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Idaho Academy of Science

Records, 1958-1961

ca. 1 ft.

MSS 31

The Idaho Academy of Science was organized on May 10, 1958, in Boise by a group of college professors and others interested in the promotion of science in Idaho.  Approximately 50 people were in attendance.  Temporary officers were elected, and a constitution and bylaws committee was appointed by the president, Dr. William H. Baker.  Those documents were adopted at another meeting held in November 1958 at Boise Junior College.  The group’s first annual meeting at which scientific papers were read was held in 1959 at the University of Idaho, with 31 papers presented.  The Idaho Academy of Science affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1960.

This collection includes correspondence of various officers of the academy, membership lists, meeting minutes, publications, and other records.  The bulk of the collection is dated 1958-1961, the first four years of the organization’s existence, though there are a few files from 1971.  Much of the information in the collection deals with the organization, internal affairs, and business of the academy.  A proposal for a medical school in Idaho and supporting documents make up a significant file (Box 3).  Two persons who figure prominently in the papers are two of the academy’s founders, John J. Gallagher and Earl J. Larrison.   The Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science and the academy’s newsletter, The Retort, are housed elsewhere in Albertsons Library.  Consult the library’s catalog for their location.

Collection number:  MSS 31
Inclusive dates: 1958-1961, 1971
Size of collection: ca. 1 ft.
Transferred from: Boise State Biology Dept., date unknown                                       Processed by: Brian Brown, 1990
Finding aid typed: 2006

Box and Folder List

The collection is divided into 8 series and housed in 4 boxes.


Series I: General materials

Box 1: General materials

Folder  1          Historical accounts of the founding
Folder  2          Constitutions

Series II: Correspondence

Box 1: Correspondence 

Folder  3          Correspondence: 1958
Folder  4          Correspondence: 1959: Jan-July (Larrison)
Folder  5          Correspondence: 1959: May-Nov (Larrison-Gallagher)
Folder  6          Correspondence: 1959: Nov-Dec (Larrison-Gallagher)
Folder  7          Correspondence: 1960: Jan-Feb (Gallagher)
Folder  8          Correspondence: 1960: Feb-Mar (Gallagher)
Folder  9          Correspondence: 1960: Apr-Aug (Gallagher)
Folder 10         Correspondence: 1960: Aug-Dec (Gallagher)
Folder 11         Correspondence: 1960-1961 (AAAS affiliation)
Folder 12         Correspondence: 1971 (Fred Fritchman)
Folder 13         Correspondence: Form letters, 1960

Series III: Minutes and Meeting Files

Programs for the first three annual meetings (1959-1961) with lists of papers presented at them are located with Publications (Box 2, Folder 12). 

Box 2: Minutes

Folder  1          Minutes (incomplete): 1958-1961
Folder  2          Pocatello meeting, 1960
Folder  3          Attendance register book: 1959-1961

Series IV: Membership

Box 2: Membership

Folder  4          Membership lists: 1959-1960
Folder  5          Membership lists: 1972
Folder  6          Membership applications: 1959-1960
Folder  7          Membership applications: 1960-1961
Folder  8          Membership resignations: 1958-1960
Folder  9          Newsletter subscriptions: 1960

Series V: Financial records

 Box 2: Financial records

Folder 10         Budgets: 1958-1961
Folder 11         Dues collection: 1960

Series VI: Publications

Box 2: Publications

Folder 12         Annual meeting programs (1st-3rd): 1959-1961
Folder 13         Newsletters: 1958-1961
Folder 14         Other: 1959-1961

Series VII: Miscellaneous


Box 2: Miscellaneous

Folder 15         AAAS Operational Guide
Folder 16         History of the Academy Conference, 1926-1952 (publication)
Folder 17         Petitions
Folder 18         Miscellaneous

Series VIII: Proposals

Most of the papers in this box relate to a proposal to start a medical school in Idaho.

Box 3: Proposals

Folder  1          Medical school:  Suggestions, by R.A. Lyman: 1960
Folder  2          Medical school:  Appendix A
Folder  3          Medical school:  Appendix B
Folder  4          Medical school:  Appendix C
Folder  5          Medical school:  Appendix D
Folder  6          Medical school:  Appendix E
Folder  7          Medical school:  Appendix F
Folder  8          Medical school:  Appendix G
Folder  9          Medical school:  Appendix H
Folder 10         Medical school:  Appendix I
Folder 11         Medical school:  Appendix J-K (Resolution and Proposal)
Folder 12         Medical school:  Miscellaneous
Folder 13         Medical school:  Summary of Progress, by E.V. Simison: 1961
Folder 14         Medical school:  Summary of cost analysis, by Lloyd Call: 1961 

Folder 15         State and Local Intergovernmental Science Policy Planning Program: 1971

Box 4

Official seal (embossing tool)

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