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Broadside collection


MSS 115


28 items, 1969-2006


Modern broadsides (mostly poetry), primarily from presses in Idaho and the Western United States.



Two Magpie Press (Kendrick, Idaho)

Each measures approximately 10”x 13”.   Poems, with illustrations.     Title, author, date printed listed below.
        Gift of the press, 1985.


Sabbath.  Derek Walcott.   1984 

The Death of Li Po.  Daniel Halpern.  1984 

Is the Garden Worth It?   Carolyn Gravelle. 

Composting at Forty and Palouse History.   Ron McFarland. 1984 

Hard Red Wheat.  Paul Zarzyski. 1985. 

Surfaces. Robert Wrigley. 1984. 

The Miles Between. Howard Moss. 1984. 

A Preference in Birds. Robert Wrigley. 1984. 

The Beliefs of a Horse. Robert Wrigley. 1984.



Limberlost Press (Boise, Idaho)

Gift of Tom Trusky, 2003

Rough County.   Dana Gioia.    2003.    9”x 12”.



Observer Books  (Boise, Idaho)

Gift of Ruth P. Wright, 1988 (as part of Charles David Wright manuscript collection, MSS 86)


On Meeting Ralph Smith.  Merna Hecht.  Autographed;  hand numbered  #9.  11”x 15”   (Boise Broadside Number 5).
Anaquoness Writes from Canada/February,  1918.  Bonnie Cochrane  Hirsch.  1976.  Autographed; hand
        numbered #13 of 50.  11”x 15” (Boise Broadside Number 2)



Gypsy Scrivener Press 

Gift of Tom Trusky 

Parting Company After Four Days in the Desert.  Rick Ardinger.  1985.  Autographed; hand numbered 26/50.



Black Rock Press,   University of Nevada

Gift of Robert Blesse, who operates the press.  1991.

The Introduction.  Andrei Codrescu  [Poem]. 1989.  10”x 12”
       No.  53 of 150 copies printed to commemorate the author’s visit.

Boise/The City of Trees.      1990.     13”x 20”
       One of fifty printed for the Boise Club of Printing House Craftsmen and friends of the press.   April 11,  1990. 

Adjusting to the desert.  Kirk Robertson.  1990.   22”x 15”
       No. Proof of 150 printed.    Drawing by Ted Waddell.



Ahsahta Press (Boise State University)

Newspaper.  Linda Dyer.  2001.   16/100.   11” x 18 “   (Cataloged)



Lost Horse Press (Sandpoint, Idaho)

Gifts of Tom Trusky, 2009

Celebration—for Pi and Mags.  Scott Poole.  12” x 18” 

Indeed.  Christopher Howell.  2003.   12” x 18” 

Love’s Fugitive on the Run.  Christopher Howell.  2003.  12” x 18 “ 

Penny Whistle—for Mick Mulcrone.  Carlos Reyes.  2004.  12” x 18”



Miscellaneous broadsides


Nine Verses for Ninety—for Grandpa Dave/ September, 1977.
         11”x17”    From Charles David Wright collection MSS 86

 Silver Gate.    Peter Bowen.    Autographed and inscribed.   12”x20” 

A Voyage to the Moon.  Archibald Macleish.  1969.  9 ½”x 19”
         850 copies printed at the Gehenna Press.  (Cataloged). 

The R.L. Stevenson Tree on Oahu.  William Stafford.   1975.
         12”x 13”.     Petronium Press.   No. 34, autographed.  (Cataloged)           

Gutenberg Bible page.  Facsimile page of the 42-line Gutenberg Bible printed in 1455.
         Beginning of St. John’s Gospel.  12” x 17”.  Gutenberg Museum, World Museum
         of  Printing (Mainz, Germany).  Souvenir of Expo 86, Vancouver, Canada 

Billie Holiday.  Vern Rutsala.  2006
         7” x 12 ½”    The Berberis Press / Lewis & Clark College Special Collections.
         No. 19 of 100.   Gift of Lewis & Clark College Special Collections

Invitation to the Idaho Commission on the Arts.  Tom Trusky.  [1990]
         9 ¼” x 15 ¾”     Gift of Tom Trusky

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