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relating to IDAHO LONERS

MSS 142

Boise State University, Albertsons Library, Special Collections Dept.

Cort Conley’s book Idaho Loners: Hermits, Solitaries, and Individualists was published in 1994. Conley had previously written seven books, most of which highlight his adopted state of Idaho. Originally from California, Conley worked as river guide along Idaho’s Salmon River for several years. He turned acquired knowledge of the area into his first book, The Middle Fork and the Sheepeater War (1977), co-authored by Johnny Carrey. In his most popular work, Idaho for the Curious (1982), Conley incorporated points of interest, historical information, and local legends to create a readable travel guide.

Conley again combined legend and fact in his stories of Idaho Loners. He selected individuals who chose to live a solitary life. The reasons for their lonely lifestyles varied as much as the people themselves. Conley included legendary characters such as the trapper Beaver Dick, hermit Doc Hinson, rancher Helena Schmidtand mountain man Buckskin Bill Hart. He expanded the definition of a loner to include CIA administrator James Angleton and outlaw Claude Dallas.

Cort Conley was born in Berkeley, California, in 1945. He earned a bachelors degree and law degree from the University of California before moving to Idaho in 1972. He has worked as a river guide as well as a writer. Most of his books have been issued under his own imprint, Backeddy Books. He has homes in Boise and Cambridge, Idaho.

Conley’s files include chapter drafts and revisions plus photocopied reference sources and research notes for each subject. The largest amounts of material amassed were for the two modern day loners, Dallas and Angleton.

Collection number MSS 142
Inclusive dates: 1875-1993
Collection size: ca. .5 ft. (in two boxes)
Processed by: Mary Carter and Dylan McDonald, 1998


Box 1

Folder   1.    Preface: Text
Folder   2.    Richard Leigh: Drafts
Folder   3.    Richard Leigh: Research Notes
Folder   4.    William "Doc" Hisom
Folder   5.    William "Doc" Hisom: Research Notes
Folder   6.    David Lewis: Drafts
Folder   7.    David Lewis: Research Notes
Folder   8.    Clydeus Dunbar: Drafts
Folder   9.    Clydeus Dunbar: Research Notes
Folder 10.    Earl Parrott: Drafts
Folder 11.    Earl Parrott: Research Notes
Folder 12.    William Moreland: Drafts
Folder 13.    William Moreland: Research Notes
Folder 14.    Sylvan Hart: Drafts
Folder 15.    Sylvan Hart: Research Notes
Folder 16.    Lydia Coyle: Drafts
Folder 17.    Lydia Coyle: Research Notes
Folder 18.    Richard Zimmerman: Drafts
Folder 19.    Richard Zimmerman: Research Notes
Folder 20.    Helena Schmidt: Drafts
Folder 21.    Helena Schmidt: Research Notes

Box 2

Folder   1.    Claude Dallas: Drafts
Folder   2.    Claude Dallas: Drafts II
Folder   3.    Claude Dallas: Research Notes
Folder   4.    Claude Dallas: Media Clippings
Folder   5.    Claude Dallas: Owyhee County
Folder   6.    James Angleton: Drafts
Folder   7.    James Angleton: Drafts II
Folder   8.    James Angleton: Research Notes
Folder   9.    James Angleton: Media Clippings
Folder 10.    James Angleton: Media Clippings II

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