape log(s), please submit your tape to either Pete Lutze (Communication 232) or Robert McCarl (HWSC 116).  We will attempt to replace your tape with a tape of comparable quality.