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Paul E. Tracy:

A Guide to His Papers

MSS 19


A Web version of a finding aid first published
by Boise State University in 1992


Photo 420

Paul E. Tracy, Idaho author, wrote hundreds of poems, stories, essays, and letters, during the course of a writing career that spanned seven decades.  His works received greatest critical acceptance and national recognition in the 1920s and 30s, when they were published in  The DialThe Frontier Frontier and Midland, and Poetry; after that, newspapers and magazines in the Pacific Northwest were his primary outlets.  All the while he supported himself and his family through the plumbing trade.  Paul Tracy grew up in Owyhee County, Idaho, in the mining town of Silver City and on a ranch near Homedale.  He attended the College of Idaho and the University of Oregon; helped build Arrowrock Dam; served overseas during World War I;  lived for a while on the Oregon coast; and spent the last forty years of his life in Caldwell, Idaho, near the desert and mountains of his youth.  He read the philosophers, both ancient and modern, and many of his poems and stories explore questions of morality, religion, and philosophy.  But whether contemplative or simply descriptive, Tracy’s writings have a distinct Western flavor. The rugged Owyhee Mountains and the blacksmiths, miners, teamsters, and Chinese of Silver City all appear in his writings, as do the ferries on the Snake River, the jackrabbits and coyotes of the desert, and the horse, sheep, and cattle on the range.  So do his wartime experiences, Arrowrock Dam, excursions into eastern Oregon, and even plumbing.  Paul Tracy’s favorite poems were published in 1968 by Caxton Printers in a book entitled Owyhee Horizons.  He donated his papers, both published and unpublished, to Boise State University Library in 1975, where they are preserved as part of the Idaho Writers Archive.

Table of Contents

Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content Note

Container Lists and Series Description

    Series I : Biographical Material and Family Papers 

    Series II : Correspondence

    Series III : Writings

    Series IV: Published Writings

    Series V: Diaries, Scrapbooks, Albums

    Series VI: Photographs

    Title Listing: Essays and Short Stories

    Title Listing: Poems

    Bibliography: Published Works

    Box List

Scope and Content Note

Paul E. Tracy’s papers consist of letters to and from him, diaries, autobiographical reminiscences, drafts of poems, essays, and stories, published versions of his work, scrapbooks, photos, and memorabilia. The bulk of the collection dates after 1912, when he went to work on Arrowrock Dam and began keeping a diary. There are several hundred letters in the collection, though the largest portion of the papers, by far, consists of multiple versions of his writings, both published and unpublished. Altogether the collection fills approximately nine linear feet of shelf space.

The papers are divided into six series: 1) Biographical material and family papers, 2) Correspondence, 3) Writings, 4) Published writings, 5) Diaries, Scrapbooks, and Albums, and 6) Photographs. Fuller descriptions of each series, together with box and folder lists, begin on page 8 of this finding aid.

Much of the paper in the collection was highly acidic and very brittle. These items have been photocopied onto acid-free paper, and researchers are asked to use the copies. Other acidic papers have been isolated from other items in the files by acid-free sheets. Researchers are asked not to remove these intervening blank pages.

The papers of Paul E. Tracy were donated to Boise State University Library by Mr. Tracy in 1975. Some letters Paul Tracy wrote to Courtland Matthews were added to the collection by Mrs. Eleanor Matthews in 1975 and 1976. Mr. Tracy did not transfer literary rights to his papers to the university, so copyright to published an unpublished work by him is retained by his heirs.

The papers of Paul E. Tracy are available for research, by appointment, in the Special Collections Department of Boise State University Library. Paul Tracy’s daughter, Lorna Tracy, donated a collection of letters she wrote her father to the Boise State University Library in 1977. That collection (Lorna Tracy collection, MSS 20) is not yet open to research.

                        Inclusive dates:    1875-1976                       
                        Collection size:    ca. 9 ft.
                        Collection number:  MSS 19
                        Copyright:   Retained by heirs
                        Processed by:   Don Haacke and Leslie Pass
                                                 Alan Virta, assisted by Rae Ann Herker

Series I: Biographical Material And Family Papers

Paul Tracy’s typewritten autobiographical reminiscences (Folders 2 to 14) are among the notable items in Series I.  Written for his children after his retirement, they contain detailed recollections of his childhood in Silver City and Homedale, Idaho, construction work on Arrowrock Dam, and his World War I experiences, especially service as a squadron bandleader.  His childhood reminiscences contain vivid recollections of miners, teamsters, and Chinese of Silver City, family life and boyhood adventures in Silver City and surrounding mountains, and life along the Snake River around the turn of the century.  Additional  recollections of Owyhee County life are found in Series III (Essays). Consult the bibliography for a listing.

Series I also contains obituaries and other clippings about Paul Tracy (Folder 1), miscellaneous memorabilia, typewritten excerpts from his mother’s girlhood diary (Folder 27) and clippings about various members of the Tracy family (Folder 28).  Folder 25 contains loose items from a scrapbook relating to his book, Owyhee Horizons.  The scrapbook itself is in Box 13.

Box 1: Biographical Material and Family Papers

Folder  1   Obituaries and Clippings: 1949-1976
             2    Reminiscences: Silver City
             3                                 : Silver City
             4                                 : Silver City
             5                                 : Silver City notes
             6                                 : Succor Creek ranch
             7                                 : Succor Creek ranch
             8                                 : Oregon Trail
             9                                 : Arrowrock Dam
           10                                 : World War I; Squadron band
           11                                 : Plumbing; Baker, Oregon
           12                                 : Marianne Moore
           13                                 : Philosophical and reflective
           14                                 : Miscellaneous sketches; Notes
           15    Essay:  “Precision and the Jobblesocket”
           16                                 : “Influence of Books”
           17    Clippings: “By the Way” columns by Pete Hackworth(1963-1972)
           18                                 : Owyhee County and Snake River (1943-1973)
           19     Memorabilia: College of Idaho (1909-1968)
           20                                 : William J. Boone (1917-1966)
           21                                 : World War I (1917-1940)
           22                                 : University of Oregon (1926)
           23    Miscellaneous diary pages and excerpt
           24    Financial, legal, and membership papers: 1920-1970
           25    Owyhee Horizons scrapbook: loose items
           26    Homedale High School: Library donation: 1974
           27    Tracy family: Diary Excerpts, Wilhelmina Hunck Tracy (1875-1876)
           28    Tracy family: Clippings and memorabilia (1910-1975)
           29    Tracy family: Christmas cards to
           30    Luck family: Miscellaneous

Oversize Drawers: Memorabilia

Two issues (November and December 1918) of Out of Control, newspaper of First Pursuit Group (World War I)

Maps of Silver City

Series II: Correspondence

The Correspondence files are divided into four subseries: Letters Written by Paul Tracy; Letters Sent to Paul Tracy; Special files; and Family files. The first two subseries are arranged chronologically; the special and family files are arranged by correspondent.

The first letter in the collection written by Paul Tracy dates from 1898, when he was nine years old.  Most of his letters up until 1950 are originals he wrote to his parents, sisters, brother, or to his fiancée, Dorothy Luck. There are few letters to non-family members dated before the 1950s, except in the Special files. After the mid-1950s Paul Tracy began making copies of outgoing letters, and there are carbons of letters to literary editors, friends, and others, as well as to family members after that date.

Included in the Letters Written by Paul Tracy are more than 100 he wrote during his World War I service. Dated December 1917 through July 1919, they were posted home to his family and fiancée from training camps in the U.S. (chiefly Hempstead, Long Island, and Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas) and from France and Germany (notably from Coblenz). These letters contain detailed descriptions of Army life, wartime experiences, service during the Occupation, and the French and German people, as well as his thoughts on war. Many of the letters were written on highly acidic government issued stationery; researchers are asked to examine photocopies instead of the originals.

The subseries of Letters Sent to Paul Tracy contains letters from a variety of non-family correspondents, including literary editors.  There are rejection slips in these files, sometimes with critical commentary on his poems. Occasionally Paul Tracy wrote to prominent individuals and saved their responses.  There are, for example, brief notes from John Ciardi and Eddie Rickenbacker among the incoming letters of 1968. Idaho author Ruth Gipson Plowhead is also represented by several letters.

Several groups of letters, both incoming and outgoing, were separated from the main body of correspondence and established as Special files. One such group is a file of letters Paul Tracy received in response to his letter to the editor in The Christian Century Magazine, June 20, 1945 (Box 4, Folder 4). Other separated correspondents include William Judson Boone, his professor and mentor from the College of Idaho; Ethel Romig Fuller, Portland Oregonian poetry editor; poet Courtland Matthews; literary editors Harold G. Merriam (The Frontier), Harriet Monroe (Poetry), and Marianne Moore (The Dial); Boise State University professor Tom Trusky; and Herbert Walther, of Plumbing and Heating Business Magazine.  The letters from Courtland Matthews and Marianne Moore, in particular, contain critical commentary on Tracy’s writings.  A group of letters about Owyhee Horizons was assembled into a scrapbook by Tracy’s daughter Lorna.  That scrapbook is located in Series V, Box 13.

The last subseries is the Family correspondence.  These files contain letters written to Paul Tracy and to others by his parents, Frank and Wilhelmina Tracy, brother Walter, sisters Lela, Dorothea, and Marjorie, fiancée Dorothy Luck (one letter), and son William Boone Tracy.  They are arranged by letter writer. Many of his brother Walter’s letters are those he wrote home during his World War I service in Europe.  The file of letters by son William B. Tracy includes many written during his World War II service as an instructor and mechanic with the Army Air Force’s glider program. Those letters document, from the point of view of a participant, the Air Force’s attempts to utilize that type of craft in the early years of the war. Also part of the series are miscellaneous letters of the Luck family (Box 5, Folder 10), chiefly Charles W. Luck, father of Dorothy Luck Tracy. One letter in the Luck family file (dated 1922) expresses, with some poignancy, a father’s feeling of loss on the death of his small son.

Letters Written by Paul Tracy

Box 2: Letters by Paul Tracy

Folder 1          1898-1916
             2          1917 (Jan-Aug)
             3          1917 (Sept-Nov)
             4          1917 (Dec)
             5          1918 undated
             6          1918 (Jan-Mar)
             7          1918 (April)
             8          1918 (May-June)
             9          1918 (July-Oct)
           10          1918 (Nov-Dec)
           11          1919 (Jan-Feb)
           12          1919 (March)
           13          1919 (Apr-May)
           14          1919 (June-Oct)
           15          1919 (Nov-Dec)
           16          1920 (Jan-Feb)
           17          1920 (Mar-Dec)

Box 3: Letters by Paul Tracy

Folder 1           1922-1929
             2          1932-1934
             3          1938-1959
             4          1960-1967
             5          1968-1969
             6          1970-1972
             7          1973-1975
             8           undated

Letters Sent to Paul Tracy


Box 3: Letters to Paul Tracy

Folder  9          1914-1930
           10          1931-1938
           11          1941-1950
           12          1952-1959
           13          1960
           14          1961-1964
           15          1965-1967
           16          1968-1970
           17          1971
           18          1972-1975
           19           undated


Special Correspondence Files


Box 4: Special Files

Folder 1          Boone, William J. (From): 1910-1917
             2          Boone, William J. (From): 1918-1934
             3          Boone, William J. (To): 1917-1934
             4          Christian Century letters: 1945
             5          Fuller, Ethel Romig: 1940-1965
             6          Matthews, Courtland (From): 1967
             7          Matthews, Courtland (From): 1968-1973
             8          Matthews, Courtland (To):     1954-1967
             9          Matthews, Courtland (To):     1968-1969
           10          Matthews, Courtland (To):     1970-1971
           11          Matthews, Courtland (To):     1972-1975
           12          Merriam, Harold G.: 1928-1971
           13          Monroe, Harriet and Poetry:   1930-1967
           14          Moore, Marianne: 1927-1969
           15          Trusky, Tom: 1970-1975
           16          Walther, Herbert: 1939-1940


Family Correspondence

Box 5: Family Correspondence

Folder 1          Frank E. Tracy
             2          Wilhelmina Tracy: undated
             3          Wilhelmina Tracy: 1916-1924
             4          Walter F. Tracy: Postcards: 1914-1933
             5          Walter F. Tracy: 1917-1945
             6          Lela Tracy Whitmore: 1919-1970
             7          Dorothea Tracy Snell: 1913-1923
             8          Marjorie Tracy Laselle Orr: 1917-1924
             9          Dorothy Luck Tracy: 1919
           10          Luck Family: 1879-1935
           11          William B. Tracy: 1941-1942
           12                                       : 1943
           13                                       : 1944 (Jan-June)
           14                                       : 1944 (July-Dec)
           15                                       : 1945-1972

Series III: Writings

Manuscript and typescript versions of Paul E. Tracy’s poems, essays, and short stories are arranged alphabetically by title in Series III, together with photocopies of published versions if available. Also included are newsletters Tracy produced for the Caldwell Rotary Club (Box 5, Folder 16), a column he wrote for the Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church (Box 5, Folders 17-19), book reviews (Box 7, Folder 10), and other writings (Box 9). A typewritten compilation of early works (Box 9, Folder 12) includes several poems that appeared in the College of Idaho’s College Coyote during his student days. Papers and examinations written at the University of Oregon are in Box 9, Folder 13.

This finding aid also includes a complete list, by title, of Tracy’s essays and stories that are in the collection,  a similar list of poems, and a bibliography of his published works, arranged by publication in which they appeared.

Box 5: Writings

Folder 16          The Guided Missile (Caldwell Rotary Club newsletter): 1947
             17          Paul’s Potpourri: undated
             18                                       : 1963-1966
             19                                       : 1967-1972

Box 6: Writings

Folder 1          Essays and short stories: “Romans and Countrymen” by Archimedes  (1948-1952)
             2          Essays and short stories: Untitled
             3          Essays and short stories: A
             4          Essays and short stories: B
             5          Essays and short stories: C
             6          Essays and short stories: D
             7          Essays and short stories: E
             8          Essays and short stories: F
             9          Essays and short stories: G
           10          Essays and short stories: H
           11          Essays and short stories: “The Hitch”
           12          Essays and short stories: I
           13          Essays and short stories: J
           14          Essays and short stories: L
           15          Essays and short stories: M
           16          Essays and short stories: Muskrat tales

Box 7: Writings

Folder 1          Essays and short stories: N
             2          Essays and short stories: O
             3          Essays and short stories: P
             4          Essays and short stories: R
             5          Essays and short stories: S
             6          Essays and short stories: Schweitzer, Albert 
             7          Essays and short stories: T
             8          Essays and short stories: U-V
             9          Essays and short stories: W-Y
           10          Essays and short stories: Book reviews
           11          Poems: A
           12          Poems: B

Box 8: Writings

Folder 1          Poems: C
             2          Poems: D
             3          Poems: E
             4          Poems: F
             5          Poems: G
             6          Poems: H
             7          Poems: I
             8          Poems: J
             9          Poems: K
           10          Poems: L
           11          Poems: M
           12          Poems: N
           13          Poems: O

Box 9: Writings

Folder 1          Poems: P
             2          Poems: Q
             3          Poems: R
             4          Poems: Sa-Sm 
             5          Poems: Sn-Sz
             6          Poems: T
             7          Poems: U-V
             8          Poems: W
             9          Poems: XYZ
           10          Poems: Miscellanous drafts
           11          Poems: Drafts with reviewers’ comments
           12          Poems: Early poems, Typed compilation
           13          College papers, essays and stories (University of Oregon) (1922-1926)

Series IV: Published Writings

Included in this series are drafts and proofs of Tracy’s book, Owyhee Horizons; mimeographed compilations of poems; typescripts of poems he was considering publishing; copies of his books Owyhee Horizons and Sego and Sage; and copies of periodicals in which poems of his appeared. These periodical issues represent only a fraction of Tracy’s published work. For a fuller list of his published poems, stories, and essays, consult the bibliography beginning page 40 of this finding aid. Photocopies or tearsheets of works in their published form generally will accompany the drafts and manuscripts in Series III (Writings).

Box 10: Published Writings

Folder 1          Owyhee Horizons: Typescript
             2          Owyhee Horizons: Revisions
             3          Owyhee Horizons: Proof sheets
             4          Owyhee Horizons: Drafts, 2nd collection
             5          Owyhee Horizons: Drafts, 2nd collection
             6          The Barrel
             7          The Beaver
             8          Comfort Me With Apples
             9          The Coppered Archer
           10          Grace Notes
           11          Horned Toad
           12          Sage Leaves and Buffalo Chips
           13          Mimeographed poems
           14          Verses under consideration
           15          Verses under consideration
           16          Miscellaneous

Box 11: Published Writings

Owyhee Horizons: Verses and Prose.  Paperback edition

Owyhee Horizons: Verses and Prose.  Presentation copy to Marianne Moore (hardback)

Sego and Sage

Frontier and Midland, Summer 1939 (Vol. 19, no. 4) containing poem “Goat Girl” on page 223

Muse and Mirror, Summer 1931 (Vol. 6, no.2) containing poem “July Fourth” on page 10

Old Oregon, October 1927 (Vol. X, no.1) containing poem “Old Villard” on page 15

Pleiades, Jan-Feb 1940 (Vol. 1, no 1) containing poem “Oregon Trail Marker” on page 9

Poetry, March 1932 (Vol. 39, no.6) containing poem “Cold” on page 306

Poetry, April 1933 (Vol.42, no.1) containing poems “Road Gang” and “The Father” on pages 18-19

Scrapbook of clipped essays and poems (chiefly “Romans and Countrymen”  by Archimedes)

Series V: Diaries, Scrapbooks, Albums

Series V contains items in book form, as well as other miscellaneous items. Paul Tracy’s diaries begin in 1912, when he was working as a linesman on the construction of Arrowrock Dam. The early diaries record his work experiences, life at the College of Idaho, YMCA activities, and World War I service. One diary (November 1918-February 1919), kept on a small writing tablet, records much information about his squadron’s band.  The diaries kept in 1974 and 1975 are very detailed records of his daily activities in the last years of his life.

This series also contains yearbooks and magazines from the College of Idaho and University of Oregon, World War I postcards and memorabilia, two photo albums, and a scrapbook of letters Tracy received, chiefly about his book Owyhee Horizons

Box 12: Diaries, etc.

Diary:   1912   Nov-1915 Apr     (black book)
Diary:   1914   Dec-1916           (brown book)
Diary:   1916   Jan-1917 Apr     (pages in envelope)
Diary:   1918   Jan-1918 May    (purple book)
Diary:   1918   Jun-1918 Jul      (tablet in envelope)
Diary:   1918   Nov-1919 Feb    (tablet in envelope)
Diary:   1962                                 (green book)
Diary:   1963                                 (brown book)
Diary:   1974   Jan-1974 Jun     (loose leaf binder)
Diary:   1974   Nov-1975 Feb    (pages in envelope)
Diary:   1975   unorganized       (pages in envelope)

Electrical data (U.S. Reclamation service tablet, undated)
Travel log (yellow tablet, undated)
Plumbers’ Union membership book (1942)
Photo album: Ranch in Long Valley, near McCall
Postcard albums: Angouleme (in French)
                                : Koln am Rhein (in German)
                                : Der Rhein (in German)
Program booklet, Third Army Carnival (Coblenz, 1919)

Audiotape cassette: Interview with Sherman Mussell, mainly about sheep shearing and sheep raising

Box 13: Diaries, etc.

Owyhee Horizons scrapbook of congratulatory letters 

College of Idaho yearbooks and publications:

            Ye Renaissance (1908)
            The College Coyote (June 1912)
            The College Coyote (April 1913)
            The Trail (1917)
            The Trail (1919)

“C of I” photo album

The Oregana (University of Oregon yearbook, 1927)

Series VI: Photographs

The photos that accompany the collection are numbered and divided into subject groupings, indicated below. All the photos in this Series are loose photos. A small album of photos of the Tracy ranch near McCall is located in Series V (Box 13), as is a larger album of photos of the College of Idaho.


Box 14: Photos smaller than 5 x 7 inches

1-30                Paul E. Tracy
31-53              Dorothy Luck Tracy (wife)
54-63              William Boone Tracy (son)
63-87              Lorna Tracy (daughter)
88-122            Tracy family
123-155          Arrowrock Dam
156-202          College of Idaho
203-232          Long Valley
233-267          Miscellaneous
268-286          Silver City, Succor Creek, Owyhee County
287-371          World War I
372-418          World War I postcards
501-505          Tracy family

Unnumbered    Negatives,  Tracy home in Caldwell, 1957
Unnumbered    Negatives, Lorna Tracy graduation
Unnumbered    Negatives, Gliders
Unnumbered    Negatives, Miscellaneous

Box 15: Photos 5 x 7 or larger

419-426          Paul E. Tracy
427-430          Dorothy Luck Tracy (wife)
431                  Cat
432-438          Tracy family groups
439                  Silver City
440-441          Emile John, Hole-in-the-Ground, Owyhee River
442-444          World War I bands
445                  Nampa High School, Class of 1904
446                  Hunck family

Essays And Short Stories

These are the titles of the essays and short stories in Series III, Boxes 6 and 7. Most are in typescript form, and some are represented by variant drafts. Many of the essays relate to Owyhee County topics, including mining, ranching, local history, personalities, and Tracy’s boyhood in Silver City and Homedale. Those essays are identified by the words “Owyhee County” (in parentheses) after the title. Essays about Tracy’s World War I experiences and Long Valley, Idaho, are also identified. Short stories were not labeled because in most cases the locales were not specified. Many of them, however, were drawn from Tracy’s experiences and knowledge of Owyhee County and Long Valley.


All in a Day’s Work.     (Owyhee County)
American Alphabet.
Ancient Regime.
Another Homedale First.  (Owyhee County)
An Apology.
Apostle Paul on the Peer Grays.
Athenian Way of Life.
Atrocity Stories, Past and Present.
Bedtime Stories From Moccasin Island.
Bedtime Story From a Fall-Out Shelter.
Bees and Alfalfa Blossom.
Begger’s Ticks.
Being a Boy in Silver.  (Owyhee County)
The Bell.  (Long Valley)
Black Tigeer.
Blackie Pinneo.
The Bluejay.
Bottleneck in the Bedtime Story Business.
Boyhood Abundance.  (Owyhee County)
Buckaroo Felix.  (Owyhee County)
Butter Cooler.
The Call.
The Case of the Missing Spoons.
Cat Box.
Charge Given the Congregation.
Charley.  (Owyhee County)
Charley Morris, Prospector.  (Owyhee County)
Christmas on Moccasin Island.
Cigarettes and Lung Cancer.
Cleanliness Akin to Godliness.
The Clouds--and How we are Living Them up in Idaho.
Coblenz Lutzell.  (World War I)
Compleat Prospector.
Cost of War in Spiritual Values.
Coming Out of It.
Conflagration In Jordan.
Coronary Compensations.
The Cur.
The Cure.
Death Comes to the Coppice.
Death Comes to the Quaking Aspen.
Desert Dialog.
The Diabetic Bows His Head.
Diabetes, the Sneaky Disease.
Diamonds Down the Drain.
The Discovery.
Do Something.
Do the Ki-Oats Evah Ketch Youah Chickens?  (Owyhee County)
Don’t be an S.E.
Dredge.  (Owyhee County)
The Driver.
Early Episode along the Bruneau.
Elk Hunters.
The Escape.
Everly, Linesman.
A Few Potatoes.
Flight From Hell’s Canyon.
Flood Control and Flannel.
The Flying Squirrel and Frank Lloyd Wright.
Frederick Remington.
The Game of Garbage.
The Gold Dredge.  (Owyhee County)
Gold Remption Plan to Date.  (Owyhee County)
The Green Mailbox.  (Owyhee County)
Guns In My Life.  (Owyhee County)
Hard Winter.
The Harnessmaker.
Hats off to Eddie.
The Haystack Pitch.
He Got Over It.
He Who Will Have a Cake.
He Would Not Go.
The Hegira.
Hell’s Canyon.
High Water in Succor Creek.  (Owyhee County)
The Hitch.  (Long Valley)
Homedale’s First Baseball Team.  (Owyhee County)
Homedale’s First Nine.  (Owyhee County)
Hook In the Hand-Line.
How to Become a Prospector.
How to Ride the Broncho.  (Published in The Frontier)
I Call ‘Em.
Idaho, the State Allure.
The Indian Grave.
Jake Mussell was Doughty Pioneer.  (Owyhee County)
The Jobble Socketman.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
John Rode.  (Owyhee County)
John Rode, Stockman.  (Owyhee County)
Judge J.T. Patch.  (Owyhee County)
Last Night’s Dream.
Lava Rock Interlude.
The Leak.
A Lesson In Grammar.
Let There Be Light.
The Liar.
Library Story.
Life in These United States.
Listening Post.
Little Drops of Water.
Living on the Right Side of the Tracks.
The Livery Stables.
A Loose Connection.
The Long Rifle.
Man On Horseback.  (Owyhee County)
Memo To Governor Smylie.
Memorial to Paul Murphy.
Mister Bradshaw.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Kaggai.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Landbeck.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Mussell.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Myler.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Napton.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Tracy.  (Owyhee County)
Mister Van Curtis, Blacksmith.  (Owyhee County)
Misuse of Fixtures Results only in Trouble for Owners.
Modern Plumbing Series.
Mooching for Salmon.
More about Hell’s Canyon.
Must China Turn to Force?
My Career As a Capitalist.  (Owyhee County)
My Day.
My Pet Peeve.
My Sneeze.
A Myth.
Nazareth, 1957.
New Approach.
The New Country By Better Roads.  (Owyhee County)
No Little Girl.
Not as an Hireling.  (Long Valley)
Not Enough Baths.
Notify the Papers.
The Old Man.
Old Man Stull.  (Owyhee County)
An Old Plumber Looks at the New Poet.
The Old Rebel.
Old Red.  (Published in The Dial and Owyhee Horizons)
Old Roads.
Old Stockman Leaves World of Confusion. [John Rode] (Owyhee County)
On a Certain Habit in a Hospital.
One Big Moment. (World War I)
Operation Vermes.
Oregon, An Adequate State.
The Oregon Trail and Homedale.  (Owyhee County)
Out of the Frying Pan.
An Outstanding Man.
Over Here.
Over the Top. (World War I)
Owyhee, County of Contrasts.  (Owyhee County)
Owyhee County Pioneer.  [Jacob Mussell] (Owyhee County)
Owyhee Interlude.  (Owyhee County)
Parable of the Sower.
The Passing Pedestrian.
Pet Peeves: The Plumber’s.
Plumber in Lebanon.
The Plumber and the Poet.
A Plumber Looks at a Poet.
The Poet and the Plumber.
The Producers Public Market.
Progress.  (Long Valley)
Prophet Without Honor.
Prospector Story.
The Race.
Radio Script.
The R.A.F.
Red Benton.
Red Burns the Light Ahead.
Report From the Weiser.
A Return to Normalcy.
Rock Hound.
Sandy and the Inevitabe.
Scarface Charley.  (Owyhee County)
Scarface Charley, Buckaroo.  (Owyhee County)
Sell Your Shirt and Buy a Book.
A Senior Citizen Says.
Serious Thinker.
Sewage Disposal.
Shooting the Wapids.
Shupe Story.
Side-Effect of Golfing.
Silver City Re-Visited, Oct. 1958.  (Owyhee County)
Snake Mistake.
The Soft Sell.
Some Call it Homesteading.  (Owyhee County)
Some Real “Fly” Fishing.
Some Day.
South Kimball Street.  (Owyhee County)
Sputnik’s Five Year Plan.
The Spy.
Stable in Silver.  (Owyhee County)
A Stick and a Half.
The Stranger.
Study of Poet and Plumber.
Sugar Brim Blues or From Cradle to Cradle.
Talk on V-E Day.
Then Came the Catastrophic End of the World!
These Days.
The Thinker.
This Is America.
Three Minutes on Father’s Day.
Three Minutes on Prayer.
To Repair Plumbing.
Today’s Parable.
Trade Dollar Revisited.  (Owyhee County)
Trips With Thurlow.
Two Ghosts Walk at Christmas.
An Unforgettable Character. [Charlie Morris] (Owyhee County)
The Vacation of Mustapha.  (by Robert J. Burdette)
The Vision of Philo the Hermit.
What Animal? What?  (Owyhee County)
What Was It?
What You Need.
We Mail the Box.
Wheel and the River.
Who is it?
Who is Neighbor?
The Wolf and the Sheep-Skin.
Woman on Horseback.
The Word Was Jake.
Words I Like.
The Writer.
The Year I Spent With the Iroquois.
Young Vaquero.


These are titles of the poems by Paul E. Tracy in Series III, Boxes 7 to 9.  Most are represented by variant drafts, both handwritten and typewritten. Poems published in Tracy’s books Owyhee Horizons and Sego and Sage are so indicated (OH and SS), as are other places of publication when known. Fuller citations for published poems are given in the Bibliography section of this finding aid beginning on page 40. The publication information was derived from Tracy’s correspondence, notes, and copies of published poems, as well as the reprint permission page of Owyhee Horizons.

Ab Gordon.
Above Owyhee Dam.
Abraham Today.
African Genesis.
After Lewis Carroll.
Agate Hunter.
The Airplane Comes to the Owyhee Breaks.
Airplane Salvage; Coulomiers, France, 1918.
Albert Schweitzer.
All I Recall.
The Ambitious Band.
America Speaks.
Anvil Ringing.
Appreciation, or S.P. Echoes.  (Unidentified clipping)
April 1, 1966.
Apostle Paul on the Peer Group.
Arachne.  (OH, Medford Mail-Tribune)
Arrowrock Dam.  (OH, Northwest Verse)
Arrowrock Dam Chant.
As A Reed.
Asphalt Verse.
Attilla the Hun.
Aunt Mary Remembers.  (OH, Driftwood)

Baffled Teacher.
Balance. (Tulsa Poetry Quarterly)
Balancing Act.
Ballad, For the Young Rider.
The Band Concert.  (Unidentified clipping)
The Barrell. (SS, Cold-Drill)
Basalt Cone.
Be Still.
Bed Tarp  (OH, Frontier and Midland)
Beggar’s Ticks.
Big Freeze-Up.
The Big Tape.
Bird Song.
Black Chaps.
The Blind Wife.  (OH, Driftwood)
Box Social.
Brother Leaf.
Buckeroo Felix.  (see also Felix, Buckeroo)
The Buckeroo Speaks.
Bulletin From Malheur.
Bulletin From Trembley Creek.
Burn, Bush, Burn.
Burning Bush.
Burnt River.
Burrowing Owl.
Butter-cooler, Frontier Model.

Cabbage at 3 a.m.
Cabin Fever.
Cactus Blossom. (SS)
The Call.
Camp Tender.  (SS)
Canal Builders 1905.
The Capitalist.  (Driftwood)
Carleton’s Ranch.
Cascade Spirit.
Cascade Verdict.  (Medford Mail-Tribune)
Celilo Falls.
Chant of the Placer Miners.
Cheat Fire.
The Chicken.
Chronic Case.
Circuit Rider.  (OH, Frontier)
Citizen Jewett.
Closed Eyes.
Cockle Burrs.
Coffee Mill.  (Driftwood)
Cold.  (OH, Poetry)
Colombey Les Belles.
Committee Report.
Concert at Dawn.
Concert Echoes.
Conductor Crane.
Consummate Holdup!
Continuing Cold.  (SS)
Cool It, Man, Cool It.
Coppered Archer.  (OH, Christian Century)
Cosmic Signal.
Conversion.  (SS)
County Fair.
County Malheur.  (OH, Oregonian)
County Seat.
The Cow.
Cow Woman.  (OH, News-TribuneOregonian)
Coyote Skeleton.
Coyote Among Watermelon.
The Crash Detail.
The Cripple.  (SS, Unidentified clipping)
Crop Duster. (OH, Clackamas County News)
Cruise.  (Oregonian)
The Cruising Hawk.
Culture Hits the Crick.

Dairy Woman.
Dark Stephen.
Dawn Concert.
Day Above Durkee.
Dead End.
Death In the Afternoon.
December Prayer.
Deer Hunter.
De Lamar Mill.  (OH, Oregonian)
Desert Dialog.
Desert Drama.  (SS, Driftwood)
Desert Malheur.
Desert Owyhee.
Desert Recipe.
The Deserted.
Deterrent Tiger.
Dialog (Medford Mail-TribuneOregonian)
Dinner in the Desert.
Disciple Moderne.
The Dispenser Happening.
Ditch Rider.
Dooley Mountain.  (Unidentified clipping)
The Dredge.
The Dredge Tender.
The Driver.
Driver Tests.
Drum Again, Ponies.
The Duck. (Northwest Verse) (see also Surf Duck)

Each Year.
Early Settler. (SS)
Echo From a Tub.
Echoes From the Owyhee.
Ecology Apology to William Wordsworth.
Ecological Outburst From the Snake.
Edgecliff Drive.
An Elder’s Lament.
The Elevated.
Endlessly Falling.
Endlessly Tumbling.
English Poet, 1941.
Epitaph. (OH)
Esthete Bootlegger.
Even Greasewood then…
An Evening With History.
Exam Time.
Existentialist.  (OH, Christian CenturyIdaho’s Poetry: A Centennial AnthologyNews-Tribune)

The Father.  (OH, Poetry)
Felix, Buckeroo. (Driftwood)
Ferryboat.  (OH, Medford Mail-TribuneNews-Tribune)
Fires Three.
Fish Hook Fervor.  (Unidentified clipping)
First Call.
A Fisherman Faces 1960.
The Flake.
Florida Mountain.  (Medford Mail-Tribune)
The Ford.
Forgive, Lord.
Forward Look.
Fragmented Psalm 20 for 1975.
Free Hand Drawing.
From Puddles…..

Galluses.  (Driftwood)
Garage Petition at Dawn.
George Cooksey.
The Glory Departed.
Goat Girl.  (OH; Netted Gems of Verse)
Gold Dredge.
Golf Cart.
Grandpa Packrat.
Grasscatcher Blues.
Grasscatcher Groans.
Greasewood Prima Donna.  (SS)
The Great Refusal.
The Greedy Gull.
Ground Owl.
Grudge Fight at Coblenz.
Guests.  (Driftwood)
The Gunny Sack. (Cold-Drill)

Habbakkuk, 1952.
Halley’s Comet.
Hang In There, Brother.
A Happening.
Hard Winter.
Harness Maker.
Harvest 1969.
Harvest Moon.
Hay Makers.
He Fit Box!
He Wanted to Run Wild.
The Heart Bowed Down.  (College Coyote)
The Heights.
Help Help.
Herder. (OH, Driftwood)
The High Line.
Hillside Cycle.
History is a Mud Flat.
The Hold-Up.
Homestead Son.
Homo Cycle.
Hong Kong Flu.
The Hope.
Hopeful Atom.
Horned Toad. (Frontier)
Horny Toad.
Horse Thieves.
Horsemeat. (Frontier) (see also Wild Horses)
Hospital Bed.
Hospital Case.
Hospital Terminal Case.
The Hostler. (SS)
Hot Solder.
How Do I Know?
Hunter Finals.
Hunting License.
Hunting Song.
Hymn for Hunter.

I Fit Box!
I Hear America Singing.
I Saw a Blackbird.
I Send You Sage Leaves. (see Sage Leaves)
I Sing of Two Worlds.
I Tellie You Boy.
I Thirst…
Idaho Abundance.
Idaho Canvas.
Idaho Desert.
In Ancient Time.
In Silver City. (OH, News-TribuneOregonian)
Incident on Pine Creek.
Indian Grave.
Indian Mound.
Interrogation.  (OH, Medford Mail-Tribune)
Isn’t or Ain’t

Jaques In the Air.
John 3:14-15.
John the Baptist.
Jordan Valley Dawn. (OH, News-TribuneOregonian)
July Fourth. (Muse & Mirror)
July Fourth At the Falls, ’53.
Juntura Farmer and Burns’ “wee, sleekit, cowerin’, tim’rous beastie”

Kamikaze Crystal.
The Kildeer. (College Coyote)
The Kitchen Sink. (Unidentified clipping)
Klatawa. (Unidentified clipping from an Oregon newspaper)
Klein Pliers.

Lament of the Goose Hunter.
Lament From the Snake River.
Lava Butte.
Leaksmith Lament.
Lent 1961.
Leslie Canyon.
Leslie Gulch.
Lesson From the Snake.
Let There Be Light.
Letter to a G.I. in Vietnam. (Driftwood)
The Light.
The Light Burns Red.
Lines by an Owyhee Outlander.
Lines to a Hippie.
Linesman. (OH)
Linesman to His Helper.
The Long Road Home.
Look Around.
Looking Ahead.
Love Can Change All.

Magpie. (SS)
Mail Stage. (OH, SS, Cold-Drill, Medford Mail-Tribune)
Malchus. (OH, Driftwood)
Malheur. (Oregonian)
Malheur Boom.
Malheur Buckeroo among the Late Models.
Malheur Dawn.
Malheur Dusk. (OH, New-TribuneOregonian)
Malheur Ranch.
Man, Slow up!
Map Rock.
Martha’s Christmas. (OH, Oregonian)
Martha’s Willow. (Oregonian)
Matthew 8:14. (The Pulpit)
Maturity. (Driftwood)
Me—or Him!
The Meadow Lark’s Song. (Unidentified clipping)
Meditations of a Botanist. (College Coyote)
Meeting at Froman’s Ferry.
Menu Change.
Merganser. (OH, Driftwood)
The Miner.
Mining Camp Smithy.
Mining Town Smithy.
Minor Melody.
The Mistake.
Mister Stull.
Moccasin Track.
Modern Man.
Modern Stephen.
More in Seventy-four.
Motorize It!
The Mountain.
Mountain Cloudburst. (OH, Oregonian)
Mountain Goats.
Murphey’s Hat.
Museum Piece. (SS)
Museum Tiger.
My Ike.
My Town.

Nature in Balance.
Not Clods Alone.
Number 1079043.

Offering. (Medford Mail-Tribune)
Old Charley.
Old Cow Hand. (Driftwood)
Old Gardener.
Old Geezer.
The Old Man.
Old Man Among Implements.
Old Stage Driver.
Old Timer.
Old Villard.  (Old Oregon)
An Old Woman Remembers.
Old Wrangler.
Omar on the Murphy. (College Coyote)
On Finding a Dying Beaver. (Intermountain Observer)
On the Bottom.
Open Season.
Opening Day.
The Order.
Oregon Dawn. (Oregonian)
Oregon Trail Marker. (DriftwoodPleiades)
Our Guns Speak.
Out of Silence.
Out of the Depths.
Overland Stage.
Overnight Guests.
Owyhee Breaks.
Owyhee County.
Owyhee Dusk.
Owyhee Horizons. (OH, Oregonian)
Owyhee Re-Visited.
Owyhee Spring Song. (OH, News-TribuneStatewide)
Ox Shoe.

The Packrat.
Parable of Progress.
Parting. (Driftwood)
The Passage.
Paul’s Petition.
Pavement Pieces.
Pendulum. (OH, Driftwood)
Pheasant Hunter.
Philosophy Major.
Pigs In Silver.
Pine Creek Prospector. (SS)
The Pioneer on Aesthetics. (OH, Frontier)
The Pious Plumber.
Placer Miner. (OH, Oregonian)
The Plumber. (OH, Northwest VersePoetry)
Plumber Bill.
A Plumber Bows His Head.
A Plumber Opens His Door.
Plumber’s Lament.
Poem for Pooh.
Poems are Grace Notes (SS)
Poems From the Pavement.
Poet and Plumber Overture.
Point Creek.
Poison Oak.
A Primer for Plumbers.
Progress on the Move.
Prospector. (Oregonian, Unidentified clipping)
Proud of My Church.
Psaltery with Suds. (Medford Mail-Tribune)
The Public Market. (Unidentified clipping)
Puget Panarama.
Pushbutton War.

Quiet, Hospital Zone. (Driftwood)

Rabbit Brush.
The Rampage.
Reading British Poet, J.S.
Red Dredge.
Red Trail.
Reflective Coyote in a Watermelon Patch.
Reflections Fronting a W.C.
The Release. (Driftwood)
Requiem for a Chicken Thief. (SS)
Research on Rock Flat. (Medford Mail-Tribune)
Retainer. (SS)
The Return. (Driftwood)
Rewards. (Unidentified clipping)
Road Gang. (OH, Poetry)
Rock Hound.
Round Trip.
Rubber Nautilus.
Ruby Yacht.

Sabertooth Tiger.
Sage Hen. (DriftwoodOregonian)
Sage Land.
Sage Leaves. (OH, Christian Science MonitorNews-Tribune)
Sage Tick.
Sample Verse.
Sappho Phones the Urologist.
Saturday Review.
Say Goodbye.
Scarface Charley. (Frontier)
Scarface Was Not Home.
The Scrub. (College Coyote)
The Sea Lion.
The Seed.
Seer and Snake. A Desert Dialog (Medford Mail-Tribune)
Sego Serenity.
Senior Citizen.
Senior Song.
Shoestring Ranch. (OH, News-TribuneOregonian)
Shoshone Falls. (Medford Mail-Tribune)
Silence Becomes the Old.
Siletz Bay.
Silver City.
Silver City 1863-1963.
Silver City 1896. (Cold-Drill)
Silver City 1898.
Silver City Blacksmith.
Silver City Re-Visited.
Simile. (College Coyote)
Simon the Cyrenian Speaks.
The Snake and Adam.
Snake Mistake.
Snake Pit.
Snake River.
Snap Poo.
Snowflake. (SS)
Soapsud Rhapsody.
Soil Pipe Sonnets.
Some Class! (College Coyote)
The Song Ye Need.
Songs of Civilization.
The Sonic Boom.
Sonnet to a Linesman. (Medford Mail-Tribune)
Spectators All.
Spectres Meet Froman’s Ferry.
Spring Comes to the Zealot.
Spring Fingers the Zealot.
Spring Song.
Stage Driver.
Stage Driver’s Return.
Steelhead Fisherman.
The Stock Yard’s Mule. (College Coyote)
Stop-light Prayer.
Succor Creek Canyon. (Oregonian)
Succor Creed Stanzas.
Sucker Creek.
Summit Meeting.
The Sun.
Super Mugger.
Supplication From the Street.
Surf Duck. (OH) (see also The Duck)
Surf Rider.
Sweet Clover Seed. (Unidentified clipping)

The Taming.
Teamster and His World.
Technician Talks.
Terminal Case.
Thirty Years.
This Coming Christmas.
Thoughts Reading Silkin.
Thoughts While Reading.
Thoughts While Strolling in My Orchard.
Thousand Roads.
Three A.M.
Three Fingers Butte. (OH, News-TribuneOregonian)
Three Songs of Civilization.
Thursday at the Stock Yards.
Thursday Night at the Union Stock Yards.
Thursday Stock Yards. (SS)
Time Like a Tape.
To a Ground Hog.
To a Pipeline.
To a Teacher, H-T-.
To a Walter Closet.
To Diva, Not Yet in Heaven.
To Lay Her Young. (Unidentified clipping)
To My School.
Today’s Saul.
Tracy’s Four Gaits. (SS)
Transmission Line. (Driftwood)
Trembly Creek.
Trouble Shooter.
Truck Driver.
Tuba Solo.
The TWA Ghosts.
Twentieth Century Saul.
The Two Magpies.

Vapor Trail.
Via Telstar.
Viper Crisis.
Vision in 1966.
The Visitor.
Vocational Coward.

The Walking Club. (College Coyote)
Was This Trip Necessary?
Welcome Change!
West Wind. (OH, News-TribuneOregonian)
Westerners. (OH, FrontierNews-Tribune)
What You Need.
Where, Oh Snake?
Where Once the Turtle Dove.
White Pass.
Who Is His Neighbor?
Wild Goats.
Wild Horses. (OH, News-TribuneIdaho Statesman) (see also Horsemeat)
Windmill Tower.
Wings. (Driftwood)
Winter 1955.
Winter Holiday.
Winter in Owyhee.
The Women.
Women’s Hair.
The Worshipper. (DriftwoodPresbyterian Life)
The Wrinkled World.

Xenophan’s Cavalry.

The “Y”.
Ye Sweet Hat.
Ye Tick.
The Yield. (OH)
Your Ears Please.
Yucca Flat.

Zealot and His Tree.


Bibliography Of Published Poems, Essays, and Stories

Listed below are poems and other writings by Paul E. Tracy published in journals, magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. Publications information was derived from Tracy’s correspondence, notes, and copies of published poems, as well as the reprint permissions page of his book, Owyhee Horizons. Some of the bibliographic citations are incomplete, as may be the list itself, particularly in the category of poems published in local newspapers. Stories and essays are so identified after the title in this list; works not so labeled are poems.

The Christian Century  (Chicago, Ill.)

            Coppered Archer.   February 17, 1954  (Vol.71, no.7, page 201)
            Existentialist.   April 8, 1959  (Vol.76, no.14, page 418)

The Christian Science Monitor
  (Boston, Mass.)

            I Send You Sage Leaves.  September 12, 1967  (Page 8)
            Published later as Sage Leaves.

Clackamas County News   (Estacadda, Oregon)

            Crop Duster.  July 18, 1968

Cold-Drill  (Boise State University)

            The Barrel.  1971-1972  (Section Two: Page 2)
            The Gunny Sack.  1972-1973  (Page 32)
            Mail Stage.  1975-1976  (Page 78)
            Silver City 1896.  1970-1971  (Page 23)

The College Coyote  (College of Idaho, Caldwell)

            A typewritten compilation of these poems is contained in the collection, Box 9, Folder 12.

            The Crammer (essay).   March 1911 (Vol.1, no.6)
            The Heart Bowed Down.   October 15, 1911 (Vol.2, no.1)
            The Kildeer.   January 31, 1917 (Vol.7, no.7)
            Meditations of a Botanist.   November 1910 (Vol.1, no.2)
            The New Poetry (essay).   March 14, 1917 (Literary supplement Vol.1, no.1)
            Omar on the Murphy.   May 23, 1917 (Literary supplement Vol.1, no.2)
            The Scrub.   December 16, 1916 (Vol.7, no.5)
            A Simile.   January 15, 1912 (Vol.2, no.4)
            Some Class!   March 1911 (Vol.1, no.6)
            The Stock Yard’s Mule.   November 16, 1916 (Vol.7, no.3)
            The Walking Club.   May 1911 (Vol.1, no.8)
            (Untitled)   March 14, 1917 (Vol.7, no.10)

The Dial (Chicago, Ill).

            Old Red (short story).   December 1927 (Vol.83, pages 464-468)

Driftwood (Grants Pass, Ore.; Woodburn, Ore.) (Edited by George S. Whittaker)

            Aunt Mary Remembers.
            The Blind Wife.   Autumn 1962 (Vol. 1, no.4, page 16)
            The Capitalist.   Summer & Fall 1972 (Vol. 11, no.2, page 17)
            Coffee Mill.   Winter 1967-68 (Vol. 7, no.1, page 19)
            Desert Drama.   Autumn 1968 (Vol. 7, no.4, page 1)
            Felix, Buckaroo.   Summer and Autumn 1971 (Vol. 10, no.3, page 8)
            Galluses.   Winter 1972-1973 (Vol. 11, no.3, page 25)
            Guests.   Winter 1964-1965 (Vol. 4, no.1, page 4)
            Homo Cycle.
            Letter to a GI in Vietnam.   Spring 1968 (Vol. 7, no.2, page 21)
            Malchus (John 18:10).   Winter 1966-1967 (Vol. 6, no.1, page 19)
            Maturity.   Autumn 1967 (Vol. 6, no.4, page 3)
            Merganser.   Autumn 1964 (Vol. 3, no.4, page 19)
            Old Cow Hand.   Summer 1962 (Vol. 1, no.3, page 20)
            Oregon Trail Marker.   Winter 1962-63 (Vol. 2, no.1, page 14)
            Parting.   Autumn 1969 (Vol. 8, no.4, page 7)
            Quiet: Hospital Zone.
            The Release.     Spring 1969 (Vol. 8, no.2, page 10)
            The Return.   Summer 1963 (Vol. 2, no.3, page 20)
            Sage Hen.   Spring 1972 (Vol. 11, no.1, page 8)
            Transmission Line.   Spring & Summer 1974 (Vol. 12, no.3, page 16)
            Wings.   Winter 1969-70 (Vol. 9, no.1, page 22)
            The Worshipper.   Summer 1966 (Vol. 5, no.3, page 12)

The Frontier (University of Montana, Missoula)

            Circuit Rider.   January 1933 (Vol. 13, no.2, page 92)
            Horned Toad.   May 1930 (Vol. 10, no.4, page 331)
            Horsemeat.   November 1930 (Vol. 11, no.1, page 73)
            How to Ride the Broncho (essay).   March 1930 (Vol.10, no.3, pages 237-238)
            Linesman.   May 1932 (Vol.12, no.4, page 328)
            The Pioneer on Esthetics.   March 1931 (Vol.11, no.3, page 269)
            Scarface Charley.   January 1930 (Vol.10, no.2, page 142)
            Westerners.   May 1931 (Vol.11, no.4, page 376)

The Frontier and Midland (University of Montana, Missoula)

            Bed Tarp.   November 1933 (Vol. 14, no.1, page 48)
            Goat Girl.   Summer 1939 (Vol. 19, no.4, page 223)

Idaho Statesman (Boise, Idaho)

            Silver City, 1863-1963. (undated clipping)
            Wild Horses. (undated clipping)

Idaho’s Poetry: A Centennial Anthology.  Edited by Ronald E. McFarland and  William Studebaker.  Moscow:  University of Idaho Press. 1988

            Existentialist.   Page 126

Intermountain Observer
 (Boise, Idaho)

            On Finding a Dying Beaver.   April 15, 1972

Medford Mail-Tribune (Medford, Ore.)

            These poems appeared in the “Poets’ Corner” column edited by Arnold Eugene Jenny.

            Cascade Verdict.   September 6, 1970
            Dialog.   April 18, 1971
            Florida Mountain.   June 4, 1972
            Lesson from the Snake.   February 23, 1975
            Mail Stage.   (undated clipping)
            Offering.   March 1, 1970
            Psaltery with Suds.   March 5, 1967
            Research on Rock Flat.   May 28, 1967
            Seer and Snake. A Desert Dialog.   April 21, 1968
            Shoshone Falls.   August 13, 1972
            Sonnet to a Linesman.   May 26, 1974

Muse and Mirror (Seattle, Wash.)

            July Fourth.   Summer 1931 (Vol.6, no.2, page 10)

Netted Gems of Verse.  Idaho Writers League. 1946

            Goat Girl.   Page 56

The News-Tribune (Caldwell, Idaho)

            These poems were published in a special edition dated February 29, 1972, entitled
            “Canyon Cavalcade.”           

            Cow Woman.   Page C-9
            Existentialist.   Page E-11
            Ferryboat.   Page B-2
            In Silver City.   Page G-5
            Jordan Valley Dawn.   Page B-5
            Malheur Dusk.   Page G-7
            Owyhee Spring Song.   Page B-11
            Sage Leaves.   Page D-5
            Shoestring Ranch.   Page B-9
            Three Fingers Butte.   Page G-3
            West Wind.   Page C-6
            Westerners.   Page F-11
            Wild Horses.   Page C-3

Northwest Verse, An Anthology.  Edited by H.G. Merriam. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers.  1931       

            Arrowrock Dam.   Page 340-341
            The Duck.   Page 340
            The Plumber.   Page 341-342

Old Oregon (University of Oregon, Eugene)

            Old Villard.   October 1927 (Vol.10, no.1, page 15)

Oregonian (Portland, Ore.)

            Most of these poems were published in the “Oregonian Verse” column edited by Ethel Romig Fuller and
            later by Howard McKinley Corning.

            County Malheur.   May 18, 1958
            Cow Woman.   (undated clipping)
            Crop Duster.
            Cruise.   March 31, 1963
            De Lamar Mill.
            Dialog.   February 21, 1971
            In Silver City
            Jordan Valley Dawn.
            Malheur.   August 14, 1955
            Malheur Dusk.
            Martha’s Christmas.   1955
            Martha’s Willow.   October 1, 1972
            Mountain Cloudburst.
            Oregon Dawn.   July 17, 1952
            Owyhee Horizons.
            Placer Miner.
            Prospector.   August 5, 1934
            The Sage Hen.   January 5, 1958
            Shoe-String Ranch.   March 4 (year not recorded)
            Succor Creek Canyon.   May 22, 1960
            Three Fingers Butte.
            West Wind.

Pleiades (Los Angeles, Calif.)  (Edited by George S. Whittaker)

            Oregon Trail Marker.   Jan-Feb 1940 (Vol.1, no.1, page 9)

Poetry; A Magazine of Verse (Chicago, Ill.)

            Cold.   March 1932 (Vol.39, no.6, page 306)
            The Father.   April 1933 (Vol.42, no.1, page 18-19)
            The Plumber.   October 1929 (Vol.35, no.1, page 30)
            Road Gang.   April 1933 (Vol.42, no.1, page 18)

Presbyterian Life (Philadelphia, Pa.)

            The Worshipper.   Fall 1966

The Pulpit (Chicago, Ill.)

            Matthew 8:14.   June 1969 (page 14)

Statewide (Boise, Idaho)

            Owyhee Spring Song.

That Man Boone, by H.H. Hayman. Caldwell: College of Idaho. 1948 (Biography of  William Judson Boone)

              Introduction by Paul E. Tracy (pages 11-14)

Tulsa Poetry Quarterly

            Balance.   1968

Unidentified Clippings

            Appreciation, or S.P. Echoes.   August 20, 1927
            The Band Concert.   July 8, 1927
            The Cripple.
            Dooley Mountain.
            Fish Hook Fervor.
            The Kitchen Sink.
            Klatawa.   August 10, 1926
            The Meadow Lark’s Song.
            The Public Market.
            Sweet Clover Seed.
            To Lay Her Young.
            Wild Horses.


Paul Tracy Collection (MSS 19)

Box List

Box  1              Biographical material and Family papers (Series I)
Box  2              Correspondence (Series II)
Box  3              Correspondence (Series II)
Box  4              Correspondence (Series II)
Box  5              Correspondence (Series II)
                         Writings (Series III)
Box  6              Writings (Series III)
Box  7              Writings (Series III)
Box  8              Writings (Series III)
Box  9              Writings (Series III)
Box 10             Published Writings (Series IV)
Box 11             Published Writings (Series IV)
Box 12             Diaries, Scrapbooks, etc. (Series V)
Box 13             Diaries, Scrapbooks, etc. (Series V)
Box 14             Photographs
Box 15             Photographs
Box 16             Retained Originals

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