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Douglas E. Flanders

The Martini collection, 1980-2005.  ca. 2 ft.

MSS 245


The Martini collection consists of memorabilia of Douglas E. Flanders, of Boise, Idaho, chiefly relating to his activities in the 1980s and 90s as the female impersonator “Martini.”  Much of the material pertains to Boise’s drag court, the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho, with which Flanders was active.  The collection also includes memorabilia from other gay-related groups and causes in Boise, and programs from Boise theater groups.  Most of the material is printed matter (posters, flyers, handbills, and programs).  The collection was donated to Boise State University by Doug Flanders in 2005.

The earliest materials (1980) are three newsletters (entitled “The Time Warp”) from the Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club in Boise, which Flanders joined while still a teenager.  His first royal title with Boise’s drag court was Crown Prince V Doug (1983-1984).  He later served as Crown Princess IX Martini (1986-1987) and as Empress XI Martini (1988-1989).  He has also served as the court’s treasurer.  In 1998, he founded LipsInc., Idaho’s first professional female impersonation troupe, offering programs several times a year.  Flanders has also been a columnist for Boise’s gay newspaper, an organizer of the Elm Awards, and an officer of Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors (YFFN), a lobbying group in Boise.

The collection is divided into three series: Court MemorabiliaOther Memorabilia, and Coronation programs.  The largest part of the collection comprises programs from drag court coronations in Boise and other cities in the West.  One of the responsibilities of court royalty is to represent the court at out-of-town coronations, and the collection includes coronation programs from Portland, Salt Lake City, and other Western cities as well as Boise.  These coronation programs, which serve as yearbooks for each court, offer a glimpse of drag court culture in the West in the late 1980s and early 1990s when Martini represented the Idaho court at out-of-town coronations.  The principal purpose of the court system, other than serving as a showcase for the fashions and talents of the female impersonators who are its stars, is to raise money for charitable causes.  Each year the courts in the United States and Canada raise thousands of dollars for scholarships, AIDS-related causes, and other charities, primarily through the shows and pageants they produce.

A list of the contents of the collection follows.  

Series I: Court  memorabilia

This series contains printed memorabilia relating to Flanders’ activities with the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho.  An article from the gay magazine, The Advocate (Folder 7) explains the history and structure of the court system in North America.   Programs for coronations are found in Series III, Coronation programs.


Box 1:  Memorabilia (chiefly posters, flyers, handbills, and programs)

Folder  1     As Empress, 1988-1989
              2     As Crown Prince and Crown Princess, 1983-1987
              3     Certificates: Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho, 1983-2005
              4     Certificates: Out-of-town courts, 1984-1990
              5     Memorabilia; Out-of-town coronations
              6     Idaho court memorabilia: Miscellaneous
              7     Clippings: Drag culture, 1986-1987

Series II: Other activities

In this series is memorabilia from theater groups and other organizations in Boise, mostly gay-related.

Box 1: Memorabilia (chiefly posters, flyers, handbills, and programs)

Folder  8     Biographical clippings
              9     Rocky Horror Picture Show: “The Time Warp” (newsletter), ca. 1980
            10     Boise Underground Theatre Troupe: Programs, 1984-1985
            11     Unfinished Business, The AIDS Show: Program and reviews, 1987
            12     AIDS fundraising / awareness
            13     Metropolitan Community Church, 1984-1986
            14     Mr./Miss Gay Idaho pageants
            15     The Bitches: Programs, 1987-1988
            16     Miscellaneous flyers and handbills, 1982-1991
            17     Miscellaneous memorabilia
            18     Newspaper columns: Martini's About Town, 1985-1988

Series III: Coronation programs

Here are coronation programs from the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho and other courts, as well as programs for other pageants, including Mr./Miss Gay Idaho programs.

Box 2: Programs, Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho

Prince and Princess Ball, 1982  (Stars of the Night)

Coronation, 1982   (A Place in Time)

Prince and Princess Ball, 1983   (Moonlight & Roses)

Prince and Princess Ball, 1984   (Galaxy 2000)

Prince and Princess Ball, 1985   (Memories of Some Enchanted Evening)

Coronation, 1985   (Gay Paree: A Night of Fashion)

Coronation, 1986   (Art Deco: The Crowning Event)

Coronation, 1987   (In Black, White, and Red)

Investitures, 1988  (Leather and Lace)

Coronation, 1988   (Safari)

Investitures, 1989  (Rehab: Therapy for the Insane)

Coronation, 1990   (A Decade of Elegance)

Coronation, 1991   (The Climax of the Fantasy of the Gem)

Coronation, 1999   (Jungle 2 Jungle)

Coronation, 2000   (Return to Mount Olympus)

Coronation, 2001   (An Evening of Fun, Fantasies & Realities)

Coronation, 2002   (X-Files, Outer Limits, or Boise, Idaho)

Coronation, 2003   (25th Anniversary)

Coronation, 2004   (Diversity in King Arthur’s Court: Drag Queens of the Roundtable)


Box 3: Programs: Various cities

Mr./Miss/Ms. Gay Idaho pageants

            1987:  Vegas Style: A Black Tie Event
            1988:  Let the Music Speak
            1989:  Glamour in the City Lights
            1990:  Champaign Wishe’s & Caviar Dream’s
            1991:  Idaho’s Tropical Heatwave
            1999:  Mannequin: A Night at the Stockroom

Salt Lake City: Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire

            Coronation, 1983         Japan: Our Island in Time
            Coronation, 1984         The 8th Wonders of the World
            Coronation, 1987         Future Shock
            Coronation, 1987         Coronation Week Guide
            PR Ball, 1987               After Shock
            Coronation, 1989         Mindscape
            Coronation, 1990         Supernatural
            Coronation, 1991         Le Couronnement

Denver: Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire

            Coronation, 1987         Triangle Denver/ Journey to the Land of Enchantment
            Coronation, 1989         A Royal Journey to Faraway Dreams

Reno: Imperial Silver Dollar Court of the Comstock Empire
            Coronation, 1989         A Night at the Soaps

New York City: Imperial Court of New York City
            Night of a Thousand Gowns, 1987

Vancouver, B.C.: Dogwood Monarchist Society

            Coronation, 1989         An Elegant Evening of Fantasy in the Land of Paradise

Edmonton, Alberta: Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose

            Coronation, 1988         The Magical Darkside


Box 4: Programs: Various cities

Portland:   Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon

                   Coronation, 1982         Imperial Russia
                   Coronation, 1983         Premiere Night
                   Coronation, 1984         Halloween
                   Coronation, 1986         Ecstasy of the Rose
                   Prince and Princess Ball, 1986     Tora Tora Tora
                   Coronation, 1987         A Steamy Night
                   Coronation, 1988         Rapture of the Rose
                   La Femme Magnifique, 1989
                   Coronation, 1989         A Night at the Crystal Palace
                   Coronation, 1990         Aftermath: Welcome to the Dome
                   Coronation, 1991         Vision of the Future, Pieces of the Past: An Imperial Journey

Salem:      Imperial Court of the Willamette Empire

                   Coronation, 1983         A Garden Party
                   Coronation, 1984         Games People Play
                   Coronation, 1986         An Evening in Paradise
                   Coronation, 1987         Ray-Dede
                   Coronation, 1988         Future Visions, Future Dreams
                   Coronation, 1989         Of Elegance

Eugene:    Imperial Sovereign Court of the Emerald Empire

                   Coronation, 1984         Festival of Fantasies, Friendship, and Flowers
                   Coronation, 1985         A Night at the Opera
                   Coronation, 1988         Beehives, Beatniks, and Beach Boys: A Sixties Extravaganza
                   Coronation, 1989         It’s a Small World: A Salute to the Child Stars
                   Prince and Princess Ball 1989        Swingshift: A Journey Back to the 1940s
                   Mr., Miss, and Ms Gay Eugene Pageant 1989


Mr., Miss, and Ms Gay Oregon Pageant 1987


Vancouver, Washington:    Imperial Sovereign Court of the Raintree Empire

                   Coronation, 1986         An International Extravaganza

                   Coronation, 1989         Return to the Land of Oz


Tacoma, Washington:    Imperial Sovereign Court of Tacoma, Diamond Empire of the Cascade

                   Coronation, 1986         The Orient Express, A Tour of the Pacific Rim

                   Coronation, 1988         Return to Tara


Seattle:      Imperial Court of Seattle and the Olympic and Rainier Empire

                   Coronation, 1984         The Rhythms of Life

                   Coronation, 1989         Imperial Russia


Spokane:  Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane

                   Coronation, 1986         City Lights, A Night on the Town


Everett:      Imperial Sovereign Court of Everett, Empire of Snow and Ice

                   Coronation, 1989         A Night in the Jungle, Inca Style


San Francisco:    Imperial Court of the Golden Gate

                   Coronation, 1985         Xanadu, the Court of Kubla Khan

                   Coronation, 1985                Coronation Week Guide

                   Coronation, 1987         Legends, Myths, and Magic

                   Coronation, 1988         Millionaires, Miners, and Madams

                   Coronation, 1989         Imperial Ball


San Francisco Cable Car Awards, 1992


Los Angeles

                   Coronation 1988          Around the World in a Day


Long Beach:    International Imperial Empire of Long Beach

                   Coronation, 1989         Myth and Magical Masquerade Ball

                   Coronation, 1990         B-Movie Coronation


San Fernando Valley:    Imperial Court of the San Fernando Valley

                   Coronation, 1989         Cabaret on the Titanic

                   Coronation, 1990         Decadence at the O.K. Corral


Visalia, California:    Imperial Sequoia Empire de Tulare and Kings

                   Coronation, 1987         That’s Entertainment


Hawaii:    Imperial Maile Court of All Hawaii

                   Coronation, 1988         Illusions of Paradise


Oversize drawer

Rocky Horror Picture Show Pressbook (20th Century Fox Film Corp., 1975)

“Unfinished Business: The AIDS Show”   Boise poster, autographed by cast, 1987

Mad Tea Party Progressive Dinner poster, 1989

“I’m a Peacock Fan”  (hand fan)

Computer print-out 8th anniversary wishes, to Doug from Tony

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