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The Barry Shipman papers

MSS 90

Barry Shipman

The Barry Shipman papers, filling 42 boxes and occupying 18 feet of shelf space, document the long career of a Hollywood scriptwriter who wrote and produced feature films, serial cliffhangers, television westerns, and technical films.  They also document the role he played in the revival of interest in the career of his mother, silent filmmaker Nell Shipman.  The gift of Barry Shipman and later of his family, they are part of the Special Collections Department in Boise State University's Albertsons Library.

The collection is divided into ten series, outlined below, with links to the descriptions of the series and an inventory of their contents.  

Biographical Sketch of Barry Shipman

Series IBiographical and personal papers

Series II: Subjects

Series III: Correspondence

Series IV:  Nell Shipman-related materials

Series V: Photos

Series VI: Video and Tape Recordings

Series VII:  Works for Television (Scripts and stories)

Series VIII: Screenplays for Motion pictures and Serials

Series IX: Miscellaneous story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

Series X: Air Force and Navy Scripts and Production papers

Series 1: Biographical and Personal Papers

A long list of Barry Shipman's film credits is found in Box 1, Folder 3 (Resume, Film credits).  Other notable items in this series include brief biographical essays (Recollections) covering specific incidents in Shipman's life and career (particularly some of his childhood experiences with his mother, Nell Shipman, in California, Spokane, Washington, and at Priest Lake, Idaho); rough drafts of federal employment applications, with a detailed record of his education and work history; various publicity news clippings over the years; and papers relating to Shipman's patents (particularly the Sun Tan Tree), his World War II military service, and the Western Caravan film festival in Knoxville at which he was to be honored in 1994.  The "Screenwriting" files include letters, reviews and other papers relating to his well-received screenplay, "Stranger at My Door" (1956), as well as studio correspondence revealing Barry Shipman's role in the writing of the "Lone Ranger" serials for Republic Pictures in the 1930s.  Among the many poems Shipman wrote are three that offer a wry look at the experiences of extras and other lesser actors in the Hollywood studios in the 1930s (Box 2, Folder 1).

Box 1: Biographical and Personal Papers

Folder  1          Obituaries and tributes (1994)
Folder  2          Birth certificate (1912)
Folder  3          Resumes, Film credits
Folder  4          Corporate employment applications (1962-1963)
Folder  5          Federal employment application: Form 57 (1962)
Folder  6          Federal employment application: Security questionnaire, Form 4 (1962)
Folder  7          Federal employment application: Rough draft (1962)
Folder  8          Federal employment application: Statement of personal history, Form 398 (1967)
Folder  9          Employment application: Writing samples (1965)

Folder 10         Recollections: Bio letter upon reaching 40 (1952)
Folder 11         Recollections: Beeswax
Folder 12         Recollections: Christmas Eve 1923 (1993)
Folder 13         Recollections: The Dogs of 921 East Wilson Avenue
Folder 14         Recollections:   Foreword (1992)
Folder 15         Recollections: I Remember Tonto
Folder 16         Recollections: Laddie
Folder 17         Recollections: Miscellaneous
Folder 18         Recollections: Putting Me Over (ca. 1928)
Folder 19         Recollections: Untitled, pp. 7-36
Folder 20         Recollections: West Avenue 43
Folder 21         Recollections: Where are The Good Guys?  (1994)
Folder 22         Recollections by Harriet Kyle, “The Doctor’s House”

Folder 23         Musical compositions: Copyright registration, Contracts (1936-1938)
Folder 24         Publicity clippings: Barry and Beulah Shipman (1932-1937)
Folder 25         News clippings (1912-1994)
Folder 26         UCLA Department of Cinema (1942)
Folder 27         Fortean Society (1941)

Folder 28         Military service: Documents (1942-1963)
Folder 29         Military service: Rosters

Folder 30         Screenwriting: Daredevils of the Red Circle: Publicity (1939)
Folder 31         Screenwriting: The Lone Ranger (1937-1969)
Folder 32         Screenwriting: Serials, Miscellaneous
Folder 33         Screenwriting: Stranger at My Door: Correspondence (1956-1993)
Folder 34         Screenwriting: Stranger at My Door: Publicity, Reviews (1956-1988)
Folder 35         Screenwriting: Reviews, Miscellaneous (1947-1953)
Folder 36         Screenwriting: Motion picture code, 1934
Folder 37         Screen Writers Guild (1954-1955)
Folder 38         Writers Guild of America (1960-1981)

Folder 39         Navy: Appreciations (1964-1966)
Folder 40         Air Force: Appreciations (1969-1976)
Folder 41         Air Force: Personnel matters (1967-1979)
Folder 42         Air Force: Miscellaneous (1977-1986)
Folder 43         “Our World” Television appearance (1987)
Folder 44         Brownie Bear Club (1987)
Folder 45         Sister Cities project (San Bernardino-Mexicali) (1987)
Folder 46         Barry Shipman papers: University of Wyoming solicitation (1979-1984)

Folder 47         Film Festivals: Palm Springs, 1990 (1989)
Folder 48         Film Festivals: Knoxville, 1994 (Western Film Caravan)  (1994)
Folder 49         Film Festivals: Knoxville, 1994: Shoenberger, Jim (1993-1994)
Folder 50         Film Festivals: Knoxville, 1994: Smith, Harold (1993-1994)
Folder 51         Film Festivals: Knoxville, 1994: Franklin, Grady (1993-1994)
Folder 52         Film Festivals: Knoxville, 1994: Fan mail (1994)
Folder 53         Film Festivals: Knoxville, 1994: Miscellaneous

Folder 54         Miscellaneous

Box 2: Biographical and Personal Papers

Folder  1          Poems by Barry Shipman
Folder  2          Poems by Barry Shipman (1925-1944)
Folder  3          Poems by Barry Shipman (1930s)
Folder  4          Poems by Barry Shipman (1930s)
Folder  5          Poems by Barry Shipman (1930s)
Folder  6          Poems by Barry Shipman : Later poems
Folder  7          Poems: The First Laugh (1934)
Folder  8          Poems: Friend (1934)
Folder  9          Poems: La Meuse Illusive (1933)
Folder 10         Poems: So Glad It’s You (1931)
Folder 11         Poems: Thymesta
Folder 12         Poems: Thymesta
Folder 13         Poems: To Beula

Folder 14         Shipman, Beulah McDonald: Journal entries, Typescript (1933)
Folder 15         Shipman, Beulah McDonald: Contract with Paramount (1935)
Folder 16         Shipman, Beulah McDonald: Publicity, Miscellaneous


Box 3: Biographical and Personal Papers

Folder  1          Inventions: Sound effects patent (1947)
Folder  2          Inventions: Sun Tan Tree: Correspondence (1958-1961)
Folder  3          Inventions: Sun Tan Tree: Correspondence: Marjorie Walker (1958-1959)
Folder  4          Inventions: Sun Tan Tree: Descriptions, Press releases, Clippings
Folder  5          Inventions: Sun Tan Tree: Design patent (1959)
Folder  6          Inventions: Sun Tan Tree: Mechanical patent application (1959-1960)
Folder  7          Inventions: Sun Tan Tree: Marketing, Manufacturing (1958-1961)

Box 15: Biographical and Personal Papers: Publications

[together with Nell Shipman items, see Series IV]

Writers Guild of America, Directory of Members 1984-1985

Action-Packed Cliffhangers Viewer’s Guide, by Doug E. Nye (1983)

Daily Variety (Oct 3, 1947) with review of “Riders of the Lone Star” p. 3

The Hollywood Reporter (Oct 3, 1947) with review of “Riders of the Lone Star” p. 3

The Hollywood Reporter (Mar 14, 1951) with review of “Fort Savage Riders” p. 4

The Hollywood Reporter (June 4, 1952, p. 3) with review of “Montana Territory”

Daily Variety (June 4, 1952, p. 3) with review of “Montana Territory”

Daily Variety (Oct 8, 1953) with review of “Night in the Museum” p. 8

Screen Stories (June 1956) with review of “Stranger at My Door” p. 20

Screenland (July 1956) with review of “Stranger at My Door” p. 74

The Hollywood Reporter (Apr 17, 1956) with review of “Stranger at My Door” p. 3

Boxoffice (April 21, 1956) with review of “Stranger at My Door” last page

Under Western Skies (January 1978) with filmography of Smiley Burnette (BS credits)

The World of Yesterday (October 1978) with article on Lone Ranger

The World of Yesterday (February 1979) with filmography of Ralph Byrd (BS credits)

The Journal of the Writers Guild of America, West (February 1994) with BS article, “Where are  the Good Guys”

How to Become an Actor in Television Commercials, by Nina Shipman (1975)

Box 47 (Oversize): Biographical and Personal Papers 

2 congratulatory sketches (1943) in color, presented to Shipman by Marine Corps colleagues on birth of twin sons and promotion to rank of captain

[together with motion picture advertising pressbooks]

Oversize drawers

Plans, Sun Tan Tree
Color magazine clippings, Sun Tan Tree


Series II: Subjects

Papers in the subject files include notes, articles, and clippings on people and topics of interest.  They reveal Shipman's early interest in both metaphysics and hard science, family history, and the careers of some of his colleagues.  Files relating to Nell Shipman are found in Series IV.

Box 3: Subjects

Folder  8          Actors, Colleagues (mainly obituaries)
Folder  9          Carey, MacDonald (1989-1994)
Folder 10         Drake, Oliver (1991)
Folder 11         London, Jack: Jack London and the Movies, by Robert S. Birchard

Folder 12         Metaphysics: Barry Shipman compilation (1931-1933)
Folder 13         Metaphysics: Dorothy Yost letter (ca. 1933)
Folder 14         Metaphysics: Horoscopes (ca. 1933)
Folder 15         Metaphysics: Meditations (1941)
Folder 16         Metaphysics
Folder 17         Metaphysics

Folder 18         Parker, William H.: Death, 1966
Folder 19         Republic Pictures Corp.: Jack Mathis (1976-1991)

Folder 20         Science notes
Folder 21         Science notes
Folder 22         Science notes (1939)
Folder 23         Science notes (1940)
Folder 24         Science notes (ca. 1941)

Folder 25         Shipman, Ernest: Chronology, by D.J. Turner
Folder 26         Shipman, Ernest: Shipman Enterprises, by D.J. Turner
Folder 27         Shipman, Ernest: Films
Folder 28         Shipman, Ernest: Films: The Foreigner / Edna Shipman
Folder 29         Shipman, Ernest: Films: One Hundred Years of Mormonism
Folder 30         Shipman, Ernest: Miscellaneous papers (Photocopies) (1911-1930)
Folder 31         Shipman, Ernest: Articles by Peter Morris
Folder 32         Shipman, Ernest: Shipman – Curwood correspondence (1918-1922)
Folder 33         Shipman, Ernest: Shipman – Jack London correspondence (1915)
Folder 34         Shipman, Ernest, Jr. (half-brother)
Folder 35         Shipman, Lani (granddaughter)
Folder 35         Shipman, Nina, and Noel and Michael Shipman (children)
Folder 36         Shipman family history

Folder 37         Valerie, Joan (1992)
Folder 38         Walker, Joseph B.
Folder 39         Walker, Joseph B.: Zoom lens controversy (1947-1990)
Folder 40         Warfield, Marjorie (1991)

Series III: Correspondence

Barry Shipman’s correspondents include members of his large extended family, lifelong friends, colleagues from the film business, and researchers interested in his career and that of his mother’s.  Most of the correspondence preserved in the collection dates from Shipman’s retirement years (after 1979), though there are a few letters from earlier dates scattered throughout.  Quite a few, if not most of the files, contain reminiscences of his life and work, the most extensive of which are the letters exchanged with Mike Newton (Box 6), a fan of the serials, who peppered Shipman with questions about the making of the cliffhangers, and Tom Trusky (Box 9), the Boise State professor who was instrumental in Nell Shipman’s “revival.”  Both sides of the correspondence are represented, as Shipman kept not only the letters he received, but copies of his own letters as well, which he churned out at a prolific rate on his word processor in the study of his San Bernardino home.

Among the correspondents represented are his lifelong friend Dick Diaz, who joined the Nell Shipman entourage as a teenager in the 1920s in New England and accompanied them to Florida and California; Barry's half brother and sister, Charles Douglas Ayers and Daphne Ayers Feldman, children of Nell Shipman and Charles Austin Ayers; his half-brothers on the Shipman side of the family, Robert and Ernest Shipman, Jr., with whom he did not become acquainted until he was an adult; Priest Lake friends Lloyd Peters, Dorothy Winslow Overmyer, and Loie Pierson (his school teacher); World War II Marine Corps colleagues Frank Adreon and Julian “Bud” Lesser;  Linda Stirling (who starred in many of the cliffhangers) and William Witney (who directed many); and a host of other friends, associates, film fans and scholars. Correspondence with Douglas Bankson, relating to their collaborative screenplay about Nell Shipman, is located in Series IV.

The letters in the folders marked with an asterisk (*) relate mainly to Nell Shipman’s life and career.  Many of those correspondents are also represented in the Tom Trusky papers.  Barry Shipman’s own extensive correspondence with his mother, dating back to 1933, is found in the Nell Shipman collection (MSS 81).  Many of those letters he received from his mother, and some he sent her in return, have been published in Letters from God's Country: Nell Shipman, Selected Correspondence and Writings, 1912-1970 (Boise State University, 2003).

Box 4: Correspondence

Folder  1          Adreon, Frank (1942, 1991)
Folder  2          Alba, Consuelo de (1941)
Folder  3*        Anderson, Kathryn (1992-1994)
Folder  4*        Armatage, Kay (1977-1994)
Folder  5          Ayers, Charles Douglas (half-brother): 1976-1990
Folder  6*        Boise State University: Miscellaneous (1987-1992)
Folder  7*        Boise State University Library: Hansen, Ralph (1987-1988)
Folder  8*        Boise State University Library: Virta, Alan (1988-1989)
Folder  9*        Boise State University Library: Virta, Alan (1990-1994)
Folder 10*       Brownlow, Kevin (1987-1993)
Folder 11*       Burgess, Audrey Ayers (cousin): 1988 ?
Folder 12         Cannavan, Jack (1989)
Folder 13*       Chenault, Cynthia (1993)
Folder 14*       Chenault, Robert (1992-1994)
Folder 15*       Chenault, Robert: Proposals
Folder 16*       Butterfield, David (1989-1990)
Folder 17         Butts, R. Dale (1987-1992)
Folder 18*       Codelli, Lorenzo (1987-1988)
Folder 19*       Cork, Marylyn (1985-1994)
Folder 20*       Covert, Nancy Wolff (1990-1994)
Folder 21         Creacy, Don (1993-1994)
Folder 22*       Cunningham, John (1986-1993)
Folder 23         Diaz, Richard Alden (1967-1994)
Folder 24         Dudzak, A.L. (“Nicky”) and Mary Lou (1954-1992)
Folder 25         Dudzak, Maria (1993-1994)
Folder 26         Eby, Lois (1992-1993)
Folder 27*       Eldridge, Judy (1988-1994)
Folder 28*       Everson, William (1988-1992)

Box 5: Correspondence

Folder  1          Feldman, Daphne Ayers (half-sister): 1941-1987
Folder  2          Feldman, Daphne Ayers (half-sister): 1988-1990
Folder  3          Feldman, Daphne Ayers : Enclosures
Folder  4          Feldman, Edmund (brother-in-law): 1990-1992
Folder  5          Finnegan, Diane (1991)
Folder  6*        Forster, Annette (1994)
Folder  7*        Fox, Stanley (1990-1992)
Folder  8*        Fulbright, Thomas (1968-1988)
Folder  9          Gene Autry Museum (1990-1992)
Folder 10*       Gibson, Frank and Laura  (1987-1992)
Folder 11*       Gregory, Mollie (1986-1990)
Folder 12         Gupta, Deshbandhu (1948-1949)
Folder 13         Hathcock, Luther (1988-1989)
Folder 14*       Holbrook, Paul (1988-1994)
Folder 15*       Hollywood Studio Museum (1992)
Folder 16*       Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation: Just, Rick (1986-1993)
Folder 17*       Japenga, Ann (1990-1994)
Folder 18*       Kaye, Janice (1992)
Folder 19*       Lacher, Gary (1986-1987)
Folder 20*       Lasky, Betty (1987-1993)
Folder 21         Lesser, Julian “Bud” (1979-1991)
Folder 22         Lesser, Julian “Bud” (1992-1993)
Folder 23         Lesser, Julian “Bud” (1993-1994)

Box 6: Correspondence

Folder  1          Letters to the Editor
Folder  2          Lord, Stephen (1986-1993)
Folder  3          Magers, Boyd and Donna (1991-1994)
Folder  4*        Maltin, Leonard (1992-1994)
Folder  5          Mathis, Jack (1971-1994)
Folder  6          McDonald, Bertha Bingham (mother-in-law): 1941
Folder  7*        Morris, Peter (1973-1988)
Folder  8*        Museum of Modern Art (N.Y.): Mancia, Adrienne (1988-1989)
Folder  9          Myers, Eugene Ekander Duncan (1987-1991)
Folder 10*       Naked Eye Productions (Jane Wagner and Tina DiFeliciantonio): 1990-1994
Folder 11*       Nelson, Harold G. (1991)
Folder 12*       Nelson, Morlan (1987-1990)
Folder 13         Newton, Mike (1987-1991)
Folder 14         Newton, Mike (1992-1994)
Folder 15         Newton, Mike (undated; incomplete)
Folder 16         Newton, Mike: Articles
Folder 17         Newton, Mike: Original letters by Barry Shipman (1989-1993)
Folder 18         Newton, Mike: From Beulah and Nina Shipman (1994-1997)
Folder 19         Nielsen, Ray (1989-1993)
Folder 20*       Oakman, Jack (1982-1985)
Folder 21*       Oderman, Stuart (1989-1994)
Folder 22*       Oldfield, Barney (1987-1994)
Folder 23*       Overmyer, Dorothy Winslow (1987-1989)

Box 7: Correspondence

Folder  1*        Peters, Lloyd (1968-1988)
Folder  2*        Peters, Lyma (1988-1993)
Folder  3          Pettijohn, Hal and Jill (1931, 1988-1993)
Folder  4*        Pierson, Loie (1984)
Folder  5*        Priest Lake State Park (Idaho): Townsend, Larry (1987-1995)
Folder  6          Robertson, Thelma (1941)
Folder  7          Scott, Warren and Terry (1942-1987)
Folder  8          Sherwood, Deborah (Deborah LaScala): 1986-1993
Folder  9          Shipman, Beulah (wife): 1945, 1973, n.d.
Folder 10         Shipman, Ernest, Jr. and Joyce (half-brother): 1977-1990
Folder 11         Shipman, Lani (Lani Beth Walrod) (granddaughter): 1982-1991
Folder 12         Shipman, Nina (daughter): 1981-1989
Folder 13         Shipman, Nina (daughter): 1990-1993
Folder 14         Shipman, Robert (half-brother): 1987-1990
Folder 15         Shipman family, Miscellaneous (1977-1993)
Folder 16*       Simpson, Claude (1972-1992)
Folder 17*       Skikavich, Moira (1991-1993)
Folder 18         Smith, Jack (newspaper columnist): 1987-1991
Folder 19*       Smith, Liz (newspaper columnist): 1993
Folder 20         Stadey, Mauricia / Bob Waldmire (1993-1994)
Folder 21*       Sparling, Gordon (1976-1994)
Folder 22         Stirling, Linda (1991-1993)
Folder 23         Taylor, Jesse Kinyon (1954-1956)
Folder 24*       Turner, D. John (1976-1993)
Folder 25*       Vallejo, Joan (1988-1994)
Folder 26*       Wachtman, Glenn A. (1988-1990)


Box 8: Correspondence

Folder  1          Walker, Joseph and Juanita (1977-1992)
Folder  2          Walker, Marjorie (1987-1994)
Folder  3          Walker, Marjorie: Publicity (1987-1992)
Folder  4*        White, Jeff (Starwil Talent Agency): 1988-1989
Folder  5          Witney, William (1991-1994)
Folder  6*        Williams, Betty Jane (1986-1994)
Folder  7*        Zainfeld, Morton (1989-1994)

Folder  8          General, Miscellaneous: A-G
Folder  9          General, Miscellaneous: H-R
Folder 10         General, Miscellaneous: S-Z
Folder 11*       Nell Shipman-related, Miscellaneous: A-M
Folder 12*       Nell Shipman-related, Miscellaneous: N-Z
Folder 13         Serials and Westerns, Miscellaneous
Folder 14         First name only
Folder 15         Fragments and unidentified

Box 9: Correspondence with Tom Trusky

Folder  1          Trusky, Tom (1984-1985)
Folder  2          Trusky, Tom (1986 Jan-Jul)
Folder  3          Trusky, Tom (1986 Aug-Dec)
Folder  4          Trusky, Tom (1987 Jan-Jun)
Folder  5          Trusky, Tom (1987 Jul-Dec)
Folder  6          Trusky, Tom (1988 )
Folder  7          Trusky, Tom (1989)
Folder  8          Trusky, Tom (1990)
Folder  9          Trusky, Tom (1991)
Folder 10         Trusky, Tom (1992)
Folder 11         Trusky, Tom (1993)
Folder 12         Trusky, Tom (1994)
Folder 13         Trusky, Tom: Enclosures

Series IV:  Nell Shipman


This series contains material about Nell Shipman written or collected by Barry Shipman.  It includes memorabilia from the dedication of Nell Shipman Point, 1977; letters and other papers (1993-1994) chronicling the discovery that the Doctors’ House museum in Glendale, California, was once the home of Nell Shipman; papers about Nell Shipman film screenings, especially ones Barry Shipman attended; and various writings by Barry about Nell in the form of play scripts, film treatments, proposals, and the like.  There is a large body of correspondence back and forth between Barry Shipman and his childhood friend from Spokane, Douglas Bankson , who collaborated on a screenplay (never produced) called “Nell.”  The earliest Nell Shipman-related proposal (“Nell Shipman Presents,” Box 12, Folder 14) is dated about 1936,  for a series of films based on her works.  There is also documentation of a one-woman multi-media play based on Nell’s life presented in Boise, Idaho, by Jenny Sternling in 1993.  Like one of Barry’s own works, it was entitled “Between Pictures.”  Barry's version of “Between Pictures” was produced in Hawaii in 1991 and starred Nina Shipman as Nell.  A videotape of the production is in Series VI.

The general correspondence files (Series III) also contain much correspondence relating to Nell Shipman.

Box 10: Nell Shipman

Folder  1          Nell Shipman Chronology, by Barry Shipman
Folder  2          Nell Shipman, A Resume of Her Career, by Barry Shipman and Tom Fulbright (1976)
Folder  3          The Professor Done Right by Our Nell (ca. 1987)
Folder  4          Extracts from Nell Shipman’s writings
Folder  5          Nell Shipman papers (1978-1981)
Folder  6          Doctors’ House: Correspondence: Richman, Terry (1993-1994)
Folder  7          Doctors’ House: Glendale Historical Society (1993-1994)
Folder  8          Doctors’ House: Nell Shipman publicity (1993-1995)
Folder  9          Festivals: Ottawa, 1982: Canadian Women Filmmakers (1982)
Folder 10         Festivals: Boise, 1987: Nell Shipman Silent Film Festival (1986-1987)
Folder 11         Festivals: Paris, 1988
Folder 12         Festivals: Victoria, B.C., 1989
Folder 13         Festivals: Screenings, Miscellaneous (1982-1990)
Folder 14         Films, etc.: Film summaries
Folder 15         Films, etc.: Back to God’s Country
Folder 16         Films, etc.: The Grub-Stake
Folder 17         Films, etc.: Lady Marines
Folder 18         Films, etc.: Pianophiends
Folder 19         Films, etc.: Something New
Folder 20         Films, etc.: The Story of Mr. Hobbs
Folder 21         Films, etc.: Vaudeville and stage work
Folder 22         Nell Shipman Awards (Boise) (1993)
Folder 23         Nell Shipman Awards (Seattle) (1991-1993)
Folder 24         Nell Shipman Point dedication, 1977 (1977)
Folder 25         Nell Shipman Point dedication, 1977: Correspondence (1975-1984)
Folder 26         Nell Shipman Point dedication, 1977: Publicity (1977-1991)
Folder 27         Silent Screen & My Talking Heart: Boise State University
Folder 28         Silent Screen & My Talking Heart: Afterword (1986)
Folder 29         Silent Screen & My Talking Heart: Afterword, Lillian Leighton (1986)
Folder 30         Silent Screen & My Talking Heart: Reviews (1987-1990)
Folder 31         Miscellaneous
Folder 32         Subjects: Barham family in Victoria, B.C., 1891-1899
Folder 33         Subjects: Big Bear Valley Historical Society (1987)
Folder 34         Subjects: Coolin, Idaho (1977-1990)
Folder 35         Subjects: Priest Lake, Idaho (1981-1994)
Folder 36         Subjects: Priest Lake, Idaho: Lionhead Lodge map and description by BS (1986)
Folder 37         Subjects: Priest Lake, Idaho / Lloyd Peters (1968-1988)
Folder 38         Subjects: Priest River, Idaho (1990-1993)
Folder 39         Subjects: Serrao, Amerigo
Folder 40         Nell Shipman postcard design by Michael Shipman (1987)


Box 11: Productions about Nell Shipman

Folder  1          Between Pictures
Folder  2          Between Pictures (Hawaii, 1991)
Folder  3          Between Pictures (Boise, 1993): Correspondence: Jenny Sternling (1989-1992)
Folder  4          Between Pictures (Boise, 1993): Correspondence: Jenny Sternling (1993-1994)
Folder  5          Between Pictures (Boise, 1993): Correspondence: Vera Cederstrom (1993-94)
Folder  6          Between Pictures (Boise, 1993): Personnel
Folder  7          Between Pictures (Boise, 1993): Publicity (1993)
Folder  8          Between Pictures (Boise, 1993): Script
Folder  9          The Girl From God’s County, by Barbara Sapergia
Folder 10         The Girl From God’s County: Correspondence: Barbara Sapergia (l991-1994)
Folder 11         The Silent Screen and My Talking Heart: Barbara Martineau (1976-1980)
Folder 12         Tales of Priest Lake, by Betty Vitousek (1975-1981)


Box 12: Works about Nell Shipman by Barry Shipman

Folder  1          Abandoned Trails (Treatment)
Folder  2          Audition (Monologue sketch)
Folder  3          The Ballad of Faith Diggs (Photo story) (1987)
Folder  4          Between Pictures (Play script): Draft
Folder  5          Between Pictures (Play script): Draft 1 (March 1989)
Folder  6          Between Pictures (Play script): Draft 2 (April l989)
Folder  7          Between Pictures (Play script )(1991)
Folder  8          Borderline Tales (Treatment)(1991)
Folder  9          East of God’s County (Treatment)
Folder 10         The Girl From God’s Country (Play script)
Folder 11         The Grubstake (Photo story)
Folder 12         Nell: Preliminary treatment / Synopsis
Folder 13         Nell: Treatment
Folder 14         Nell Shipman Presents  (Prospectus) (ca. 1936)
Folder 15         Remember Nell? (Drafts for documentary)
Folder 16         The Silent Screen & My Talking Heart (Autobiography): Afterword (1986)
Folder 17         The Silent Screen and My Talking Heart (Monologue)
Folder 18         Silent Star: Treatment (115 pages) (1988)
Folder 19         Silent Star: Treatment (73 pages)
Folder 20         This Little Bear Went Hollywood (Documentary script)  (1992)
Folder 21         Thoughts (1987)


Box 13: “Nell” by Barry Shipman and Douglas Bankson

Folder  1          Prospectus (1989)
Folder  2          Synopsis (1992)
Folder  3          Draft fragments
Folder  4          Draft fragments
Folder  5          Corrected draft (195 pages) (Nov. 1991)
Folder  6          Script (185 pages)  (July 1992)
Folder  7          Douglas Bankson: Biographical information
Folder  8          Douglas Bankson: Contracts (1989-1990)
Folder  9          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1987-1989)
Folder 10         Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1990 Jan-Feb)
Folder 11         Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1990 Mar-Apr)
Folder 12         Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1990 May-Jun)


Box 14:  “Nell” by Barry Shipman and Douglas Bankson

Folder  1          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1990 Jul-Aug)
Folder  2          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1990 Sept)
Folder  3          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1990 Oct-Dec)
Folder  4          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1991 Jan-May)
Folder  5          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1991 Jun-Dec)
Folder  6          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1992 )
Folder  7          Correspondence with Douglas Bankson (1993-1994)
Folder  8          Letters from Douglas Bankson: Undated and fragments
Folder  9          Letters by Barry Shipman: Undated and fragments
Folder 10         Letters from Douglas Bankson: Enclosures


Box 15: Nell Shipman

[together with Barry Shipman items, See Series I]

Guestbook for dedication of Nell Shipman Point, 31 August 1977

Incredible Idaho magazine (Spring 1978) with article, “Nell Shipman Point” by Claude Simpson

Series V: Photographs

There are fewer than 100 photos in the collection, most of which are miscellaneous snapshots, publicity photos for Barry Shipman's invention, the "Sun Tan Tree," and photos from his work for the Air Force in the 1960s and 70s.  Photos of Barry and his mother Nell can be found in the Nell Shipman collection (MSS 81).

Box 16: Photographs

5x7 or smaller

Photos 001-006           Personal (ca. 1917-1932)
Photos 007-009           Forest Lodge remnant (1977?)
Photos 010-012           Barry Shipman, Beulah Shipman, Judy Eldridge
Photos 013-017           Sun Tan Tree (1960)
Photos 018-020           Doctors House, Glendale, CA
Photos 021-022           Air Force production, with Barry Shipman
Photos 023-024           Barry and Beulah Shipman, 1950s and 1987 (digital)
Photos 025                   Barry before portrait of Nell Shipman (color clipping)


Mainly 8 x 10

Photos 101-103           World War II colleagues
Photos 104-105           Roland Reed; Women’s banquet
Photos 106                   Portrait, ca. 1952
Photos 107-111           Sun Tan Tree; Nina Shipman (ca. 1960)
Photos 112-117           Sun Tan Tree; Nina Shipman (ca. 1960)
Photos 118-123           Sun Tan Tree; Nina Shipman (ca. 1960)
Photos 124-125           Bob Hope show, Alaska , with Barry Shipman (1971)
Photos 126-128           Air Force production photos, with Barry Shipman (color)
Photos 129-137           Air Force production photos (color)
Photos 138-150           Air Force production photos (b/w)
Photos 159-167           Air Force photos; Vietnam 1965; Lyndon Johnson
Photos 168                   Crackerjack, We Love You: title slide

Series VI: Videos and Tape recordings

This series contains videos of motion pictures and serials scripted by Barry Shipman, several other motion pictures featuring his wife Beulah (as Gwynne Shipman), and videotapes of an appearance by Barry Shipman on the "Our World" television interview program in 1987, among others.  It also includes a videotape of a production of "Between Pictures," the story of Nell Shipman by Barry and Nina Shipman, and a tape recording of Nell Shipman reading the story "Doraleen," also by Barry and Nina Shipman.  (Scripts for "Between Pictures" and "Doraleen" are located in Series IV and Series IX, respectively.)  A notable addition to the collection in 2009 was a somewhat blurry but still viewable VHS copy of "Lady Marines," a World War II film produced by Barry Shipman while serving with the Marine Corps Photographic Section.  It features a voiceover by his mother, Nell Shipman.

Boxes  17a and 17b: Videos and Tape recordings

"Barry Shipman" no. 1-4 (four 3/4-inch VHS recordings of  interviews with Barry Shipman conducted by Tom Trusky, 1987, and filmed by University Television Productions, Boise State University)

“Doraleen, a Musical Adventure” (tape cassette; featuring voice of  Barry Shipman’s eight-year old granddaughter Westerly as Doraleen, ca. 1975)

“Doraleen” read by Nell Shipman (2 tape cassettes)

"AAARK! Something About Communication" (VHS of U.S. Air Force film written by Barry Shipman in 1968)

“Between Pictures” starring Nina Shipman (Hilo, Hawaii, 1991) (VHS)

"Lady Marines" (VHS of World War II Marine Corps film produced by Barry Shipman with voiceover by Nell Shipman)

“Nell Shipman: The Girl From God’s Country” by Tom Trusky (VHS); with Leonard Maltin’s Entertainment Tonight segment, “Cliffhangers”

“Our World” [see Box 1, Folder 43] and “Stranger at My Door” (VHS)

“The Republic Pictures Story” (VHS) with mention of “Stranger At My Door”

“Shipman family album” (VHS) containing excerpts from motion pictures starring Nell Shipman, Gwynne (Beulah) Shipman, and Nina         Shipman, and other family media appearances. 


Box 43: Videos (Commercially-produced and distributed; donated by Mike Newton)

These videos (in VHS format) are also individually cataloged in the Library’s catalog. 

Dick Tracy (Burbank Productions)  5 cassettes
Dick Tracy Returns (serial) (VCI)  2 cassettes
Dick Tracy Returns (feature) (VCI)
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc.  (VCI)  2 cassettes
Dick Tracy’s G-Men (VCI)  2 cassettes
Lone Star Raiders (3 Mesquiteers) (Republic Pictures Home Video)
Mysterious Mr. M.  2 cassettes
The Painted Stallion (Republic Pictures Home Video)
Robinson Crusoe on Clipper Island (Video Treasures)  2 cassettes
S.O.S. Coast Guard (Republic Pictures Home Video)  2 cassettes
Trail Dust (Cumberland).   Starring Gwynne (Beulah) Shipman
Zorro Rides Again (Republic Pictures Home Video)  2 cassettes
Zorro’s Fighting Legion (Republic Pictures Home Video)   2 cassettes


Boxes 44-46: Videos donated by Mike Newton

Films scripted by Barry Shipman, home-recorded in VHS format by Mike Newton.  Also a few television appearances by Nina Shipman.  Consult the archivists for a complete list.

Series VII: Works for Television

This series contains  scripts (teleplays) and story outlines written for television by Barry Shipman.  The name of the television series is listed first, followed by the name of the particular episode.  Unless otherwise indicated, a script is represented; story outlines and other papers (correspondence, etc.) are identified when they occur.  While a few of the scripts are Barry Shipman's own typewritten versions, most are mimeographed shooting scripts prepared by the studio.  Barry Shipman did not copyright these scripts in his own name; they became the property of the studios when accepted for production.  The earliest work in the series is the script for a pilot for a proposed Hoosier Hot Shots television series, 1949 (Box 25, Folder 3); the latest are scripts for the Lassie series.

Box 18: Works for Television

Folder  1          Adventures of Charlie Chan: The Great Salvos (1957)
Folder  2          Bronco Layne: Destinies West (1961)
Folder  3          Bronco Layne: Land purchase story: Story outline
Folder  4          Chevron Theatre: Night in the Museum (1953)
Folder  5          Coronado 9: While Ramon Burned (1959, 1960)
Folder  6          Coronado 9: Double Crossing: Story outline
Folder  7          Cornoado 9: Yo Ho Homicide: Story outline
Folder  8          Death Valley Days: The $275,000 Sack of Flour (1962)
Folder  9          Death Valley Days: The $275,000 Sack of Flour: Correspondence (1993)
Folder 10         Death Valley Days: The Lion of Idaho (1962) [William E. Borah]
Folder 11         Death Valley Days: Loss of Faith (1962)
Folder 12         Death Valley Days: Phantom Procession (1962)
Folder 13         Death Valley Days: Research
Folder 14         Death Valley Days: Story ideas
Folder 15         Death Valley Days: Story submissions
Folder 16         Gunslinger: The Death Seeker: Story outline 
Folder 17         Kit Carson: Fragments
Folder 18         Kit Carson #30: Border City (1952)
Folder 19         Kit Carson # 32: The Broken Spur


Box 19: Works for Television

Folder  1          Kit Carson #37: The Curse of the Albas
Folder  2          Kit Carson #47: Trouble in Tuscadora
Folder  3          Kit Carson #137: Savage Outpost
Folder  4          Kit Carson #138: Marshal of Guntown
Folder  5          Kit Carson #140: Outlaw Army
Folder  6          Kit Carson #141: Haunted Hacienda
Folder  7          Kit Carson #147: Law of Boot Hill
Folder  8          Kit Carson #152: Powdersmoke Law
Folder  9          Kit Carson #153: Phantom Uprising
Folder 10         Kit Carson #154: Mission to Alkalil
Folder 11         Kit Carson #155: Frontier Empire
Folder 12         Kit Carson #156: The Judge of Black Mesa
Folder 13         Kit Carson #157: Valiant Outlaw
Folder 14         Kit Carson #158: Devil’s Remuda
Folder 15         Kit Carson #159: Eyes of the Outlaw
Folder 16         Kit Carson #160: Overland Stage
Folder 17         Kit Carson #161: Ghost Town Garrison
Folder 18         Kit Carson #162: Renegades of Rejo
Folder 19         Kit Carson #163: Stampede Fury
Folder 20         Kit Carson #164: The Golden Ring of Cibola
Folder 21         Kit Carson #165: Bullets of Death
Folder 22         Kit Carson #168: Frontier Challenge


Box 20: Work for Television

Folder  1          Kit Carson #169: The Gatling Gun
Folder  2          Kit Carson #170: Powder Depot
Folder  3          Kit Carson #171: The Hermit of Indian Ridge
Folder  4          Kit Carson #172: Riders of the Hooded League
Folder  5          Kit Carson: Phantoms of Ghost Town
Folder  6          Kit Carson: Synopses (not by Barry Shipman)
Folder  7          Laramie: Lawless Legacy (1961): Story outline
Folder  8          Laramie: Slaughter’s Stallion: Story outline
Folder  9          Lassie: Analysis (“Basic Ingredients”)
Folder 10         Lassie: Contract, Residual statements (1966-1967)
Folder 11         Lassie #6414: Lassie Works a Miracle (1964)
Folder 12         Lassie #6424: Lassie Meets a Challenge
Folder 13         Lassie #6513: In the Eyes of Lassie
Folder 14         Lassie #6617: Lassie Baits a Bear (1966)
Folder 15         Lassie: Courage of Lassie: Story outline
Folder 16         Lassie: The Heart of Lassie: Story outline
Folder 17         Lassie: Lassie Keeps a Promise (1966): Story outline
Folder 18         Lassie: The Old Man and the Forest (1964): Story outline
Folder 19         Lassie: Realm of the Wild (1964): Story outline
Folder 20         Lassie: Wild Hyacinth: Story outline

Box 21: Works for Television

Folder  1          Last of the Mohicans: Winter Passage (1956)
Folder  2          Mickey Spillane: Black Blossoms (1959)
Folder  3          Mickey Spillane: Blunder Buss (1959)
Folder  4          Mickey Spillane: Doll Trouble
Folder  5          Mickey Spillane: My Fair Deadly (1958)
Folder  6          Mickey Spillane: Wedding Morning (1959)
Folder  7          Mickey Spillane: Story submissions
Folder  8          Overland Stage: Bad Man from Bitter Creek: Story outline
Folder  9          Overland Stage: First Stage to Denver (1959)
Folder 10         Overland Stage: First Stage to Denver (1959)
Folder 11         Overland Stage: Pilot script, by Samuel A. Peeples (1959)
Folder 12         Ramar of the Jungle: Crocodile God of Kaa: Story outline
Folder 13         Ramar of the Jungle: The Mark of Shaitan
Folder 14         Roy Rogers: Toss Up (1956)
Folder 15         S.A.-7: Jason and the Double Fleece (1959)
Folder 16         S.A.-7: The Bogus Bonds of Balaam (1959)
Folder 17         S.A.-7: Stone Deaf (1959)


Box 22: Works for Television

Folder  1          Shotgun Slade: Freight Lane (1959)
Folder  2          Shotgun Slade: Noose Brand Frame-Up (1959)
Folder  3          Shotgun Slade: A Plate of Death (1959)
Folder  4          Shotgun Slade: The Pool Shark (1959)
Folder  5          Shotgun Slade: Roman Creek (1959)
Folder  6          Shotgun Slade: The Smell of Money (1959)
Folder  7          Shotgun Slade: Shotgun Trail (1959)
Folder  8          Shotgun Slade: A Flower for Jenny (1960)
Folder  9          Shotgun Slade: Woman from Wyoming (1960)
Folder 10         Shotgun Slade: Widow of El Dorado (1960)
Folder 11         Shotgun Slade: A Gun and a Prayer (1961)
Folder 12         Shotgun Slade: Crossed Guns
Folder 13         Shotgun Slade: The Phantom Noose: Story outline
Folder 14         Shotgun Slade: Set-Up for a Gundown: Story outline
Folder 15         Shotgun Slade: Sing a Song of Six-Guns: Story outline
Folder 16         Shotgun Slade: Story submission
Folder 17         Soldiers of Fortune: The City of Doom


Box 23: Works for Television

Folder  1          Soldiers of Fortune: Escort to Namtok (1955)
Folder  2          Soldiers of Fortune: The General (1955)
Folder  3          Soldiers of Fortune: Hatchet Man (1956)
Folder  4          Soldiers of Fortune: Hatchet Man (1956): Contracts, etc.
Folder  5          Soldiers of Forunte: The Monster of Loch Macgora (1956)
Folder  6          State Trooper: Dangerous Honeymoon (1957)
Folder  7          State Trooper: The Sniper (1957)
Folder  8          State Trooper: Stay Lost Little Girl (1958)
Folder  9          State Trooper: Firebug (1958)
Folder 10         State Trooper: Still Water Runs Red (1958)
Folder 11         State Trooper: No My Darling Daughter (1958)
Folder 12         State Trooper: The Woman Who Cried Wolf (1958)
Folder 13         State Trooper: Joker’s Dead (1958)
Folder 14         State Trooper: When the Cat’s Away (1958)
Folder 15         State Trooper: Crisis at Comstock (1958)
Folder 16         State Trooper: The Trap that Jack Built (1958)
Folder 17         State Trooper: Lonely Valley (1958)
Folder 18         State Trooper: Excitement at Milltown (1958)
Folder 19         State Trooper: The Silver Spiral (1958)
Folder 20         State Trooper: The Judas Tree (1958)
Folder 21         State Trooper: The Choker (1959)
Folder 22         State Trooper: The Choker (1959)
Folder 23         State Trooper: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1959)


Box 24: Works for Television

Folder  1          Tall Man: Story proposals
Folder  2          Tall Man: Night Train to Tularosa (1960)
Folder  3          Tall Man: Death or Taxes (1960)
Folder  4          Tall Man: Death or Taxes
Folder  5          Tall Man: Maria’s Little Lamb (1960)
Folder  6          Tall Man: Ransom of a Town (1960)
Folder  7          Tall Man: Notes
Folder  8          Tom Sawyer: Cap’n Jack’s Ordeal: Story outline
Folder  9          Tom Sawyer: A Night on Sand Island: Story outline
Folder 10         Tom Sawyer: Quiet Sunday (1960)
Folder 11         U.S. Marshal: Tarnished Star (1959)
Folder 12         U.S. Marshal: Short Cut to Hell (1959)
Folder 13         U.S. Marshal: Dial ‘O’ for Danger (1960)
Folder 14         U.S. Marshal: Root of Evil: Story outline
Folder 15         Whirlybirds: Fire Flight (1956)
Folder 16         Whirlybirds: Incident at Wilke’s Bight (1956)
Folder 17         Whirlybirds: Fury Canyon (1957)
Folder 18         Wild Bill Hickok: Meteor Mesa (1957)

Box 25: Works for Television

Folder  1          Adventures of Dr. Fu-Manchu:  Prisoner of Dr. Fu-Manchu (1955)
Folder  2          Adventures of Dr. Fu-Manchu: The Delegate from Hell (1955)
Folder  3          Hoosier Hot Shots Show: Pilot (1949)
Folder  4          The Judy Canova Show # 1
Folder  5          The Judy Canova Show

Series VIII: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

The screenplays in Series VIII are scripts and treatments for both feature films and serials.  As in the case of the television scripts, a few (including Dick Tracy, Episode One, 1937) are Barry Shipman's own typewritten versions, but most are duplicated shooting scripts prepared by the studios.  Several films are represented by more than one version of the script.  The dates following the names of the scripts are the dates on the scripts themselves, and not necessarily the dates the films were released.

Barry Shipman's most acclaimed film, Stranger at My Door (1956), is represented by two treatments and several versions of the script.  The treatments and early versions are filed under the original working title, "Jesse James Was My Neighbor" (Box 26), based on the book of the same name.  Only the final version was entitled "Stranger at My Door"  (Box 28, Folder 1).  The James family estate objected to Shipman's depiction of Jesse James in the script, so the name of the lead character was changed to Clay Anderson. (Barry Shipman to Alan Virta, 9 February 1989, in Box 4, Folder 8).

The shooting schedule for the Durango Kid serial episode, Prairie Roundup (Box 30, Folder 8), reveals the expeditious pace at which these serials were filmed.  Prairie Roundup, featuring Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid,  was shot at the Columbia Ranch in Burbank and the Iverson Ranch in Chatsworth in seven days in July 1950.  A few of the Durango scripts are not Shipman's, but were written by others.


Box 25: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  6          Adventures of Daniel Boone: Treatment (1955)
Folder  7          Carolina Cannonball (Judy Canova) (1954)
Folder  8          Dick Tracy: Episode One (1936)
Folder  9          Feudin’ Rhythm (Eddy Arnold) (1949)
Folder 10         Gene Autry Untitled: Treatment (1942)
Folder 11         Hoedown (Eddy Arnold) (1949)
Folder 12         Home in San Antone (Roy Acuff) (1948)
Folder 13         Hot Heiress / Untamed Heiress (Judy Canova) (1952)
Folder 14         Hot Heiress / Untamed Heiress (Judy Canova) (1953)
Folder 15         Hot Heiress / Untamed Heiress (Judy Canova) (1953)


Box 26: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Hot Heiress / Untamed Heiress (Judy Canova) (1953)
Folder  2          Jesse James Was My Neighbor / Stranger at My Door: Treatment (1953)
Folder  3          Jesse James Was My Neighbor / Stranger at My Door: Treatment (1953)
Folder  4          Jesse James Was My Neighbor / Stranger at My Door (1953)
Folder  5          Jesse James Was My Neighbor / Stranger at My Door (1954)
Folder  6          Jesse James Was My Neighbor / Stranger at My Door (1954)
Folder  7          Jesse James Was My Neighbor / Stranger at My Door (1955)
Folder  8          Latin Quarter (1954)
Folder  9          Lay That Rifle Down: Treatment (1954)
Folder 10         Lay That Rifle Down (1954)
Folder 11         Lay That Rifle Down (1954)


Box 27: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Montana Territory (1951)
Folder  2          Montana Territory (1951)
Folder  3          Montana Territory: Production papers (1951)
Folder  4          The Painted Stallion: Episode One (1936)
Folder  5          The Renegades and the Woman (1955)
Folder  6          Rose of Santa Rosa (Hoosier Hot Shots) (1947)
Folder  7          Santa Fe Sunset / Out California Way: Treatment (1945)
Folder  8          Singing Spurs (Hoosier Hot Shots) (1948)
Folder  9          Smoky Mountain Melody (Roy Acuff) (1948)
Folder 10         Smoky Mountain Moon (Roy Acuff) (1948)
Folder 11         Smoky River Serenade (Hoosier Hot Shots) (1947)
Folder 12         S.O.S. Coast Guard: Episode One (1937)
Folder 13         Song of Idaho (Hoosier Hot Shots) (1947)


Box 28: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Stranger at My Door (1955)
Folder  2          Swing the Western Way (1946)
Folder  3          Texas Sandman (Hoosier Hot Shots) (1948)
Folder  4          Texas Sandman (Hoosier Hot Shots) (1948)
Folder  5          Three Mesquiteers: Panhandle story (Treatment) (1939)
Folder  6          Three Mesquiteers # 1116: Treatment (1941)
Folder  7          Three Mesquiteers # 1117: Story outline (1941)


Box 29: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Durango Kid: Riders of the Lone Star (1946)
Folder  2          Durango Kid: Six-Gun Law (1947)
Folder  3          Durango Kid: West of Sonora (1947)
Folder  4          Durango Kid: Trail to Laredo (1947)
Folder  5          Durango Kid: Laramie (1948)
Folder  6          Durango Kid: The Blazing Trail (1948)
Folder  7          Durango Kid: Horseman of the Sierras (1949)
Folder  8          Durango Kid: Trail of the Rustlers (1949)
Folder  9          Durango Kid: Texas Dynamo (1949)


Box 30: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Durango Kid: Riders of Black Mesa (1949)
Folder  2          Durango Kid: Streets of Ghost Town (1949)
Folder  3          Durango Kid: Streets of Ghost Town (1949)
Folder  4          Durango Kid: Across the Badlands (1949)
Folder  5          Durango Kid: Across the Badlands (1949)
Folder  6          Durango Kid: Lightning Guns (1950)
Folder  7          Durango Kid: Prairie Roundup (1950)
Folder  8          Durango Kid: Prairie Roundup: Shooting schedule (1950)
Folder  9          Durango Kid: Lightning Guns: Cast sheet / Crew sheet (1950)
Folder 10         Durango Kid: Raiders of Tomahawk Creek (1950)
Folder 11         Durango Kid: Rings of Death (1950)
Folder 12         Durango Kid: Ridin’ the Outlaw Trail (1950)


Box 31: Screenplays (Motion Pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Durango Kid: Snake River Desperados (1950)
Folder  2          Durango Kid: Fort Savage Raiders (1950)
Folder  3          Durango Kid: Bonanza Town (1950)
Folder  4          Durango Kid: Cyclone Fury (1950)
Folder  5          Durango Kid: Desert Vigilante (1950)
Folder  6          Durango Kid: Whiphand (1951)
Folder  7          Durango Kid: The Kid from Amarillo (1951)
Folder  8          Durango Kid: Smoky Canyon (1951)
Folder  9          Durango Kid: The Rough, Tough West (1951)


Box 32: Screenplays (Motion pictures and Serials)

Folder  1          Durango Kid: Laramie Mountains (1951)
Folder  2          Durango Kid: Junction City (1951)
Folder  3          Durango Kid: The Kid from Broken Gun (1952)
Folder  4          Durango Kid: Panhandle Territory (1952)
Folder  5          Durango Kid: Gunpowder (1952)


Box 33: Screenplays (Motion pictures and Serials)

 The Painted Stallion: Episodes 1 – 12 (1936)


Box 34: Screenplays (Motion pictures and Serials)

 Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island: Episodes 1 – 12 (1936)


Box 35: Screenplays (Motion pictures and Serials)

 S.O.S. Coast Guard: Episodes 1-12 (1937)


Box 47 (Oversize): Screenplays (Motion pictures and Serials)

Advertising pressbooks for:

The Arkansas Swing
Feudin’ Rhythm
Frontier Outpost
Hawk of the Wilderness
Song of Idaho
Trail to Laredo
Republic Confidential (book), by Jack Mathis

Series IX: Story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

With one exception, the works in this series are not known to have been produced or published.  They include short stories, story ideas, radio plays,  proposals and scripts for feature films, documentaries, and television, and other works of an unidentified or miscellaneous nature.  Almost all are in typescript form.  The earliest works in the series appear to be two short stories, "And So to Bedlam" (written in 1930, when Barry was 18), and "The Personal Adventures of a Guinea Pig," which may be even earlier.  Other early works include stories coauthored with his mother, Nell Shipman, in the 1930s, and some written for producer Nat Levine.  Television proposals in this series include story ideas pitched to the producers of the Bonanza, Cheyenne, and Jetsons series.  One of Shipman's unfulfilled projects attracted press attention.  The Los Angeles Herald of February 8, 1936, featured a story about his research on the religious society of Penitentes and its alleged link to the murder of writer Carl Taylor in New Mexico (clipping included in the file on "The Penitentes").  He was planning to write a screenplay about the subject.

The one work in this series that is known to have been produced is the musical fantasy "Doraleen," which Shipman wrote with his daughter, Nina Shipman.  It was produced by Nina Shipman at the University of Hawaii Hilo in 1986.

Box 36: Story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

Folder  1          Research and Ideas
Folder  2          Abur Muchacho !
Folder  3          And So to Bedlam (Short story) (1930)
Folder  4          Anchor Ridge (Short story)
Folder  5          Animals, Simulated conversation (Story outline, Nat Levine)(1940)
Folder  6          Bad Angel
Folder  7          Battle of Dabbit Run
Folder  8          Big Dick (Short story)
Folder  9          The Black Door (Short story) (1934)
Folder 10         Blood donor documentary (1952)
Folder 11         Bonanza: Angel with Amnesia
Folder 12         Bonanza: Jampenny
Folder 13         Bonanza: A Taste of Eden
Folder 14         Byron Court
Folder 15         Captain Rickelberry and the Red Baron (1970)
Folder 16         Chateau Darsac ’21 (with Lois Eby)
Folder 17         Cheyenne: The Rogue Morgan
Folder 18         Cheyenne: Story proposals
Folder 19         The Clarinet, the Goldfish in the Bowl, and the Clock
Folder 20         Coffee Break
Folder 21         Cold War Marines (with Russell Hayden)
Folder 22         Colt
Folder 23         Crazy as a Coot (with Rex Taylor)
Folder 24         Credo in 2 / 4 Time (Short story)
Folder 25         The Dangerous Way
Folder 26         Doraleen (“Pilot script”)
Folder 27         Doraleen (Script) (with Nina Shipman)
Folder 28         Doraleen: Lyrics
Folder 29         Doraleen: Transcript of Nell Shipman recording (1969)
Folder 30         Doraleen: Correspondence: Luanne Burkett (1981-1982)
Folder 31         Doraleen: Correspondence: Tony La Scala (1981-1982)
Folder 32         Doraleen: Correspondence: Miscellaneous (1980-1993)
Folder 33         Doraleen and Fuzzy Vague (Novel)
Folder 34         Double-Check (with Lois Eby)
Folder 35         Drikung (Partial story) (1980)
Folder 36         The Dumkopf Report
Folder 37         Dwight’s First Birthday (Radio skit)
Folder 38         Es La Cosa (Short story)
Folder 39         The Explorer (with Nell Shipman)

Box 37: Story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

Folder  1          The Face of Freedom / P.O.W. (1978)
Folder  2          The Face of Freedom / P.O.W.) (1978)
Folder  3          Face of the West
Folder  4          Faro
Folder  5          A Father is Missing
Folder  6          Fibber McGee and Molly (Script) (ca. 1952)
Folder  7          The Film Hunter
Folder  8          Floating Bridge
Folder  9          Four Horsemen (Script, pp. 1-70)
Folder 10         Four Horsement (Script, pp. 71-161)
Folder 11         Four Horsemen – Outlaws (Script for Nat Levine)
Folder 12         Genesis Recycled
Folder 13         Girls’ Dormitory
Folder 14         Gold Mine in the Sky (Estimating script)
Folder 15         Golden Shivada
Folder 16         Got a Match, Buddy: Correspondence (1939)
Folder 17         The Greatest Name
Folder 18         A Harbor is a Good Thing
Folder 19         Helicopter salvage documentary: Correspondence (1960-1991)
Folder 20         The Helmet (Radio play)
Folder 21         High Adventure
Folder 22         Hit the Ceiling
Folder 23         Hopalong Cassidy untitled
Folder 24         Hopalong Cassidy untitled

Box 38: Story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

Folder  1          Horace de Vere Cole gag
Folder  2          Iberian Adventure (ca. 1957)
Folder  3          Interplanetary Navigation (Script) (1964)
Folder  4          Jetsons
Folder  5          Jim Clark’s War Diary
Folder  6          Kid Bolivar
Folder  7          The Ladakh Story
Folder  8          Little Audrey
Folder  9          The Lone Vigilante
Folder 10         The Love Doctor
Folder 11         The Lumberjack(with Nell Shipman) (ca. 1934)
Folder 12         The Lonesome Bell (ca. 1936)
Folder 13         The Magic Arena (Short story)
Folder 14         Magic Television Set (1972)
Folder 15         Magnolia
Folder 16         Man’s Best
Folder 17         A Martian Bed-Time Story
Folder 18         Mother Goose (1984)
Folder 19         Murder in the Stars (with Nell Shipman) (ca. 1937-38)
Folder 20         National Offensive Order of the Undershirts
Folder 21         Operation Moon Map
Folder 22         The Outcasts of Purity
Folder 23         The Packman (1961)
Folder 24         Penitentes
Folder 25         The Personal Memoirs of a Guinea Pig (Short story)
Folder 26         Pied Piper of the Pentagon
Folder 27         Point and Counter Point
Folder 28         Ponce de Leon, Ltd.
Folder 29         Power Play (Monologue)
Folder 30         The Prima Donna and the Cowboy (with Marina Koshetz)
Folder 31         The Prime of Your Life (with Thom Keith)


Box 39: Story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

Folder  1          Protection for People (Script) (1962)
Folder  2          Rebel in Blue (Script)
Folder  3          Rebel in Blue (Script) (1951)
Folder  4          Robinson Crusoe of Ku Ku Island (with Nina Shipman) (Script)
Folder  5          Shadows
Folder  6          Shame Town / Silver Platter
Folder  7          The She Stallion (1987)
Folder  8          The Slipping Clutch (Short story)
Folder  9          Something is Laughing
Folder 10         Song My Mother Taught Me (with Marina Koshetz) (1966)
Folder 11         The Star Monster
Folder 12         The Star Monster (Script)
Folder 13         The Star-Setter
Folder 14         Sub Chaser (with Rex Taylor) (ca. 1941)
Folder 15         Swamp Devil
Folder 16         Sweet Sweet Charity (Monologue)
Folder 17         Tag of Identification (Short story) (1938)
Folder 18         A Tale of a Dog
Folder 19         Ten Years in January
Folder 20         Texas Renegades
Folder 21         This is Your Dream
Folder 22         Those Verworn Ghosts (with Rex Taylor)


Box 40: Story outlines, Short stories, and Scripts

Folder  1          Timber Giant
Folder  2          Timber Giant (with Thorpe Babcock) (ca. 1936)
Folder  3          Time Bomb in a Brick Foxhole (Tribute to Richard Brooks) (1992)
Folder  4          The Two Worlds of Nellie Bly
Folder  5          A Typical Den Meeting (Script)
Folder  6          Wall Paper (Short story)
Folder  7          War Hawk (1954)
Folder  8          The Widow from Wyoming
Folder  9          The Wine of Karma (Short story)
Folder 10         Year of the Dragon

Scripts by others

Folder 11         The Circus (Frontier Doctor), by Al Martin
Folder 12         Ladies in Mink, by Clyde Bruckman
Folder 13         The Execution of Lazerus (Anonymous)

Series X: Air Force and Navy Scripts

Included in this series are scripts and production papers for films Barry Shipman wrote, directed, or produced while working as a consultant with the U.S. Navy (1964–1966 ) and as a civilian employee of the U.S. Air Force (1967–1979).  Many of the scripts are shooting scripts, with camera directions as well as dialogue.  Production papers may include memos, travel schedules, shooting schedules, and commendations.  The titles, particularly those on early script versions and production papers, may not be those under which the film was released. A number of the films relate directly to the Vietnam War; some films relate to aircraft piloting.

Box 41: Air Force films (Scripts, production papers, etc.)

Folder  1          AAAARK!  Something About Communication (SFP 1876) (1968): Script  [Film produced as AAARK!]
Folder  2          AAARK!  Something About Communication (SFP 1876) (1968)
Folder  3          Air Force Academy film (1967)
Folder  4          Black Man (SFP 2096): Script
Folder  5          Bob Hope show (Alaska) (1971)
Folder  6          C-141 Category Two ILS Approach Procedures (TF 6633) (1972): Script
Folder  7          Coping with Violations of the Public Trust (SS 306) (1979): Script
Folder  8          Coronet Organ (SFP 2239) (1972)
Folder  9          Coronet Organ (SFP 2239) (1972)
Folder 10         The Court Martial Process (TS 1220): Script
Folder 11         Crackerjack, We Love You (FR 771) (1969): Script
Folder 12         Crackerjack, We Love You (FR 771) (1970)
Folder 13         Crackerjack, We Love You (FR 771) (1970): Vietnam trip
Folder 14         Effective Commander’s Calls (AVR 77): Script
Folder 15         Energy Management (TF 6668): Script
Folder 16         Energy Management: Energy Maneuverability class transcript (1973): pp 1-89
Folder 17         Energy Management: Energy Maneuverability class transcript (1973): pp 90-193
Folder 18         Exercise Focus Retina [Korea] (1969)
Folder 19         The Eyes and Ears of the Arctic [DEW line] (FR 1344)  (1973): Script
Folder 20         The Eyes and Ears of the Arctic [DEW line] (FR 1344)  (1973, 1994)
Folder 21         Get the Message, the AFCS Reserve Forces (FR 1282) (1975): Script
Folder 22         The Gift of America (AFN 80) (1976): Script


Box 42: Air Force films (Scripts, production papers, etc.)

Folder  1          Helicopter (AVA 824)
Folder  2          Homecoming (1973)
Folder  3          Integrated Logistics Support (AVR 71) (1976): Script
Folder  4          It’s Your Skin (TF 6317) : Script
Folder  5          Know Your Cargo (TS 98) (1975): Script
Folder  6          Mission North [North Vietnam] (SFP 1705) (1967): Script
Folder  7          Mission North [North Vietnam] (SFP 1705) (1967): Script
Folder  8          Mission North [North Vietnam]
Folder  9          The Modern Treatment of Decompression Sickness (TF 6845) (1975): Script
Folder 10         The Modern Treatment of Decompression Sickness (TF 6845) (1975): Script
Folder 11         Single Management of Audio-Visual Resources (SFP 1878) (1969)
Folder 12         Visual Illusions (TS 1414) : Script
Folder 13         Westward the Eagles (FR 981) (1968): Script
Folder 14         With Tender Loving Care (TF 6538) (1972)                


Box 42: Navy films (Scripts, production papers, etc.)

Folder 15         The $75,000 Pick Up [Underwater recovery vehicles]: Script
Folder 16         100,000 Pound Igloo Test (1964): Script
Folder 17         100,000 Pound Igloo Test (1964)
Folder 18         Dolphin Hydrodynamic Studies (1965): Script
Folder 19         Models and Missiles of the Magic VAT: Script
Folder 20         To Catch a Shadow [Submarine warfare] (1966): Script
Folder 21         To Catch a Shadow (1966): Script
Folder 22         To Catch a Shadow (1966)
Folder 23         Twenty-Fifth Hour (1964): Script
Folder 24         Twenty-Fifth Hour (1964): Script

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