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The Lloyd Jensen Collection of Vardis Fisher Novels, Research Materials and Memorabilia

MSS 269


Vardis Fisher (1895-1968) was one of Idaho's most prolific authors. Best known for his historical novels, Fisher wrote or edited 37 books, including a volume of poetry, a collection of short stories, and the highly-praised Idaho state guide (1937). He also wrote more than 50 short stories and essays for magazines as diverse as Scribner's, Esquire, and Rocky Mountain Review, as well as numerous articles for Idaho newspapers. He was still an active writer at the time of his death.

The Lloyd Jensen collection of Vardis Fisher materials at Boise State University constitutes an important resource for the study of Vardis Fisher and his writings. Included in the collection are approximately 50 postcards from 1953-1958 to Lloyd and Charlotte Jensen from Vardis and Opal Fisher, journal articles, essays, and newspaper columns by Fisher; a collection of autographed editions of Fisher's books inscribed to the Jensen's, one that includes an unpublished handwritten sonnet; reviews of Fisher's books; catalogs from used books dealers offering Fisher's works; newspaper clippings and other secondary works about him; and photos and other Fisher-related memorabilia, all collected by Jensen.

The Lloyd Jensen collection forms part of the University's Idaho Writers Archive and helps keep alive the memory of the author who has been called "the first man of Idaho letters." The collection was processed by Erin Passehl, 2009-2010.

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The Lloyd Jensen Collection of Vardis Fisher Novels, Research Materials and Memorabilia

Series I: Correspondence

Series II: Book Announcements

Series III: Bookseller Lists

Series IV: Newspapers

Series V: Personalized materials

Series VI: Photographs

Series VII: Programs

Series VIII: Postcard scrapbook

Series IX: Journals and other publications with articles written by Vardis Fisher

Series X: Journals and other publications with articles written about Vardis Fisher

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