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Papers of Tom Trusky Relating to the Activities of the North End Neighborhood Association

MSS 99b


This collection consists of papers written and collected by Tom Trusky, professor of English at Boise State University and an active member of the North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) in Boise, Idaho.  He donated them to the library in 1991. The papers relate to NENA and its activities. Much of the material deals with the controversies regarding the building of the Albertsons Marketplace Shopping Center on State Street in Boise, as well as various planning and zoning activities. Copies of the newspaper entitled the North End Newsdated from December 1976 thru October 1982 were removed from the collection and cataloged separately. These are now located in the periodical collection of the Special Collections Department.

                                                                         --Lancy Mortensen Rudd

                                                                        Inclusive dates: 1976-1982
                                                                        Collection size: ca. 1 cubic foot (in 2 boxes)
                                                                        Processed by : Lancy Mortensen Rudd, 1996



This series provides information regarding a two-year controversy between Albertsons Inc. and North End residents over the development of four blocks of the North End and two proposed street closures. The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) voted to allow closing of portions of 17th and Washington Streets on August 11, 1978, to accommodate a planned four-block Albertsons shopping center. Albertsons agreed to pay $300,000 if the streets were closed. NENA opposed the ACHD vote. The Planning and Zoning Commission granted preliminary approval of the plan. The Boise City Council denied the request for approval until a traffic study was completed.

On January 11, 1979, ACHD commissioners decided not to reopen hearings on the street closures, and, unless North End residents sued, 17th and Washington Streets were to be abandoned to make way for an Albertsons shopping center. Nine Boise residents filed an appeal in February 1979 against the ACHD decision. Bill Mauk, attorney, represented North End residents Tom Trusky, Tara Burt, Clay Wilcox, David and Liz Hardesty, Wally and Fran Koloski, and David and Lyndy High. These residents believed the closures would bring increased traffic to adjacent streets. They sued because they thought the ACHD agreed to the plan because of benefits from the project, rather than the need for a traffic change. “For all practical purposes, Albertsons bought two streets for $300,000 that they intend to use for parking spaces,” Bill Mauk stated. He continued, “No corporation, no matter how big or small, can buy a city street to benefit their own private interests. In essence, that’s what we think has happened.” (See Statesman article February 7, 1979). The legal brief cited six reasons as grounds for the appeal. NENA supported the suit as “friends of the court.”

Judge Durtschi reversed the order of the Highway District in March 1980. The two-year controversy ended when the Boise City Council approved a rezoning request on September 29, 1980. North End residents endorsed the revised plan, which was smaller than the original plan and kept 17th Street open.


Box 1: Albertsons Marketplace

Folder   1  Correspondence Relating to Albertsons and NENA 1976-1978
              2    Request for Conceptual Approval for an Albertsons Shopping Center 1978
              3    Correspondence Relating to Conceptual Approval of an Albertsons Shopping Center 1978-1979
              4    Traffic Analysis of the North End and Response 1978
              5    Albertsons’ Request to Construct a Supermarket 1979
              6    Order Vacating Street and Request for Reconsideration of Street Closure 1978-1979
              7    Preparation for ACHD Appeal 1979
              8    ACHD Correspondence from Attorney William Mauk 1979-1980
              9    ACHD Appeal 1979
            10    Judge’s Decision on ACHD Appeal 1980
            11    Reaction to Judge’s Decision on ACHD Appeal 1980
            12    Trusky Notes and Miscellaneous
            13    Statesman articles, 1978
            14    Statesman articles, 1979
            15    Statesman articles, 1980
            16    “Press-Out” Shopping Center ND


Tom Trusky, chairman of NENA’s Rezone committee, contributed to the successful efforts of this citizens group to rezone their neighborhood. The Boise City Council voted on October 10, 1978, to rezone two hundred city blocks on the North End to lower density designations at the request of the North End Neighborhood Association. NENA said the zone changes would keep the neighborhood predominately in single-family houses. These requests were consistent with Boise Metroplan policies. For more information see: North End NewsApril 1978, July 1978, August 1978, September 1978 and October 1978.

Box 1:  Rezone
Folder  17    Documents Relating to Rezone Application 1978
              18    Legal Documents 1978
              19    Preparation for Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 1978
              20    Preparation for Boise City Council Meeting 1978
              21    Slides and Script for Boise City Council Meeting 1978
              22    “A Policy Plan for the Boise Metropolitan Area” and Maps 1978
              23    Trusky Notes and Miscellaneous 1977-1978
              24    “Rezone,” a Story by Tom Trusky ND
              25    Statesman Articles Relating to Rezoning Areas in the North End 1978


These files consist primarily of correspondence relating to a disagreement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development over the filing of an Environmental Impact Statement for the Resseguie Sewer Project.  Also, guidelines stated that money from HUD was meant for low-income neighborhoods and some cities (Boise) were proposing to spend it instead on high-income neighborhoods, such as the proposed Thunderhills development in the Boise foothills.

For more information, see: North End News December 1976

Box 1:  Sewer project

Folder  26            Resseguie Sewer Project: Correspondence 1977
Folder  27            Resseguie Sewer Project: Miscellaneous 1977


The files in this series contain articles written by Tom Trusky for the North End News, as well as the research notes collected for the articles.

Box 2:  Articles

Folder  28    Schedule of Stories for the North End News, Letter from Trusky and Notes  n.d.
             29    Two Profiles and “Rehab Hot Lines” 1977, 1979
             30    “The North End Firebug,” Research and Notes 1977
             31    “North End Profile: Hyde Park,” Research and Notes 1977
             32    “A Commission that Controls Your Life,” Research and Notes 1979
             33    Reaction to “A Commission that Controls Your Life” 1979


The formation of the North End Neighborhood Association during the summer of 1976 came about from concern over the following issues: Richard B. Smith and his Highlands Mall, and the Thunderhills and Claremont developments in the Boise foothills. Soon, member of NENA (including Tom Trusky) had established themselves as an active citizens group willing to support various causes. The association published the North End News.


Box 2: NENA

Folder  34    Directory of the North End Neighborhood Association and the Original Layout 1976-1977
             35    NENA Charter and Goals for NENA 1980
             36    Publication: “North End Snapshot 1977 to 1980”
             37    North End Demographic Survey 1978
             38    North End Transportation Study and Plan 1980
             39    Statesman article, Richard B. Smith’s “Dream” 1976
             40    Miscellaneous


Two items: a copy of an ink sketch of a North End home used to advertise the Harrison Boulevard Home Tour, in the September 1977 edition of the North End News, and a "Home Sweet North End Home" sign. Located in oversize drawers.



Three audio cassette tapes; one concerning Albertsons Marketplace and two tapes from a Boise City Council Land Planning Meeting (See Rezone Series).  Located in Box 2.

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