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The Frank Church Collection in the Boise State University Library

Dissertations, theses, and published scholarship, 1984-2012


More than over 1,000 researchers, averaging one per week, have used the Frank Church collection since it was opened for research at Boise State University in 1984. They have included undergraduate and graduate students, historians, journalists, public policy makers, legal researchers, filmmakers, documentarians, and other interested citizens. The works cited below represent the dissertations, theses, articles, books, films, government documents, and related works that have come to our attention that cite the Frank Church collection as a major source of documentation.


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Bibliography, 1984-2012


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Moore, Michael C. Reelecting a Democrat: Frank Church's 1962 U.S. Senate Campaign.  Graduate paper, Boise State University. 2006. Winner of the Phi Alpha Theta Graduate Paper Award.
Neil, J.M. To the White Clouds: Idaho's Conservation Saga, 1900-1970. Pullman: Washington State University Press. 2005. 

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Percy, Cameron. The Balancing Act: An Analysis of the Electoral Repercussions Resulting from the Competing Political Demands Inherent in Serving on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senior Thesis, Stanford University. 2007. Winner of the Firestone Medal for Undergraduate Research. 

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Wilderness in the 21st Century [videorecording]. Boise: Idaho Public Television. 2010.

Zuckerman, Dan. The Give-Away of an American Illusion: Senator Frank Church, Idaho, and the Panama Canal. B.A. Thesis, Williams College. 1997. Winner of the Russell H. Bostert Thesis Prize in American History.

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