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The Dorys Crow Grover collection of Papers

Relating to Vardis Fisher

MSS 120

in Boise State University, Albertsons Library, Special Collections Dept.

Biographical sketch of Dorys Crow Grover

Dorys Crow Grover began her studies of Vardis Fisher as a graduate student at Washington State University in the 1960s. Her Ph.D. dissertation, completed in 1969, was entitled A Study of the Poetry of Vardis Fisher. In 1972 Dr. Grover received an appointment as professor of English at East Texas State University, where she taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in American literature for more than twenty years. Throughout her career she maintained her interest in Vardis Fisher, writing articles and delivering papers about him at professional conferences. She is the author of two books about Fisher, A Solitary Voice: Vardis Fisher; A Collection of Essays (1973) and Vardis Fisher: The Novelist as Poet (1973), a study based upon her Ph.D. dissertation. Her article, "Vardis Fisher: The Antelope People Sonnets" (1974) collected together for the first time all of Fisher’s sonnets about the people of the Antelope Hills in eastern Idaho. Professor Grover has also written about Emily Dickinson, James Branch Cabell, and John Graves.

Dorys Crow Grover was born in Pendleton, Oregon, on September 23, 1921. She received a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in 1951. Before entering graduate school she was editor of her hometown newspaper, The Pendleton Record. Professor Grover retired from East Texas State University in 1993. She divides her time between Texas and her ranch near Pendleton.


Scope and Contents Note

The Dorys Crow Grover collection consists of approximately one cubic foot of papers dating mainly from 1965 to 1991. Most of the material relates to Professor Grover’s studies of Vardis Fisher and his writings. The collection is divided into seven series:

1. Biographical material about Dorys Crow Grover
2. Correspondence of Dorys Crow Grover
3. Writings by Dorys Crow Grover
4. Conference material
5. Notes and clippings
6. Criticism and reviews of Fisher and his works (by others), and
7. Miscellaneous.

The Correspondence includes 23 postcards and letters from Fisher to Grover, 1965-1967, discussing his poetry and the influences on his work. Professor Grover submitted drafts of her dissertation for Fisher to read; his comments and corrections are among the letters. Professor Grover also corresponded with other Fisher scholars and with literary journals and publishers.

The Writings of Dorys Crow Grover include variant drafts of several of her articles, some of which were republished in A Solitary Voice. The Writings also contain a tape-recorded lecture on the "Historical Novels of Vardis Fisher," distributed by the educational media firm Everett/Edwards, Inc.

Professor Grover collected critical essays and reviews of Fisher’s works by others. Some of those are unpublished papers delivered by Fisher scholars at professional conferences. They, along with published articles and reviews by others, are found in the series Criticism and Reviews of Fisher and His Works. Copyright to these writings remain with their authors.

The collection also contains Conference material (organizational papers, programs, and the like), Notes and Clippings collected by Grover, and slides and photos.

Professor Grover presented her papers to Boise State University in 1993, with additions in 1994. She also donated a number of books that have been incorporated into the holdings of the Special Collections Department. They are listed in Catalyst, the Library’s automated catalog. The Dorys Crow Grover collection (MSS 120) is available for research by appointment in the Special Collections Department of the Boise State University Library.

--Alan Virta

Inclusive dates: 1937, 1965-1991
Collection size: ca. 1 cubic foot (in 2 boxes)
Collection number: MSS 120
Processed by: Alan Virta, 1995

Inventory of the Grover Collection (MSS 120)


Biographical material

Box 1, Folder 1     Biographical material on Dorys Crow Grover



Box 1, Folder 2     Boise State University: 1969-1974
Box 1, Folder 3     The Cabellian (Julius Rothman and others): 1972-1973
Box 1, Folder 4     Caxton Printers (Margaret Pead): 1965-1969
Box 1, Folder 5     Everett/Edwards, Inc.: 1974-1982
Box 1, Folder 6     Catalogs
Box 1, Folder 7     Fisher, Opal: 1965-1975
Box 1, Folder 8     Fisher, Vardis: 1965-1967
Box 1, Folder 9     Flora, Joseph M.: 1966-1978
Box 1, Folder 10     Kellogg, George: 1966-1969
Box 1, Folder 11     Kies, Paul P.
Box 1, Folder 12     Milton, John: 1974-1991
Box 1, Folder 13     The Revisionist Press: 1971-1977
Box 1, Folder 14     Western American Literature (J. Golden Taylor): 1969-1970
Box 1, Folder 15     Miscellaneous


Writings of Dorys Crow Grover

Box 1, Folder 16     Dissertation: Miscellaneous items
Box 1, Folder 17     Miscellaneous items
Box 1, Folder 18     Folklore in Vardis Fisher’s Pemmican
Box 1, Folder 19     Folklore in Vardis Fisher’s Pemmican
Box 1, Folder 20     Folklore in Vardis Fisher’s Pemmican
Box 1, Folder 21     Folklore in Vardis Fisher’s Pemmican: Correspondence: 1969-1973
Box 1, Folder 22     Historical Novels of Vardis Fisher
Box 1, Folder 23     Influences Upon the Writings of Vardis Fisher
Box 1, Folder 24     Poems by Dorys Crow Grover
Box 1, Folder 25     The Poetry of Vardis Fisher
Box 1, Folder 26     Vardis Fisher, A Reminiscence
Box 1, Folder 27     Vardis Fisher, A Reminiscence: Drafts
Box 1, Folder 28     Vardis Fisher and the Critics of Children of God
Box 1, Folder 29     Vardis Fisher and the Mormons: Miscellaneous items
Box 1, Folder 30     Vardis Fisher: Style (Notes)
Box 1, Folder 31     Vardis Fisher, That Man in Idaho Who Writes Books
Box 1, Folder 32     Vardis Fisher, That Man in Idaho Who Writes Books
Box 1, Folder 33     Vardis Fisher, The Antelope People Sonnets
Box 1, Folder 34     Vardis Fisher, The Antelope People Sonnets: Correspondence: 1972-1974
Box 1, Folder 35     Vardis Fisher, The Novelist as Poet: Front matter
Box 1, Folder 36     Vardis Fisher’s Theory of Art and Artists
Box 1, Folder 37     Vardis Fisher in Retrospect


Conference material

Box 1, Folder 38     Symposium on the Historical Novel, Washington State University: 1966
Box 1, Folder 39     American Studies workshops (Idaho): 1967
Box 1, Folder 40     Western Literature Association: 1969
Box 1, Folder 41     Western Literature Association: 1970

Notes and Clippings

Box 2, Folder 1     Biographical, Vardis Fisher
Box 2, Folder 2     Communism, Vardis Fisher on
Box 2, Folder 3     Fisher as Writer-in-Residence, College of Idaho: 1968
Box 2, Folder 4     Fisher-Schwartz correspondence (The Bookmark, Sept 1974)
Box 2, Folder 5     House at Hagerman, Idaho
Box 2, Folder 6     Influences on Fisher’s poetry
Box 2, Folder 7     Newspaper columns by Vardis Fisher: 1965-1966
Box 2, Folder 8     Novels of Vardis Fisher: Testament of Man
Box 2, Folder 9     Novels of Vardis Fisher: Tetralogy
Box 2, Folder 10     Miscellaneous, Vardis Fisher
Box 2, Folder 11     Cabell, James Branch
Box 2, Folder 12     Donner Party


Criticism and Reviews of Fisher and his Works

N.B. Copyright to the articles, reviews, and papers below remain with their authors

Box 2, Folder 13     Day, George. City of Illusion: Medieval Morality and Modern History (1984)
Box 2, Folder 14     Day, George. Dark Bridwell: Vardis Fisher’s Frontier Lear
Box 2, Folder 15     Flora, Joseph M. Vardis Fisher and James Branch Cabell (The Cabellian, 1969)
Box 2, Folder 16     Flora, Joseph M. Vardis Fisher and John Gardner (1989)
Box 2, Folder 17     Flora, Joseph M.  Vardis Fisher and Wallace Stegner: Teacher and Student
                                   (Western American Literature, 1970)

Box 2, Folder 18     Kellogg, George. First Man of Idaho Letters
Box 2, Folder 19     Kellogg, George. Vardis Fisher, by Joseph M. Flora (Book review)
                                   (Western Humanities Review, 1969)
Box 2, Folder 20     Manfred, Frederick. Newspaper column (1965)
Box 2, Folder 21     McAllister, Mick. Children of God: Vardis Fisher’s Objective Epic (1983)
Box 2, Folder 22     McAllister, Mick. The Survival of the Blood: Vardis Fisher’s The Mothers (1984)
Box 2, Folder 23     McAllister, Mick. Vardis Fisher’s Mormon Heritage (1983)
Box 2, Folder 24     McAllister, Mick. Vardis Fisher’s The Mothers and the Strength of Women in the Pioneer West
Box 2, Folder 25     McAllister, Mick. You Can’t Go Home: Jeremiah Johnson and the Wilderness
Box 2, Folder 26     McMurtry, Larry. [Review of Mountain Man] 1965
Box 2, Folder 27     Meldrum, Barbara. Vardis Fisher’s Antelope People: Pursuing an Elusive Dream
Box 2, Folder 28     Morton, Beatrice K. An Early Stage of Fisher’s Journey To the East: Passions Spin the Plot
Box 2, Folder 29     Morton, Beatrice K. Fisher’s In Tragic Life: The American Novel?
Box 2, Folder 30     Morton, Beatrice K. Forgive Us Our Virtues: Fisher’s Enigmatic Novel (1984)
Box 2, Folder 31     Sonnichsen, C.L. Vardis Fisher and the WLA [Western Literature Association]
                                   (South Dakota Review, 1990)
Box 2, Folder 32     Stouck, David. The Art of the Mountain Man Novel
Box 2, Folder 33     Taber, Ronald W. Vardis Fisher: New Directions in the Western Novel
                                   (Western American Literature, 1967)
Box 2, Folder 34     Taber, Ronald W. Vardis Fisher
Box 2, Folder 35     Thomas, Alfred K. The Epic of Evolution, Its Etiology And Art: A Study of Vardis Fisher’s
                                   Testament of Man
Box 2, Folder 36     Willmuth, Ray. Marriages Made in Heaven: A View of Polygamy in Vardis Fisher’s Children of God
Box 2, Folder 37     Gold Rushes and Mining Camps of the Early American West
Box 2, Folder 38     Idaho: A Guide in Word and Picture
Box 2, Folder 39     Mountain Man
Box 2, Folder 40     Novels


Box 2, Folder 41     Miscellaneous
Box 2, Folder 42     Photos
Box 2, Folder 43     Negatives
Box 2, Folder 44     Slides

Addition to the Dorys C. Grover collection

MSS 120

This addition, donated by Professor Grover in 1996, relates mainly to Ernest Hemingway


Box 3, Folder 1     Correspondence relating to Ernest Hemingway: 1969-1991
Box 3, Folder 2     "Ernest Hemingway’s Last Home" [Ketchum, Idaho], by Dorys Grover (essay): 1969
Box 3, Folder 3     Miscellaneous writings on Hemingway by Dorys C. Grover: 1969
Box 3, Folder 4     Course material and examinations about Hemingway
Box 3, Folder 5     Clippings about Hemingway and Cuba: 1965-1967 and n.d.
Box 3, Folder 6     Clippings about Hemingway family members: 1969-1984
Box 3, Folder 7     Clippings about Ketchum, Idaho
Box 3, Folder 8     Articles about the Hemingway papers, John F. Kennedy Library
Box 3, Folder 9     Photos by Dorys C. Grover of Ketchum sites: 1969
Box 3, Folder 10   Miscellaneous other correspondence: 1983-1995

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