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Books by Glenn Balch

listed by year of first publication

Riders of the Rio Grande (Crowell, 1937)
Tiger Roan (Crowell, 1938)
Hide-Rack Kidnapped (Crowell, 1939)
Indian Paint (Grosset and Dunlap, 1942)
Wild Horse (Crowell, 1947)
Christmas Horse (Crowell, 1949)
Viking Dog (Crowell, 1949)
Lost Horse (Crowell, 1950)
Winter Horse (Crowell, 1951)
Indian Fur (Crowell, 1951)
Squaw Boy (Crowell, 1952)
The Midnight Colt (Crowell, 1952)
Indian Saddle-Up (Crowell, 1953)
Wild Horse Tamer (Crowell, 1955)
Blind Man's Bullets (Ace, 1957)
Little Hawk and the Free Horses (Crowell, 1957)
White Ruff (Grosset and Dunlap, 1959)
The Brave Riders (Crowell, 1959)
Grass Greed (Ace, 1959)
Horse in Danger (Crowell, 1960)
The Stallion King (Crowell, 1960)
Spotted Horse (Crowell, 1961)
Horses (MACO, 1962)
The Runaways (Doubleday, 1963)
Stallion's Foe (Crowell, 1963)
The Young Sportsman's Guide to Western Horseback Riding (Nelson, 1965)
Keeping Horse (Crowell, 1966)
The Book of Horses (Four Winds, 1967)
The Flaxy Mare (Crowell, 1967)
Horse of Two Colors (Crowell, 1969)
Buck, Wild (Crowell, 1976)

Edited by Glenn Balch
Idaho: Official State Publication Commemorating 50 Years of Statehood (1940)

Foreign-language translations at Boise State University
King, Den Vilda Hästen (Wild Horse, Swedish, 1962)
King, König der Wilden Pferde (Wild Horse, German, 1988)
Det Lange Ridt (The Brave Riders, Danish, 1971)
Lilla Höken och vildhästarna (Little Hawk and the Free Horses, Swedish, 1960)
Midnattsfölet (The Midnight Colt, Swedish, 1963)
Olaf, die Geschichte Eines Elchhundes (Viking Dog, German, 1989)

Unpublished book-length manuscripts in the Idaho Writers Archive,
Boise State University, Albertsons Library

Basque Boy and Many Sheep
Blaze of Glory
Dead Man's Shadow
Oblige the Lady
The Red Petticoat
Statehouse / Joe Smith, Governor
The Trail of Broken Matches
Wild Stallion
Why Not Knowing

Glenn Balch Centennial Exhibit, 2002-2003

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